Woven lables in Chennai !!

From hand-knit items to clothing and crafts, custom woven labels are the vital finishing touch to raise awareness about your product and brand.As a leader in the industry of woven and embroidered products for over 30 years,RSM Uniforms understands the intricacies of creating the perfect custom labels to suit your needs.


We are focused on creating the highest quality fabric labels available anywhere.Whether you choose damask, satin, cotton, or taffeta labels, our high standards ensure the very best fabric and finest threads are used in the most advanced weaving looms and printing processes. An in-house design team can create your custom clothing labels from scratch or optimize existing artwork at a nominal cost.

For your requirement of woven labels in Chennai or requirement of any embroidery i.e computerized to be done on the garment please call us at 9176634635. We would be happy to help you.

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