Black apron suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms stock black color aprons that can be used in Kitchen and for various other purposes. These Aprons are full and come in common size which can suit any body stature. The material used is poly viscose and terry cotton that is long lasting and is easy to maintain. The Apron displayed here is used for a company named makazai and has a big print done on it.

This requirement of black apron came to us with a challenge of fulfilling the order within a days time. No matter what the customer wanted the apron with the print within a day. Initially customer was little apprehensive if we could do this for them as there were two challenges involved one was of time where it was to be delivered in a days time and second was a complicated print of such a big size which there were not sure that we would achieve.

The order was confirmed somehow after repeated followups and understanding the requirement and placement of print. The aprons were ready with the print in a days time and the same was delivered to them via lynk delivery app. The entire process was completed way ahead of time and the print that was done was also bang on according to the expectations of the customer. The customer was surprised and was happy that they took the right decision on placing the order with RSM Uniforms.

If you have any such requirement and are willing to spend little more bucks than normal for urgent cases we can try giving some solution to you. Please call us or whats app us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.