Sleeveless coat for residential colony staffs in Chennai

RSM Uniforms can offer something really useful for members workings in a closed gated community in Chennai. The sleeveless coat that we offer are made from terry cotton cloth and can be used by various categories of staff working at your residential colony.

The one made here is of navy blue color with a hint of sky blue color on it for staffs of a well known welfare association in Chennai.

The sleeveless coat are available in various colors in plain as well as combination of two colors in collared style. The process of sleeveless coats to be made without collar is going on now and soon we will be launching sleeveless coats without collar that would be even more easy and comfortable to wear.

Both the collared and without collared variety of sleeveless coats will be available with us. For you requriement of sleeveless coats in chennai for your residential colony staffs feel free to get in touch with us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.