The Ultimate Guide To Fabricating A Classy Hotel Uniform

ultimate guide to fabricating a classy hotel uniform

RSM is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler supplier of Hotel Uniforms in Chennai. We thrive hard to select the best fabric for uniforms and engineer it according to the modern hotel uniform standards. Hotel and Hospitality is a wide-spread industry, wherein there is a need for uniform in various categories such as hotel management uniform, hotel receptionist uniform, uniform for food service, Housekeeping uniform, catering, and restaurant uniform and more. When selecting the uniform for hotel staff you must ensure that it meets the demand of the industry. Here is an ultimate guide to fabricating a classy hotel uniform.

Ultimate Guide to fabricate a classy hotel uniform

Quality Fabric

Fabric is the most important factor to consider when selecting a modern hotel uniform. Different hotel management designations and duties of employees need a set of special attention as you select and design uniforms for them. The fabric required for a chef working in a hot kitchen will certainly be different from the front office assistant’s uniform that works in the air-conditioned lobby. So, it is best to choose different materials for different departments.

For example, a blend of cotton and synthetics make a fabric breathable, so it can be used for making chef uniform. While Polyester or Cotton-Polyester is usually durable in nature, making it best for housekeeping uniform. Gabardine fabric is great for the appearance, which makes it perfect for restaurant staff uniform and uniform for the reception. Whatever fabric you may choose, just make sure it helps to protect your staff in the workplace and help in maintaining the high standards of hygiene. At RSM Chennai Uniforms, we design uniforms that look professional, feel comfortable and express confidence. 

Style and Design

A classy hotel uniform will have an exceptionally good design. When a customer walks into a hotel, the first thing he/she looks for is a staff to assist them. A stylish hotel uniform that is well designed is appealing and identifiable for the customers that create a positive image of the hotel’s brand.

The design of hotel uniforms needs to be practical, for example, it should have pockets, chef caps, chef coats, waistcoats, scarves, ties, apron, and other useful features. Additionally, it is always better to add zips or comfortable elastic in place of buttons and hooks. Further, it is very important that the uniform is easy for laundering and maintenance. Our latest hotel uniform design includes the best quality fabric, cutting-edge style and practical design that you’ll never lose the freshness of the uniform. 


Almost every hotel and restaurant in Chennai today are theme-based. These themes are influenced by certain architecture, food, music and certain feel of the hotel. It perks up the presentation and creates its own independent identity. Here, the key way to make a positive impression on customers is through staff uniforms. Theme based hotel uniforms not only solidify your brand identity but also represent commitment towards quality from hotel staff. Selecting a uniform based on the hotel theme gives a feeling of pride and boosts the fun atmosphere. 


The saying “First impression is the best impression” is apt for the hotel industry. Your appearance and mannerism is the first thing customer watch when they enter your hotel. A uniform can have impacted a customer more than you might think. That’s why huge hotel brands across the world are carefully designing their uniforms for hotel staff. An appealing stylish hotel uniform with the staff’s name, designation, and hotel’s logo embossed on it will showcase professionalism and satisfy the customer.

RSM Chennai Uniform understands that the hotel industry needs different uniforms according to the nature of the job like uniforms for a chef, housekeeping, receptions, etc. So we take pride in designing these uniforms according to the recent sartorial trends in hotel management. 


Everything goes for a toss if the uniform is not well-sewn. You certainly don’t want your employees feeling uncomfortable and wasting time adjusting their uniforms. So, make sure the uniform dealer that you deal with has great experience in manufacturing flawless uniforms. RSM Uniforms is in the industry for more than 35 years and we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of uniforms in Chennai. Whether you want front desk uniform, chef uniform or blazers for restaurant assistance, we can design and manufacture modern, elegant and impressive uniforms using comfortable workable fabrics. Call us on 9176634635 for more details!

How to Add a WOW Factor to Your Corporate T-shirts?

How to make Vow Corporate Tshirts

Corporate T-shirts are becoming a fad for most organizations to gift to their employees, to show that they care, to carry back as a souvenir, to also use that as a marketing tool and more. Therefore, more often than not, corporates have to make a vital decision and ask themselves what makes an ideal corporate t-shirt.   

How to make Vow Corporate T-Shirts

There are some things to consider while embarking on a journey to make a t-shirt for your teams, they include: 


The team that you are targeting to buy for. A general sense of the kind of team and the kind of clothes they prefer will determine the kind of t-shirt you want to purchase.   

Target Audience:

Who is the messaging on the t-shirts for? Is it to appreciate your team, or to spread your organization’s message, or a little bit of both? That will also determine what you are ordering and what the messaging will be. 


You would need to consider the purpose of ordering t-shirts. If it is for a particular event or a certain celebration, the design could be potentially different. On the other hand, if the T-shirt is for regular use it would be different.  


This is an obvious thing you need to keep in mind based on the number of people you have to order for. 


This is sometimes not considered important. The weather in the areas will determine the fabric of the cloth. For instance, if your team works in a chilly place, those chances are that they will be wearing jackets over the t-shirts. This defeats the purpose of any kind of advertising. 

Wow factor in the t-shirts

Many organization takes special care to create T-shirt designs that are based on their own brand. Not only do they want to make the t-shirts look good, but they also want a wow factor in the t-shirts. There are many things a corporate considers while designing t-shirts. They all look towards making the best kind of t-shirts that their team would want to wear with pride. Here are some ways that you can create t-shirts that look great: 

1. Ideation:

The right kind of idea always brings about clarity on how you can make a t-shirt look great. So, ensure that you take the time to ideate what you want to communicate and how you want to.  

2. Fabric:

You are better served spending that little bit more to get the fabric right. If you have a t-shirt with good fabric, it is more likely to be worn by your team. Basically, good fabric selection makes for comfortable wear.  

3. Design:

Often corporates wonder how to find the perfect balance between business and casual. Select the right kind of design that best describes your corporate’s attitude. This is important because if it looks good it is going to be worn.

4. Style and color:

Every brand has a particular style and color. Take the time to figure out what yours is. This awesome t-shirt will be a representative of you on the streets, so you must get it right. 

5. Use the logo wisely:

As important as it is to brand the corporate t-shirts it is important to realize that it has to be used wisely. If it is not visible, your brand will not be known; on the other hand, if it screams out of the t-shirt it could be too loud.  

6. Printing options:

There are many printing options available in the market today including Vinyl graphics, screen printing, direct to garment and so on. So, ensure that you select the right option for you.  

7. Tag line/messaging:

Remember that what your tag line or message on your t-shirt is how you communicate your idea to the world. Ensure that you use the right kind of wordage. Keep messaging interesting, and humor subtle. Know that the tag line will finally be your voice in the world, so make it worth the while for your reader.    

RSM is one of the leading uniform manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai. Additionally, they are also leading corporate T-shirt manufactures in Chennai. They provide different kinds of options for an entire range of uniforms from corporate clothing manufacturing, to uniforms for schools, and all sorts of institutions. They create leading t-shirts designs based on the brand. They provide uniform, corporate and t-shirt designs based on the brand they are working to make them for. They also cater to all kinds of people – men, women, and children.

Where to buy quality and affordable school uniforms for kids?

Where to buy quality and affordable school uniforms for kids

RSM Uniforms is a uniform designer, manufacturer and supplier in Chennai with a dedicated focus on producing high-quality school uniforms. We at RSM understand that there are many factors one must consider when buying the best School Uniforms in Chennai. Factors like the color combination, comfort, style, etc are important, but the most important factor is the quality and affordability of the uniform. 

To buy quality and affordable school uniforms for kids, you must know what makes a school uniform a quality product. Here are some things to keep in mind before you approach a uniform designer:

Fabric/Material – Fabric or the materials used in making a uniform can be very crucial in all kinds of uniforms such as Corporate Uniforms, Industrial Uniforms and Hotel Uniforms. School Uniforms especially needs to be made with very comfortable fabric. Good quality material will be comfortable to wear all day, every day for students. School Uniforms in Chennai should usually be made with light-weight material because of the hot climate. However, it depends upon the requirement of the buyers. You can find various kinds of materials such as Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Nylon, etc. A high-quality fabric will require less maintenance and usually last long. Also, it will create a sophisticated impression of your school as a brand. So, make sure you choose the fabric wisely for School uniform. RSM Uniforms from Chennai uses fabrics that have distinctive features such as shrinkage control, colorfastness, soft feel, skin-friendly, piling resistant and more. 

Durability and Sustainability – On average, a child spends about 250 days in the school. And these days include time spent on sports, food, dance, and many other activities. Therefore, the uniform must be comfortable, sustainable and durable. So, check with the uniform supplier if the selected material offers a certain level of protection against dirt and if it is easy to maintain. Further, you must make sure that the product is made from a skin-friendly material so that it is safe to wear at least for 6 hours a day. It is the foremost duty of every uniform manufacturer to provide fine quality uniforms to the school. 

Flexibility and Maintenance – To some extend school uniforms also have an impact on how kids perform in various activities. In many circumstances, it becomes more important for a school uniform to be practical and protective than visible and recognizable. When the uniform is well-made using sturdy material along with quality workmanship, they are bound to last longer and more often withstand multiple washing. It simply means that children can move flexibly without grievances and parents have to spend less time on uniform maintenance. The well-equipped manufacturer will know how to design flexible uniforms in all ranges such as classroom, sports, and swimwear. 

Design and Style – The style and design of the school uniform develop taste and confidence among students. Therefore, it has to be presentable in look and must be sewn qualitatively. Style and color combinations may vary from school to school, some believe green and blue have the ability to activate a child’s mental abilities, while claret may help in develop discipline and confidence and gray shades offer a calming effect on children. Whichever combination you may choose, ensure you get the well fit so children concentrate on their studies and activities rather than spending time on adjusting the clothing. 

Price – If you are wondering how much to pay for a good uniform, then it totally depends on the quality of the products. Also, quality fabric might cost more than cheap items, but then there it is not worth saving, because with a quality product kids will look and feel good throughout their school year. So, never settle for low-quality uniforms, in fact, look for school uniform wholesale distributor in Chennai that doesn’t compromise quality over quantity. RSM Uniforms is a notable wholesale uniform distributor in Chennai that has over 35 years of experience in designing uniforms for various industries including Hotels, Housekeeping, Schools, Corporate events, etc. 

At RSM Chennai Uniforms, we manufacture school uniforms that are fresh, light, modern, robust and hard-wearing. We even help the school to add school logo, slogans and other details in a truly unique manner. Our ideology behind manufacturing school uniforms is simple – functional, robust and well-sewn! 

Contact our team for more details and we will help you through each and every step of the design and manufacturing process until your school uniforms are shipped!

How to select the best uniform suppliers in Chennai?

uniform suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms in Chennai believe there are a number of things one should consider when selecting the best uniform supplier in Chennai. Whether you are looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai, Supermarket Uniforms in Chennai or Security Uniforms in Chennai there are few things you need to take care of. But why have uniforms? Well, here are some benefits of having uniforms at the workplace 

  • Uniforms create brand awareness and brand recognition 
  • Uniforms raise customer standards
  • It creates a distinct impression and identity for the business
  • Uniforms are a style statement for businesses 
  • It gives even standards for all employees at the workplace
  • Uniform represent professionalism
  • It develops cohesiveness among peers  

That’s why almost every industry today invests in uniforms for their employees. However, many fail to understand the cruciality involved in the process of selecting the best uniform supplier in Chennai. You may come across several companies that design uniforms, but before you jump on to any conclusion, here are few tips when selecting the uniform supplier company in Chennai

How to select the best uniform suppliers in Chennai?

Experience – Experience is the first and foremost thing you should look for when selecting a uniform supplier in Chennai. A supplier that has worked with various industries in the market will closely understand your requirements. Know what their customers are saying about them and settle on it if the uniform supplier is trustable. Years of strong sustainability in the market can help you understand the company’s reliability. Recommendation always works well, so ask your family or friends for these supplier companies that can do the best job. RSM Uniforms has been in the business since 1985 and for 35 years the organization has sealed long-term relationships with many traders, retailers, and individuals. 

Expertise – Does the selected company have expertise in designing uniforms that you are looking for? Expertise includes everything pertaining to design, fit, style, fabric, logo tag, and color coordination of the uniforms. Each industry has a different requirement when it comes to selecting uniforms. For example, Hotel Uniforms requires a high-quality and functional fabric that works well with both kitchen and dining area. Likewise, Industrial Uniforms need to be durable yet comfortable to wear, while a Housekeeping Uniform should have color combination that looks smart and fabric that is not-so-easily soiled. Further, a uniform supplier must have expertise to fit in logo, company name and other details on the uniform without overdoing. Make sure the company has expertise in creating impression and adding unique effects on customers. So take time in investigating the expertise of uniform suppliers in Chennai.  

Service – Another important thing is to know about the service pattern of the uniform company. You can’t afford any mess when it comes to delivery and service. The item must be delivered on time and with high-quality packaging. When looking for a potential uniform supplier around Chennai, know about their delivery schedule and other included services so you clearly know what you are getting for the money spent. Ask if the company has a strong network to supply the uniforms that delivers the product on time. For example, a delay in delivery can be very disappointing when ordered for School Uniforms in Chennai. RSM Chennai Uniforms proudly delivers all supplies in India and the International market with utmost quality and on-time delivery. 

Status – Status or reputation of the uniform supplier is not something you can ignore. A good company will be known in the industry for its quality, determination, commitment service and consistency. Reach out to supplier’s clients in your area and talk to them about the pros and cons of dealing with your potential supplier. A uniform supplier must not just focus on providing great apparel, but also committed towards excellence. Know how the supplier reacts to the client’s feedback, is he/she willing to improve and is he/she dedicated to reducing/manage wastage? A company that works for reducing the impact on environment shows their sense of responsibility. RSM Chennai Uniforms uses advance technology for making each fabric and we are seriously committed to reduce, reuse and recycle waste material. 

Pricing – Of course checking for competitive pricing is a no brainer. You must research at least a few companies and compare their pricing factors. As uniforms are mostly purchased in bulk, there is every possibility that the supplier will give you the product at a wholesale price. Also make sure that the company does not compromise on quality for pricing, as quality is most important for uniforms. RSM Uniform in Chennai is wholesales and manufacturers providing highest-quality products at competitive prices. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for uniforms for school, industry, hospitals or events, you can be rest assured that RSM uniforms in Chennai will create a great fabric that you will love wearing every day, which will be delivered on time and keep your business moving forward in the market. For any further information call us at 044 4232 6319 or +91 9176634635  


RSM uniform at Chennai firmly believes that the right protective clothing in the lab is foremost and essential and we offer a full range of lab coats, aprons, scrubs to ensure you have the appropriate safety wear for your job.

RSM uniform has supplied a white half sleeved v-collar neck lab coat with two pockets in front for easy accessibility. The coat is custom made fulfilling the requirement of the Herbzalive firm. The fabric used is 100% cotton giving full comfort to the employee at work place.

At RSM uniform you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and designer, hence we are able to streamline the entire production process. No middleman means lower costs for you. Affordability is a key attribute of the Glory uniform.
Contact us today by calling us at 9176634635 or mail us at

How To Easily Lock Down The Right Clothing Manufacturer For Your Industry?

clothing manufacturer in Chennai

Finding a manufacturer for your business is not an easy task. One needs to be careful about the quality of materials that the manufacturer uses, especially when it is about making clothes.

Now, let’s come to the important section, yes, if you are in the clothing industry, you have to be competitive. There are a lot of people who are competing with you. Therefore, you have to do your best manufacturer, who will help you become the top. If the manufacturer isn’t reliable, you will not be able to continue the business successfully. Hence, finding the right uniform supplier is a big deal.

But before you continue reading, you should know that we have a certain thing to tell you. For example, there are certain concepts related to manufacturers that you should understand. If you don’t understand these concepts, you might not know what you are looking for. You would already know that the clothing manufacturer and supplier industry has different models; therefore, you have to be considerate about your business model. Once you have a clear knowledge of the business model, you can carry on with the rest.

Here are some of the things you need to know:

  • The manufacturer has ideas that can be utilized in creating different products. They are the ones who manufacture products.
  • If you think a supplier can be a manufacturer, yes, you are right. The difference is they can add products that are from different brands. They don’t have to produce it. They will be focusing on the distribution.

So, you should understand that these two are the main concepts that every startup should know of. If you don’t the basic. Therefore, you will have a hard time understanding the in-depth concepts.

Types of manufacturers in the industry

Did you know that there are two types of manufacturers in the industry? They are such as Domestic and Overseas manufactures.

Here’s what you should know about them:

Domestic Manufacturer

Who is a domestic manufacturer? How does he differ from the overseas manufacturer? Well, the domestic manufacturer is the one who produces products for retailers in the country. The best thing about these manufacturers is that they produce high-quality products. You don’t have to worry about labour standards because it is flexible. You can contact and visit them as you want because they are not restrictive like the overseas manufacturers. You can find information about them pretty easily because they are accessible.

Overseas Manufacturer

Who is an overseas manufacturer? He is the one who produces for businesses all around the world. There will not be any boundaries in supplying the products. When compared to domestic manufacturers, you will have to bear a higher cost because international manufacturers charge higher as they include the shipping charges as well. As retailers, you might have to struggle a bit to communicate with them.

So now, you know the types of manufacturers in the business. Thus, you can easily decide whom to hire. But, what matters is, how you are going to find the right clothing manufacturer?

You need to consider the following factors when you are looking for a manufacturer because these factors will help you shortlist your choices.

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Communication
  • Varieties
  • Reputation

These are the main points that you must consider when selecting a clothing manufacturer and supplier. You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks so that you will be able to conclude. If you follow these factors, you can easily decide whether to find an international or domestic manufacturer. After you have decided, you can follow the rest of the procedures to sign the contract.

Where can you find the manufactures?

If you want to find the best manufacturer, you need to do a quick research. You can consider two methods to find the manufacturer, they are:

  • Google
  • Directories

Google- This is one of the best sources to find the right manufacturer you are looking for. You can find it by entering the relevant terms in the search engine, and then, you will be offered with the search results. Once you get the results, you can decide whether to go ahead with the decision or not.

Directories- This is also one of the reliable methods to find the right manufacturer. In the directories, you will find the product listed along with manufacturers’ profiles. This will help you find a manufacturer that will suit your business model.

Type and quality of the fabric

When you are selecting the right manufacturer, that’s not all that you should consider. There are many other factors. One of the most important things is the quality and type of fabric. Therefore, when you are selecting the right manufacturer, you have to look into this factor. You have to check whether the fabric quality and type are what you are looking for. Some retailers might be interested in low-quality products whereas some might not. Likewise, there are different things that retailers look for; however, it is up to you to decide the type and quality required for your business model. But make sure to communicate with the manufacturer if you don’t want to bear unnecessary costs.

Efficiency in garment manufacturing

There is a formula followed by every manufacture. Therefore you need to make an effort to find out the formula used by the manufacturer that you have selected. For example, you should inquire about their production per hour so that you can decide whether they will be able to cater to your needs. Along with that, you should consider the versatility of apparel manufacturers. If the manufacturer doesn’t have the capacity to change according to your needs, you might have a hard time. Therefore, check the versatility of the clothing manufacturer and supplier you have selected.

Lastly, you have to consider the customer profile and satisfaction. How did the manufacturer his customers and how well the customers are satisfied with the services? If you are considerate of these factors, you will be able to make a wise decision.


Importance of Workwear Uniforms that Resist Wear and Tear!

workwear manufacturers in Chennai

What do you know about workwear? It is common that we see people who are employed by the companies are given the same dress, which is workwear. Why workwear has become a mandatory factor? Do you think it is impossible to continue working if the employees don’t wear the same dress? Well, it is not about the impossible things, but it is about the underlying concept behind workwear.

If you ask the people in the current society, they might not like the concept of wearing workwear to work. But why? They consider it as a restriction. But we urge you to understand the reasons, benefits, and the concept of workwear if you want to decide whether to continue it or not. However, let’s learn more about workwear now.

The industrial fields where clothing wear and tear is an issue

Do you think the workwear concept is insane? It is actually not because you get to be presented at work with the same mindset. What does that mean? Yes, even if your company has more than a thousand employees you will not feel inferior or superior because everyone will feel equal despite what’s happening within the industry.

The workwear concept will make every employee feel equal. Also, there are many industrial fields that don’t want their employees to wear anything that causes harm to their reputation. The clothing wear and tear is an issue in many industrial fields. There is a clothing policy that every employee should adhere to. If you dig deeper into the concept of workwear you will understand that it is something important that can’t be ignored or overlooked. However, there are many other things that you need to know about corporate uniforms; hence, keep reading.

The need for durable corporate uniforms/workwear

If there is something that has not been outdated from the industrial fields, it would be the corporate uniforms. The ones who commonly wear uniforms are the armed force, emergency officers, school students, and police.

Likewise, workers in different organizations should also focus on the concept of corporate uniforms. These organizations make sure to provide durable uniforms so that the cost of producing workwear can be taken under control. If the durability is less, it will not be possible to keep the cost under control, and it is a waste to invest more money in workwear. Therefore, it is better to produce quality workwear that can be used for a long time period without any issues.

What makes a good workwear uniform?

Apart from all the concepts and reasons why you should consider workwear, there is something more than you need to consider. What makes a good workwear uniform? How can you decide that it is a good workwear uniform? What are the things that you need to consider?

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to consider; hence, let’s check them below.

  • The employees’ comfort about the workwear uniform.
  • The durability of the workwear uniforms.
  • The professional look of the workwear uniforms.
  • The right type of fabric by industrial uniform manufacturers,
  • The safety of the workwear uniform.
  • The colour of the uniform.
  • The cost of the uniform.
  • The outfit that matches the company brand.

The benefits of good workwear and embroidery kits

Now that you know why and how workwear impacts an organization. It is important to understand that there are so many benefits to good workwear. If the employees are offered with the right type of workwear, they will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. We will discuss some of the benefits that you need to understand. Good workwear will not only benefit the employees but also the company. If your company is considerate of the workwear, it is possible to enhance the benefits. You can easily improve the image, brand name, safety, and productivity of the business with workwear policy.

However, the ultimate truth is workwear is an investment.

1. Brand awareness and advertising

You already know that your employees are your strength. They are the best asset that you have for your company. By focusing on good workwear, you will be able to advertise your business. It is one of the best methods to advertise without bearing a huge cost and exerting a lot of effort. No matter what, it is your employees who will represent your business. They will be communicating with the customers, the general public, and other businesses. Therefore, you need to portray them as best as possible. They are your brand, so it is important to print your company logo on the dress.

2. Productivity and well-being

If you have given them the best quality workwear, they will know that you care for them. It indicates that you care about their mental and physical health. For example, if the employees are not given workwear uniforms, they are likely to report to the work as they want. This makes everyone wear whatever they want. Thus, it will distract the workers because they will be more focused on what others wear. This is something you should stop. Therefore, workwear is one of the best options to increase the productivity level of your business.

3. Cost-effectiveness

If your business has workwear uniforms, it will be possible to reduce the cost the workers need to bear. If there is a certain outfit for the work, they don’t have to purchase more dresses just to report to work.

Plus, if you produce quality and durable workwear uniforms, you don’t have to bear a high cost. Workwear uniforms by industrial uniform manufacturers can be used for a long time. Therefore, there will not be recurring costs.


That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper workwear uniform, because it is not. It is one of the major factors that you must consider. This is why you must focus on the workwear policy and its importance. Taking the above factors into consideration, you can make a good decision when it comes to your own company’s workwear uniform, by choosing the right industrial uniform supplier in Chennai.

That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper workwear uniform, because it is not. It is one of the major factors that you must consider. This is why you must focus on the workwear policy and its importance. Taking the above factors into consideration, you can make a good decision when it comes to your own company’s workwear uniform, by choosing the right industrial uniform supplier in Chennai.
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