Uniform overcoat sleeveless – Grey with piping !!

Here is a uniform sleeveless overcoat available ready with us. The housekeeping overcoats is unisex and can be embroidered with your brand logo.

Uniform overcoat

We have the sleeveless overcoats in many other colors too. For your requirement of sleeveless overcoat call us now. We would be happy to help you.



Chef coats retailers in Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms is a renowned supplier of chef coats in Chennai. These Chef coats are made from terry cotton material which is extra smooth and very comfortable to wear. The Chef coat are both available in Half and Full sleeve type. There are five to six styles of Chef coats readily available at RSM Uniforms. The three displayed coats are the latest addition to our stock and is available in three different sizes.

Chef coat retailers in Chennai

Grab your Chef coats only at RSM Uniforms. Call us now at 9176 634 635. Happy to assist you with your uniform requirements.

Plain Polo T shirts in India – Attractive Colors

We at RSM Uniforms now have readymade polo t shirts available in thirteen different colors. These Polo T shirts are made from 100 percent cotton material and are very comfortable to wear.

Plain Polo T shirts In Chennai

These Polo T shirts are available in four different sizes S,M,L and XL. Grab your plain polo T shirt now. Order us in bulk by calling 9176 634 635. Your brand logo will be embroidered too. We would be glad to help you.

Polo Uniform T shirt manufacturers in Chennai !!

Polo T shirt of decent quality made from 100 percent cotton material in 10 different colors are readily available in five different sizes S M L XL and XXL. These T shirt can withstand atleast 180 washes and is very comfortable to wear.

Polo T shirt with embroidery in front and back

Do you have a requirement of T shirt for your upcoming event call us now at 9176 634 635. You can also fill in enquiry form on our website http://www.chennaiuniform.com.

Overcoat with embroidery on chest and sleeves !!

Here is a fiber dyed overcoat with embroidery done on different parts of the fabric. A sample image was customized and sent to us as shown below.

Overcoat customized

Based on the data and the color we had matched the requirement and made a sample for RAMS dental lab. For your requirement of uniforms call us now at 9176634635. We are glad to help you.

Proposed New Government School Uniforms in Tamilnadu

There has been many speculations on current years government school uniforms in Tamilnadu. The below are the two colors of shirting proposed for government school uniforms.

Government School uniforms in Tamil Nadu - ProposedRSM Uniforms is not 100 percent sure on the pattern of the uniform and also on the effective date from when this uniform will be implemented. The proposed government school uniforms will be implemented subject on approval. We will have to wait for the next official news from government.

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