Uniformity in Marriages, is it good?

Recently in Chennai, I have been to a marriage and I was surprised to see all the men in the family were wearing same attire (dhoties) looking around I was even more surprised women wearing same saree (red silk saree with golden border). The feel of the scene was amazing as it portrayed uniformity among the family members. Marriages are occasion where female members of the family would like to flaunt their fashion statement with different colors and jewels but seeing all the women in same attire sensed a different feeling.

In Indian marriages it is tough to identify who are the close ones in a family because the preferences and respect offered to far cousins and relatives distinguishing them is not possible. A same attire scenario makes It clear that they are the family members and that’s the reason there is a different shine or pride or happiness on the face.

Isn’t the above paragraph too bollywoodish? But, my recent visit to other marriages were also showcasing the same scene, with men in black coat and women in lehanga cholis but different patterns. Uniformity attracts me and so does the masses. Try it on the latest occasion at your place. Will you?