Cloth Bags

Whenever we hop out to buy a shirt or soap or anything else we always need a bag to carry it home. We ask the shopkeeper for it and he innocently gives you a plastic bag, unknowing of the fact that it is adding to the worldwide tally of 500 billion plastic bags consumed and dumped each year. These are the plastic bags that end up in rivers, lakes, ditches, landfills etc polluting the environment in a big way. An average plastic bag can take 15-1000 years to decompose in nature naturally. You can just imagine its impact over the years it can have to our planet.

After complete banning of plastics in Chennai, RSM UNIFORMS has come out with a solution for this problem and introduced cloth bags in the market .These bags are available in different sizes and logo printing can also be done as per the requirement .

To save Earth and save further pollution, ban plastic and start using cloth bags . To order please contact 9176634635/9789944375 or drop in at our office located in Godown Street, Parrys, Chennai.