Corporate uniform half sleeve shirt in Chennai !!

Standard sizes of shirt, be it half sleeves or full sleeves are the best buy at RSM Uniforms. We have in stock myriad varieties of shirt material and a corporate company can choose among them based on their budget and usage.

We deals with uniform shirtings of various brands like Valji, Wocky Tocky, Parth Alliance, Franco Leone, Kalpatru, Bhairav, Pineapple, Armylon, Ganga, Needhis, Swaraj, Jagdamba among few.

It would be convenient to place order for minimum 100 pcs so that you can choose from the best of the designs and the same can be procured and converted into shirts of standard sizes fit.


For your enquiries of corporate uniform shirt in chennai please get in touch with us now at 9176634635 as we would be happy to help you.


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