Mukesh uniforms suppliers in Chennai

Are you looking out for Mukesh Spun uniform dealers in Chennai. Rsm uniforms is one of the most reputed dealers of Mukesh Spun uniforms in Chennai.

If your budget isn’t much and you don’t want to compromise on the color variety too then Mukesh spun is the best choice for uniforms bottoms, uniform scrubs, nurse uniforms and other housekeeping uniform chudidar that you have always been looking for.


Given the high visibility of this job, RSM UNIFORM believes it’s crucial to dress up guards in appropriate security uniforms that put across a strong sense of presence and security. A security guard can also set the tone for your place of work, both to visitors and employees. When making up your mind to select the components and style of a security guard or security uniform, here are the certain tips ,
1.Think about adding accessories to the uniform like radio and torchlight
2.Take protective wear into account.
3.Bear in mind the climate.
For a more relaxed environment, khakis and logo embroidered shirts might be more fitting.keeping all these factors in mind RSM Uniform have manufactured and supplied blue colour security uniform shirt with two pockets to Yamaha.
Retailers and business owners in search of best designs of security guard uniform can contact RSM UNIFORM in Chennai- the leading security guard uniform manufacturer and go through our designs,we have to offer before placing your bulk order by calling us at 9176634635 or by mailing us at

How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

Suits have been a staple in men’s wardrobe since the Industrial ages. Over the centuries, the suit has morphed into a symbol of class, professionalism and the gentleman’s way. Not only did suits evolve over time, they also branched out into diverse forms. From coat suits for men to the timeless tuxedos, there’s a cut for every man out there. There’s one facet of this evolution containing vast potential, though it goes relatively unnoticed. Every evolution comes with adaptation, and the story of the suit fits this rule to the T.

The Suit Manufacturer Way

As with any article of clothing, there are always big-ticket names in the field. Some prefer the local touch through brands like Raymond. Yet others opt for international finesse, with timeless names like Hugo Boss. It’s a question of individual tastes and sartorial choices. What’s the other side to this equation? Tailored suits.

Sure, buying readymade is cool and always a trusty option. On the other side, there’s a world of versatile customization for suits. After all, your suit should be a perfect fit for you in more ways than one, right? Even a minuscule detail can be the difference between looking sharp or looking drab in your suit. Thankfully, custom suit manufacturers are always around to save the day. 

Signature Suits

Suits are priced on the higher end of the male apparel spectrum. With that in mind, it may sound counterintuitive to go with a suit tailor-made for you. If you want your every penny’s worth, isn’t it better to go with a big brand than with a readymade suit manufacturer? We’re going to make our case for why the latter would actually be the ideal choice if you’re in the market for a stylish suit. Never underestimate the power of customization!

Aside from the usual measurements and fittings, suit manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction with the piece you get. It’s this attitude of going above and beyond for value addition that gives these clothing suppliers a distinct edge over the other side.

Suitable Value

– Right off the bat, the premier feature that comes with customized suits is exactly that. Customization opens up a plethora of options for tailoring based on your preferences. 

– What does this mean for your style quotient? It gives your rack of suits a truly personal touch. As suits are arguably the best representative of a man’s style statement, it’s vital to look sharp, isn’t it?

– Aside from this, readymade suit manufacturers just can’t match the level of quality assurance that custom suit makers can offer. It’s a personal touch FOR you, from the tailors. 

– In terms of accentuating your style, custom suits can do a lot through just a few subtle flourishes. You can definitely get a lot of eyeballs to turn as a dapper dresser. You just have to play your cards right.

A Perfect Fit

What do you picture when you think of a suit’s style quotient? Clearly, it boils down to a few elemental aspects of the suit’s design.

  • The Fabric
  • The Cut
  • The Patterns
  • The Comfort

With a suit brought straight off the retail store, you usually have to compromise on a few of these factors. It’s always annoying when you find a perfectly fitting suit, only to discover it has an excessively tacky pattern. That’s where custom suit manufacturers can swoop in and save the day for you. How? Take a look for yourself. 

Fabric Selection is a major point that custom suit tailors focus on to give you maximum value. Most will offer only the best quality fabric that perfectly blends comfort and finesse.

Pocket Placement is yet another way that suit manufacturers can up the ante in terms of style. Here, it’s a classic mix of functionality and aesthetic.

– The Design of the suit is another crucial aspect to account for here. It’s often the first thing that people notice about a suit! Around the shoulders, the seams, and the inner lining, it’s all an ensemble.

Having all these factors tailor-made to your liking can work wonders for your style quotient. Each one of your suits can be perfectly unique to you, helping you exude confidence flawlessly. 

RSM has made a niche for itself as a top-calibre supplier for coat suits for men, whether for work or casual use. Still wondering whether going custom-made is the right call? Waste no time and place your order now!

Understanding The Versatility Of Wholesale Printed T-Shirt Suppliers

Understanding The Versatility Of Wholesale Printed T-Shirt Suppliers

T-shirts are an everlasting symbol of casual wear. It’s almost uncanny how something as simple as a T-shirt can make such pronounced fashion statements. Over the years, people have opened their eyes to the innate potential for personality expression through T-shirts. Printed T-shirt suppliers were also quick on the uptake, delivering stylish products year after year.

Fitting To The T

From a structural perspective, t-shirts are as simple as they come. Nothing fancy, simple to wear and hassle-free to maintain. What sets them apart in terms of style quotient, then? The prints, of course! There are infinite possibilities as to what you can add to the front of a shirt. Colour-wise, design-wise and look-wise, this is what instantly grabs your attention about a t-shirt. 

Since t-shirts are associated with casual wear, there’s not much thought that goes behind buying one compared to other clothing articles. You see it, you like it, you check the fit, and you’re good to go! Brands both big and small have extensive t-shirt ranges with their brand name stamped on them. Naturally, these sell like hot cakes at their outlets worldwide. Where does that leave the wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturers, then? Let’s find out.

The Power Of Custom Design

People pick out t-shirts that best represent their style quotient. Therefore, isn’t going with bigger brands and snazzier prints the logical solution? The answer to that may actually surprise you! 

Sure, picking out branded tees is fun in its own way. What if you kicked it up a notch further and went your own way? Going with a wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturer might be the perfect perk for your wardrobe. At first, it might seem that going for a wholesale t-shirt supplier would be a wasted expense. Take a moment to think about the plus side of it, though. There’s no denying that a personal touch is exactly what your t-shirts need to make heads turn. 

Wholesale t-shirt suppliers understand this advantage and leverage it to the hilt. They know that they can offer a clear-cut edge over retailers in the same field. What they bring to the table is a customer experience that is unparalleled when it comes to t-shirt design. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive deeper into what makes this niche of t-shirt suppliers tick.

Wholesale Printed T-Shirts: The Edge

The Design Options

At a retail store, t-shirts are just t-shirts. With a wholesale supplier, however, things really get spruced up. The supplier will check up with you on specifications for your t-shirt, ensuring you get your full money’s worth. There’s ample scope for you to talk shop about pockets, fittings, buttons, collars and of course, the print itself! Whatever your preference, your supplier is there to help you out.

The Corporate Edge

Nowadays, corporate companies often place bulk orders of t-shirts to keep their company camaraderie high. The demand is such that there’s actually an entirely separate niche that caters to this avenue. Corporate t-shirt manufacturers specialize in providing custom-made t-shirts that are a great fit for working-class professionals. In these cases, the printed T-shirts come with company logos and other branded elements on them. Obviously, they can’t buy retail, so they go for corporate t-shirt manufacturers that can fulfil their specific demands. The best corporate t-shirts come from wholesale manufacturers!

Pricing Options

At a retail printed t-shirt store, the prices are fixed. This isn’t the case with wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturers, however. With due negotiations, you can work out a price that works for both you and the supplier. The final amount will vary based on the particulars of the printed t-shirt order that you place. In some cases, you can even work out a unique bulk order discount if your order is large enough. A common trend among all wholesale t-shirt suppliers is that they usually have provisions for refunds and replacements if you need them. It’s all about flexibility and ease of access with wholesale t-shirt suppliers!


Printed t-shirts are the best way to express your style statement while you keep it casual and effortless. When you lend these printed t-shirts a personal touch, that’s when you get the best out of it. Wholesale printed t-shirt suppliers give you that edge and help you get t-shirts that accentuate your wardrobe. RSM is reputed for its top-notch printed t-shirts, with quality guaranteed in every order. Place your order with us now!

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Savouring good food is something that everyone loves. The love and desire for good food are never dying, and so many businesses in the food industry often grow tremendously. Of so many different businesses available, one of the most prominent ones is the catering business. For any occasion having more than 15 people, they prefer giving the food order to a caterer. This is because convenience always stands on top priority. Catering businesses to comply with as many orders as they receive. 

If you are one of them, then keep reading as we have something special for you in the blog. Most caterers adhere to having a uniform for their staff. This, they believe, will bring oneness and a sense of unity among the cooks. Another primary reason is that it helps keep the workers out of danger from hot items if at all it trips on them.

Today in this blog, we will see the few critical things that one should consider when approaching a catering uniform supplier.

Right Fabric

The foremost important aspect of choosing the right kitchenware for your staff is to select the right fabric. The fabric should be stain resistant, easily washable and robust enough to protect the cooks from any unforeseen heat from the cooking process. Choose materials that do not readily absorb fire. Make it rigid so your staff can work uninterruptedly.


Every company has a kind, and it is up to you to create a style that will make your brand stand out. This is the 101 of the checklist to follow strongly when you reach out to a catering uniform supplier. You can take the advice from their designer to curate a distinctive uniform style for your staff.

Brand identity

When it comes to creating uniforms, brand identity is the foremost important aspect. Along with style, you should also make sure that there is one distinctive element that makes your brand unique and helps customers identify your brand quickly. This can be a printed logo or an embroidered name of the company. It can also be a badge or any other thing. Consult with the wholesale catering uniform supplier before you create your uniforms from them.

Comfort is everything

Working in the kitchen can be too tiring as you are regularly exposed to heat and sweat. For this reason, it is essential that the person working is comfortable enough in their clothes to keep one unnecessary worry away. A chef can work efficiently only when the uniform or the dress they wear is comfortable for them. This has to be made sure as an uncomfortable design or a dress pattern can hinder their workflow, and this might give a bad result in the output. 

Quality and resistance power

Quality is crucial when it comes to kitchen uniforms. Buy from only reputed wholesale kitchen apparels manufacturers. Never compromise with the quality of the product as it can even lead to even tarnishing of your brand image. Quality is also essential to make sure that the fabric or the dress is resistant to stain and rigid marks. Since working in the kitchen means dealing with grease and other challenging items that don’t easily wash off, it is vital to have a proper quality check and control before letting the mass production begin. This can also save a large amount of money.

Fit and feel

Speaking of fit and feel, being comfortable is vital, especially when you are at a place where you have to work the whole day dealing with fire sweat and other tiring things. When your employee’s uniform is not fit, they might feel uncomfortable, and so this can hamper their work. Being fit means a uniform with the right measurements, good quality of fabric that does not itch or poke the skin, and so on.

Durability and grip

The uniform that you order with a wholesale kitchen uniform supplier should be long-lasting and exceptionally durable to withstand harmful elements from the kitchen. If it is not durable enough, you will have to purchase new ones again, and this can mean extra cost.


Decide what accessories your people should wear? This can be anything from a chef cap to gloves to coats to a name badge or so on. Consult with a uniform supplier on what are the various options and styles available.

Cost and delivery

Last but not least, have a thorough discussion of the cost per piece and cost when ordered in a large number. If it seems to be pricey to you try and negotiate. Also, make sure the quality is worth the price that you are paying the wholesale kitchen apparel supplier. Discussing the delivery is also extremely important. Fix a date and get an agreement written that the date will deliver your product.

These are some of the most basic checklists that you have to follow when consulting a catering uniform supplier.


RSM UNIFORM at Chennai is a family business with over 40 years’  of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying corporate uniforms and workwear.As an owner managed team, we are passionate about customer satisfaction and dedicated to providing both wearer comfort and administrative efficiency for the customer.
Providing your employees with a work uniform is an effective way to promote your brand. The uniform that we design for you will ensure that your brand is presented perfectly at every opportunity and creates a distinct lasting impression of your company. Your employees will stand out from the competition in corporate clothing that is on-trend and makes them look professional, approachable and reliable.
One of our happy client MS supermarket in Chennai trusted us and we provided them with uniform polo t-shirt, polo t-shirt with contrast collar and piping , overcoat for employees.
At RSM UNIFORM, we will work with you to design corporate clothing for your employees that reinforces the ethos and culture of your company.To join us call at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Uniform saree and chudidar combo

Blue uniform chudidar and saree combo
Royal blue uniform chudidar and saree combo
Grey uniform chudidar and saree combo
Green uniform chudidar and saree combo
Maroon uniform chudidar and saree combo
Uniform chudidar and saree combo
Navy blue uniform chudidar and saree combo
Red uniform chudidar and saree combo
Cream and green uniform chudidar and saree combo
Sky blue uniform chudidar and saree combo
Pink uniform chudidar and saree combo

Are you looking out for uniform chudidar which also has the same design of sarees in it.

We at Rsm uniforms have the above ready options of uniform chudidar and sarees readily available at our store.

Order now.

Why Custom Apparel Manufacturers Are The Future Of Fashion

Why Custom Apparel Manufacturers Are The Future Of Fashion

Impact Of Fashion Industry

The biggest problem in the fashion industry is the amount of waste it produces or unused garments that are left behind. There are many reasons for this. One of the primary reasons is the unavailability of the right choices for people. An endless variety of options and nothing that will suit most requirements. This generates unnecessary waste from this industry. What are the possible harmful effects of this?


The first and foremost backdrop of producing in mass with no requirements in hand is unwanted costs. Wholesale clothing manufacturers seldom realize that by customizing apparel, they have comparatively more opportunity to sell the garments than retain the unsold goods and adding to unnecessary overhead costs. By making wholesale production, there is wastage of materials, energy, labour and money. The produced yet unsold goods can over some time succumb to wear and tear by getting exposed to harsh climate and pests in the godown.


The fashion industry is considered the second largest industry to produce extreme amounts of carbon waste. The unsold goods often end up in landfills and create dump problems. They also choke the drains and other elements that give way to free flow of water. Another problem with such dumped fabrics is that they end up in the ocean harming marine life. Unwanted choice of fabrics for uncustomized garments can lead to pollution due to the synthetic materials used in it. These do not decompose either.

Unsatisfied customers

When manufacturers produce mass garments, that often do not cater to customer needs, the customers return unsatisfied. This can immensely tamper with customer trust and impression about the brand. A poor brand name can change the whole image of the company. 

The Need For Custom Clothing Apparels

Making custom apparels are extremely important to stay in the market for long. Every customer has a different body shape and structure and to adhere to. If the dresses are not custom made, then there is no use for the wearer. For people to wear what they like in a perfect fit, they go for custom clothing rather than mass production clothing. Readymade garments are readily available and cheaper to afford but often give problems in the fitting and end up in the cupboard unused.

On the other hand, custom made clothing can exactly suit the requirements of any person who comes to buy it. To purchase custom apparel, you first need to find a custom apparel manufacturer. Let us understand why custom apparel manufacturers are the future

Better Fit

Everyone wants to look fit. Especially those who workout for their body to be in shape. When a fit person wears loose clothes, it will not give them satisfaction as they have been working on it for a long time now. Custom clothing plays a significant role in such people’s lives. With a custom-manufactured dress, they can now give the right measurements and get the clothes stitched in the desired size. By doing so, one can flaunt their body shape. This is not only with people who want to look slim and fit. It is also for heavy-bodied people. They can get clothes manufactured to fit their body type making sure there is no awkwardness in the clothes when they wear them. And so custom apparel manufacturers play a significant role and are the future of fashion.

Materials used

Off-the-rack clothes come in materials that the manufacturer decides. It is not necessary that everyone should like it. At the same time, some like cotton others might prefer rayon or silk for the same garment. The choice of material also adds to the comfort level for the wearer. In general, a wholesale manufacturer produces garments with cheap quality materials to adjust various manufacturing cost factors. That’s how the whole concept of wholesale manufacturing works. But some wholesale manufacturers hear out and produce garments as per your requirement. It is necessary to find such wholesale manufacturers to avoid additional costs or burns on the industry. They are the future of fashion as they give importance to precision, choices and customer satisfaction.

Add your style

By reaching out to a wholesale custom manufacturer, you are in the liberty of adding your style to the garment. Readymade clothing either has too many additions on the garment or nothing at all. This also includes aspects like cuffs, bow tie, frills, darts, cuts and so on. In readymade clothes, you have no say but to take what has been produced already. When your custom manufactures your clothing, you can decide where you want to have the various aspects of your clothing. This will add a personal touch and liking. By doing so, you can also cut down additional costs involved in special stitches or aspects of your dress.

Long-lasting clothes

When to try and get customized clothing, there are more chances of it being in your wardrobe than read-to-wear clothing, especially when it comes to women. All that every woman craves for is the right fitted clothing. Off the rack clothing choices mean they might soon go off the cupboard as they either don’t fit or the person loses interest in it much earlier than they can retain until it wears off.

Cost Saving

The right number of clothes you produce, the right amount of money is spent. A usual wholesale manufacturer has clothing on large numbers and often compromises with the quality. They also make clothes of the same fitting that might often not suit everyone. This means there’s a cost involved in every stage of the manufacturing process and beyond. Right from choosing materials, to transporting and producing, there is an unnecessary cost added in every step of its production. And when the clothes get dumped more in number due to no ales, the cost involved in discarding it is more. Also, this, in the end, puts a significant impact on the environment.

So speaking in general, it is always advisable to reach out to a custom apparel manufacturer than a random wholesale dealer. This will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you satisfaction for the money spent. By reaching out to custom apparel wholesale manufacturers, brands can curate designs for their companies and make them distinctive from that of others when it comes to uniforms. This way, custom apparel manufacturers stand as the present and future of fashion.

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