5 Questions To Ask Your Staff Before designing Uniform Sarees

questions to ask your staff before designing uniform sarees

Uniforms are an integral part of any organization. While is it important because it makes the identification of staff easier, it also helps improve brand awareness and identity. Uniforms also bring a sense of oneness among people of an organization. However, most times organizations fail to understand the need for comfort while designing uniforms. It is more than design that it makes right sense to bring comfort to a bigger play for it is your workers who are going to spend the whole day for your firm.


India is a county full of tradition. While there has been the introduction of western office wear quite some time back, some companies to date believe in adhering to our culture and roots by vouching saree as a uniform.


Most Indian women feel good in this outfit as it makes them feel better about themselves and gives enough comfort. So today we will be seeing the top requirements that a company should consider while designing sarees as a uniform for their women staff.

Here are some things you can ask directly from the women employees before creating their uniforms.



You might have a colour code for your company. Often, firms prefer that but it is also nice to have an employee’s opinion for it is they who will wear it.  However, you can agree on both sides and make a list of colours that you would like to go with for the uniforms. Roll out the list and let them vote. The highest votes go to making the colour. When employees’ opinions are valued they appreciate it for some prefer light coloured for aesthetics while the others prefer dark tones so it does not get dirty quickly.



Not all fabrics are good on the skin. While some are really smooth, others can be not so skin-friendly. The problem with not considering the right fabric while creating uniforms is that it can make the employees really uncomfortable. This in turn will hamper their work and their commitment to it. It is essential to handpick the right fabric based on the kind of environment that the employees work. Again, it is always good to get an opinion from the real people. Be in the employees’ shows and understand the need for a comfortable choice of fabric.



A saree by itself is a very simple and elegant piece of garment with no complicated or nill pattern to it. It is one of the great creations of humans as it perfectly can fit with comfort once one gets used to it. However, some companies want their saree uniforms designed uniquely to distinguish it from that of others or make it stand out when compared to their competitors. This can include designer blouses, fabric designs, and so on. On the other hand, some designs may look good but might feel uncomfortable for women and so it is very important to keep in mind things like cultural backgrounds, the pattern of design and so on.



A brand holds its pride in the uniforms of its employees as they have a direct interface with the customers. While uniform as clothing is one part of it, the others include the way they groom and the accessories they wear. Women in general have many accessories to wear. When it comes to a uniform or an office wear, they are limited because one needs to keep it simple to make sure they blend but don’t overshine. You can give your staff what accessories would make them feel comfortable not hindering their work or spoil their uniform. Some of them can be badges, or belts and so on.


The right fit

One major mistake that many companies do while designing uniforms for their staff is that in order to reduce cost and effort, they take in a common measurement and create uniforms in bulk. This often ends up in wastage as every member of the female staff is different. While there need not be individual measurements taken, common measurements with three to four or more variations are appreciated so the women staff can pick the one that best fits them.


These are some of the major points to consider when designing the staff’s saree uniform for women staff. There are many best uniform manufacturers in Chennai who don’t just produce uniforms but also offer suggestions in designing. After all, when in doubt, reach out to the expert.