Upcoming orders embroidery sample – Best Uniforms in Chennai

Here are few samples of embroidery done for the current orders that we are working on at RSM Uniforms. These embroideries are done as per the jpeg or cdr format logo sent to us, The process of embroidery is explained as in our earlier posts.

Embroidery done for aprroval

Embroidery done for aprroval

Hyundai Rotem logo is done on Valji executive shirting cloth made from Poly viscose cloth which is durable and can be the best uniform choice for salex executives.

Indian oil logo is done on terry cotton cloth in dark khaki color that would be used for gifting to auto drivers who are regular customers at the Woodlands Mylapore Indian oil outlet.

RSP Elevators logo has been done on a heavy quality poly cotton fabric to be gifted to employees for the upcoming Diwali.

AF Group of Comapanies logo is done on a poly visocse fabric which is little cheaper than the Valji executive fabric.

For more details on the right kind of uniform that you are always in need for your company get in touch with us now. We would be happy to help you. Call us now at 9176634635.



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