Individual Name labels in Chennai !!

We at RSM Uniforms are specialists in individual name textile labels for garments, especially uniforms. Our labels are great for personalizing uniforms to help easy identification and, therefore, eliminate mix-ups. Moreover, others can know the wearer’s name.


For example, when Mr. Sudharshan Manndiar attaches the label to his garment, everyone knows that he is the owner of the garment & that the wearer is Sudharshan Manndiar.


Once it is positioned on the garment & ironed, the label will attach itself permanently. (It could be on the chest area to one side)
The label stays on wash after wash. It is durable & colorfast.
The font & size of the letters are bold and distinctive.
We are offering one colour & font.
Our name labels can be used for uniforms, undergarments, backpacks.
The width of the label is 17 mm & length is 90 mm. It can be read from a distance of 2 meters.


1.Is there a limit to the number of letters on a name label ?
Our label has a length about 90mm & a width of 17mm. Most names will fit in this size.
2.Can I have different fonts ?
No. The font that we have chosen has good readability.
3.How quickly should I expect my orders ?
10-15 days.
4.Can the labels be used on shoes ?
5.Do you print logos ?
No.we can embroider the logo.
6.Can I choose the colour of the labels ?
No. The silver background with black letterings has excellent readability.
7.How will you pack the name labels ?
Your complete order will be packed in jumbled form in a poly bag. Cut and fold style.
8.What are the minimums ?
Please discuss with Mr.Rahul Jain at 9176634635 or leave your enquiry at or call us now with your uniform label requirement in Chennai at 044 – 25386319.
9.How do I apply/attach the label ?
Position the label at the desired spot. Place hot iron (cotton setting) on the label for 20-22 seconds. (Do not move the iron)
10.Where can the name labels be used ?
They can be used on any uniform, undergarments, back-packs.

Get in touch with us now with your label requirements in Chennai we would be happy to help you.


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