The Best Corporate Uniform Shirting in Chennai !!

Poly Viscose Fabric

Uniforms – Chennai

A blend of Polyester and Viscose this Uniform fabric is in constant demand by Corporates in and around Chennai. Traders in Chennai sell this by different names – Dollar, Executive, Samurai,Karate, Accord, Chambray to name a few.

Different colors with the Design Code

Corporate Uniforms – Chennai

There are many colors available to choose from and the most famous among them is the Corporate blue which is been the Uniform for companies like MRF, Hyundai for many years now. Because of the high demand of this material in Chennai market we stock this fabric always to meet the demand of our customers. Please get in touch with us in case you are in need of this fabric for your company.

For any queries please log on to our website and fill up the enquiry form to evoke immediate response or you can readily call us at 9176634635 for your Uniform needs.


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