Housekeeping uniforms – Overcoats in Chennai !!

Valencia – Senior living residents approached us for the uniforms for their utility staffs. After a long discussion on various fabrics that we have they finally chose Navy blue overcoats of size 42 for all the lady sweepers, for electricians and plumbers keeping in the mind the dirt they chose black and white checks uniform as their shirt and for the managers a good blend of polyester cotton cloth in light sandal color was chosen.

Navy Blue Overcoat

Navy Blue Overcoat

The embroidery on the overcoat was done with lemon yellow color with little increase of font so that its visible on the garment.

Overcoat embroidery

Overcoat embroidery

  For black and white checks uniform the material was given to them and the embroidery was done on the pocket patch. The placement of embroidery was such that it would appear on the pocket mouth on the tip. For the polyester cotton cloth of sandal color the embroidery was done with dark coffee color thread.

Pocket patch - Embroidery

Pocket patch – Embroidery

  The goods were sent to them ath their location in OMR after a week with embroidery done by Taskbucks our regular courier partner for the same day delivery. Do you have a requirement for utility uniforms in Chennai. Get in touch with us now. We would be happy to help you.

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