Sleeveless overcoat uniforms in Chennai !!

As you know Chennai always has only three kind of climates Hot, Hotter and Hottest and we at RSM Uniforms have come up with sleeveless overcoats as uniforms that is unisex and easy to wear and maintain. These overcoats are available in different sizes. The below overcoat is made for a supermarket uniform in Chennai. The overcoat can have different colors of mix and match based on your companies need.

Company logo on uniform

Company logo on uniform

The sleeveless overcoat material is same as the normal overcoats with sleeves. As of now we haven’t stocked the overcoats. Soon we will have stock of sleeveless overcoats in different colors and sizes.

Super market uniform in Chennai

Super market uniform in Chennai

These overcoats that are sleeveless looks classy and can be worn over a shirt or saree comfortably. The embroidery of the brand can be done on the front i.e on the chest and also on the back of the garment based on your budget and reqirement.

Get your sleeveless overcoats designed by us now.

Sleeveless overcoats in Chennai

Sleeveless overcoats in Chennai

Call us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to know about your uniform requirements in Chennai.

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