RSM uniforms at Chennai is built on the values of integrity and service and is committed to functioning completely according to the set rules and regulations in the industry.Today Rsm uniforms is ably lead from the front by next generation entrepreneur Rahul Jain following in his father’s footsteps he has tirelessly worked towards taking the company to Greater Heights.

RSM uniform begins the work by getting to know your business. This involves basic information such as understanding the workplace environment, and the jobs your staff do. But it also involves us understanding your market position, branding strategy, corporate identity and forward planning. At this stage we can assess your current uniform and gauge staff feedback, seeing which items are not performing and finding out why. With this information we have a great starting point to begin looking at suitable uniforms for your staff.

This is a grey colour Uniform shirt made out of terry cotton material with black collar and tipping on sleeves and pocket supplied to The Home Team – Facilities management service.To order or query for further customisation do not hesitate to call us on 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM Uniform – The corporate uniform manufacturers in Chennai is paving the way for success by ensuring customer delight.RSM Uniform is India’s premier supplier of quality corporate uniforms. We provide uniforms to some of the biggest corporations, ensuring their uniforms reflect their brand, and inspire their team. We can provide the most up to date, fashion tailored range of garments to specifically suit your needs. From tailored suiting, casual polos, durable workwear, healthcare uniforms, and sporting team wear, our expertise in fashion and design will enhance your corporate image.

The red colour uniform overcoat with white piping and two front pockets, further customized with embroidered brand name is supplied to the IFresh supermarket chain in Chennai.

The overcoats can be made available in any colour as per your requirement and can be further custom made. RSM Uniform upholds the promise of excellence, trust us and stay tension free after placing order at 9176634635 or can mail us at

The Specific Uniform Requirements For Mainstream Industry

mainstream industry

Uniforms have been part of our culture for years now; uniforms tend to inculcate pride and togetherness and a form uniform dress code all around. It improves the overall character of the school or any service industry for that matter. Uniforms are also cost-effective, considering the fact that you don’t have to wear them on a daily basis. Uniforms increase the morale of the constitution and depict a sense of self-expression.

Industrial uniforms have additional features for protection, they have gears which act as a protective material, as the workers might work in a hazardous environment and may be subjected to harmful exposure all the time. Corporate clothing has to be formal and sleek. The organisational climate might vary, but formal attire is consistent and needs to be worn frequently. 

What are the mainstream industries? The regular industries that exist in the world which fall under the category of industries, that have been providing the basic services across the countries. From the Healthcare industry to the Electronic industry, all come under the umbrella term “mainstream industries” and have different uniforms in general.

Where do you get the necessary uniforms catered according to your needs? You go for corporate wear suppliers, who supply the better quality clothing and can help you customise outfits for your specific needs. In the case of corporate wear suppliers in general, you go for retailers who provide the best apparel at affordable prices. The quality should not be compromised and should be very durable and conform to specific industrial needs. Corporate uniforms also tend to add extra flare if the apparel is aesthetic and builds confidence at the same time.

Many workwear manufacturers are the best in their field. If we take Chennai, there are RSM uniforms, vogue sourcing, blog uniforms and many more who have been providing top-notch uniforms for years now. There are always specific uniform requirements that are stated by the organisation and imposed as a unified dress code, and some organisations might not follow the stricter dress depending on the environment and the work culture. 

Let us see the specific uniform requirements for a few mainstream industries

Healthcare industries

Health care industries have strict dress codes because they have to deal with a lot of surgical equipment, medicines and harmful effluents too. They are always exposed to infections so the dress should be very durable at the same time be made up of materials that can prevent the spillage and keep the professionals safe at the same time. They should provide day-long comfort and should be very functional. The medical coat should be mandatory for people who deal with chemicals and harmful elements all the time.

Engineering industries

These industries have their employees who are subjected to constant heavy-duty work and high maintenance work. The clothing should be very durable and should withstand the pressurised environment. They should also conform to the industrial norms and be very much aesthetic at the same time. There isn’t a specific dress code around the world for engineering jobs but might vary according to the location of the industries. 

Security providing industries

The dressing sense of a security guard or any security person should emanate confidence and boldness. The apparel that is suitable for them should be made of perfect texture and should be long-lasting. It should also be easily washable and vibrant. The dress norms should be followed according to the requirements.

Educational industry

College uniforms and school uniforms need to be aesthetic but at the same time should showcase pride of the institution. The kids wear should not have delicate fabrics and should always be comfortable to wear. Comfortness plays a vital role in any industry, so it should be a priority while considering buying apparel for different sectors.

There are numerous industries out there who prefer light-textured, aesthetic and comfortable uniforms that show unity and pride and can be worn on a daily basis. There are many textures and materials that can be blended with the uniforms, not just restricting the usage of cotton all the time. Most of the mainstream industries are very specific about the uniforms and follow a proper dress code to ensure peace and harmony among the employees and require precise specifications for their companies. 

Choose the best workwear manufacturers for better clothing apparel and who are in this field for years and have great insight and knowledge about this particular field. Bear in mind that, pricing always matters in clothing and generally so keep an eye for high priced clothing apparel as they might be deceiving. Reviews and suggestions are welcome.

A One-stop-shop For All Your School-wear Needs


RSM Uniforms have built a mark in the textile industry for years now. The variety of outfits, ranging from aprons to waistcoats are all available at this place, making it an ideal one-stop destination for your clothing requirements. They are the powerhouse in the game of wholesale uniform manufacturers in Chennai, dominating this industry for all the right reasons.

RSM has been an integral part of the clothing industry for more than 30 years now, building a strong association with the dealers, retailers, suppliers and customers. The stand out feature about RSM uniforms is the fact that they follow the ever-changing norms of dresses of different service industries and teach the cultural values. The apparel are made according to the requirements made by the customers and have the best quality materials in making enduring and aesthetically elegant clothes conforming to organisational norms.

Schools have a strict dress code that is followed by the students. That being said, RSM uniforms offers customizable and perfectly– fit suits for your kids with the best return for your money. The affordability factor plays a pivotal role as money is the important aspect that people take into courtesy while purchasing uniforms, and in RSM is the perfect partner in this department.

Comfortability takes much more preference than style and colour, and RSM produces the best and the comfortable school uniforms, making them an ideal school uniform wholesale distributors in Chennai. The materials aren’t just cotton oriented, but there are different and unique materials like Viscose, Polyester, Nylon, etc. making it one of the best school uniform fabric manufacturers in town, defining diverse in the best way possible.

Why chose Chennai uniforms as a one-stop destination for all the school wears? Here are the principal reasons – 

1. The fabric or the material used- the contents are not just limited to cotton but have different fabrics woven to perfection. As we mentioned previously that school uniforms are also made from Viscose, Polyester, Nylon which are used to strengthen the structure and make it more durable and wearable. Kids clothing goes through constant wear and tear all the time, so it is vital to take the utmost care in determining the materials used, and RSM offers the best apparel.

2. Sustainabilitykids spend a considerable amount of time in schools; it is estimated that they spend 250 days in the school itself. Durability plays a crucial role in kids uniforms, and Chennai uniforms have been performing consistently in this aspect. The fabric is light yet durable, and it withstands all the dirt and harmful effluents that kids come across while they are playing. RSM has the best quality clothing and is indeed a great school uniform fabric manufacturer.  

3. Design– design emanates confidence and builds a great sense of pride. The layout should obviously adapt to the school’s norms and should also look appealing. School kids have the ability to adapt well to their surroundings if the colour of their uniforms makes them comfortable. Yellow or white is the most desirable colour that most schools use.

4. Price – RSM, being one of the top-notch wholesale manufacturers provide reasonable rates for their school attires and have a greater reach in the market. The pricing depends on the customisation that customers require, and they are catered according to their needs. The overall dress for kids is tailored, and there is always an easy return policy if you dislike the dress. Chennai uniform rarely compromises on quality and have been proving that for 30 years now. A reminder that cheap quality fabrics won’t last long and won’t be very alluring. The price range can also be enquired at our website.


RSM acts as a hub for different, fresh, comfortable and aesthetic attires which conform to the school’s norms and various services industries and the clothes also have a great texture in general. For the best clothing apparel, RSM is the best destination for all your requirements. Chennai has numerous clothing outlets, and RSM is one of the leading school uniform wholesale distributors of all time. Contact our team and support for all your further queries and do share your experiences with us.RSM has been an established retailer in the wholesale uniform manufacturer, so do reach out to us for your different clothing requirements.

A Look into the Industries Where Lab Coats are a Necessity

Lab Coats Necessity

Unlike commonly conceived by many of us, the purpose of wearing lab coats is not just for appearance sake or for distinguishing the particular professionals that wear them. In addition to cementing the status of a professional, the lab coat provides several benefits. Today, lab coats are not just uniforms but also a mandatory requirement in many industries. 

Lab Coats are found to be Essential in Several Contemporary Industries

The lab coat finds its exclusive use in a range of professions such as the following: 

  • Clinical laboratories and pharmacies
  • Health care and alternative therapy
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Veterinarians
  • Physician/dental practices
  • Food processing and manufacturing
  • Audiology/optometry offices

The Modern Industries That Necessitate Wearing Lab Coats

Lab coats offer significant protection to users and are beneficial in myriad ways. Today, lab coats find a distinctive place in the work-life of professionals belonging to varied industries. The following are a few of the major industries that necessitate wearing lab coats:

1. Health care industry

Lab coats are required to be used by several medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff. Lab coats protect clinicians from splashes and cross-contamination.

2. Forensic science professionals

Forensic technicians are required to perform the crucial process of collecting evidence at crime scenes and analyzing them in the labs. When used at the crime spots and labs, lab coats prevent them from disturbing the evidence while protecting them from harmful elements.

3. Scientists and research scholars

Lab coat protects those working in the science domain from the chemicals that they work with. It ensures that the user’s clothes and body are protected from splashes, drops, spills, and unexpected reactions.

4. Departments related to microbiology

Microbiologists, when they wear lab coats, are protected from harmful microbes, chemicals, and other possible harmful agents. Lab coats not only work as a protection to the users but also as a preventive measure against the spread of microorganisms.

5. Chemists are required to wear lab coats

A chemist is required to perform several functions and experiments that involve chemical substances. Lab coats serve the purpose of protecting them and their clothes from chemical spills and exposure to hazardous elements.

6. Laboratories

Professionals from different fields happen to work in the laboratory setting for various purposes. Wearing lab coats ensures that they are not exposed to risk or hazards related to their work. Lab coats provide protection to the body parts, prevent the spread of contamination, and offer a removable barrier even in the event of any spillage or splashing of hazardous substances.

7. Pharmaceutical industry

Professionals in the pharmaceutical industry must use lab coats to prevent cross-contamination, a high risk involved with their work. Users can protect their bodies from coming into direct contact with the hazardous substances that are present in the lab.

8. Veterinarians

While veterinarians tend to stay comfortable and organized in their lab coats, they are protected from exposure to several harmful materials and microbes.

9. Electronics Industry

Professionals working in the electronics domain are frequently faced with the risk of electronic discharge, the release of static energy. Wearing lab coats enables them to fend off such threats.

The Major Benefits of Lab Coats in the Contemporary Industries

  • Protective material: One of the qualities of a good lab coat is its semi fire retardant characteristic. It offers chemical resistance.
  • Barrier protection: Lab coat shields the body of the user while providing substantial barrier protection.
  • Cross-contamination is prevented: When kept inside the lab or the workplace, you can prevent cross-contamination to other areas.
  • Protects the body parts of users: The arms and the torso are the vulnerable parts of a professional’s body. These are protected from direct contact with hazardous substances by the lab coat.
  • Hygiene and sterility: Whether it is a laboratory or a research center that you work at, a sterile lab coat ensures shielding you from exposure to the potentially harmful pathogens and substances.

Convenience in work, protection against several harmful materials, and a means to contain the spread of contamination – the number of purposes solved by the humble lab coat is enormous. With the advancement in technology and the increasing concern about health standards, more and more people in various modern industries have realized the need and benefits of wearing lab coats. 


RSM uniforms at Chennai is leading the way in providing smart uniform solution.We are built on the values of integrity and service and committed to function completely according to the set rules and regulations in the industry.

According to RSM Uniform,If you are in the hospitality industry, appearance matters a lot as you have to interact with customers daily. A right type of work attire can help you to project your professional image and also the brand value of your catering industry.

We have with us an assortment of waiter uniforms that are available in various sizes, colors and designs. Our range is specially designed using the latest machines and are highly comfortable, shrinkage free and easy to wash. Available at cost effective prices, these uniforms are also provided with stitched logo or other customized specifications of our clients.

The number says it all as RSM uniforms has high satisfied customers and have made firm impression in people’s mind as they resonate think uniforms think RSM.If you too want to be a satisfied customer please call us and order at 9176634635 or mail us at

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