RSM UNIFORM at Chennai are a manufacturer of high quality staff uniforms for people working in the hospitality, corporate, beauty and healthcare industries and our product range is ever-changing to ensure that we reflect the latest fashions of the modern workplace.

What sets us apart from the competition is our extensive range of colour shades that work with every conceivable brand image and corporate identity. All our clothes are perfect for print or embroidery personalisation.

RSM uniform at Chennai dealt with Anjo water expert firm and supplied them a formal Uniform blue shirt for their employees . The fabric used is pure cotton and the brand name is printed on the right, just above the pocket.This stylish uniform creates exactly the right impression on their customers.We are eager to hear from you and ready to do any kind of custom design,contact us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM uniform at Chennai products are traditionally recognized for its excellence in quality, product range, service & reliability.We manufacture all type of Clothing, Apparel , Garments, ranging from fashion styles to basic designs.We follow all fixed standards,hence our products are highly durable .

This is an housekeeping overcoat supplied to Udayam supermarkets in Chennai . It is a sleeveless overcoat with yellow colour piping and the brand logo is embroidered on right.The fabric used is poly cotton which is comfortable to wear and requires no maintenance.

We have vertical setup facilities and well experienced associates to design and produce our products in high quality international standard as per the customer requirement and expectations.We work hard to satisfy our customer needs.To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM uniform is a Chennai-based company tailor with a resourceful approach.We supply you with a high-end corporate uniform collection which reflects your company’s brand identity. Whether you require a fully customized clothing line or stock options, we suit your every need.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers.100 percent of our custom manufacturing is done in Chennai.At the core of our design process is employee satisfaction, with comfort and functionality as key focal points.

RSM uniform have supplied a v neck Housekeeping overcoat in bright orange colour with contrast purple piping, brand logo and courteous tag line is embroidered efficiently in purple colour to the Shah’s supermarket chain based in Chennai .

We strive to create a well-balanced collection that’s made with passion and designed to be used and loved. To have a trouble free and efficient supply chain please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM uniform at Chennai, supplies staff uniforms and business wear that is tailored to meet your unique and individual needs. We ensure that we strive for continuous improvement and emphasize our ethos of being a customer-focused organisation.

Because, RSM uniform uses multiple supply sources, we can offer a wide range of clothing that you can try. To view our product range and get a close-up look at the quality fabrics and textiles we use to produce the perfect corporate clothing for you and your business, please check our website

The photograph is of a polo t-shirt with contrast white piping on collar and sleeves, logo of the Janet Nursing Home hospital printed on the pocket in bright yellow colour. The fabric of the t-shirt is cotton which is comfortable to wear , maintenance free, and durable. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


With fabric manufactured for every area of life, RSM uniform at Chennai offers durable, heavy-duty fabrics that are both comfortable and functional for a range of applications. We provide tough industrial uniforms for the manufacturing plant, professional or security uniforms for guards, police or first responders, and workwear for the hospitality/restaurant industry. We also offer retail uniforms for hard-working consumers in the construction, industrial and manufacturing industries.

The Housekeeping overcoat Uniform in the image is made with

# specialized blend of polyester and cotton fibres for greater tensile strength, durability and extended lifetime

# Built-in soil and stain release technology

# Custom finishes for wrinkle resistance and easy care.

For hiqh quality Uniform with the open window of customisation,call RSM uniform at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM uniform at Chennai is one of the leading manufacturers of workwear, chef wear and medical wear with uncompromising functionality, reliability and affordability.We are an expert at what we do. We are a skilled manufacturer with fabric and garment expertise. We are also a specialist when it comes to supplying garments that are able to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering. Only when a garment exceeds the expectations of our customers, we can be satisfied.

You can see a v neck sleeveless green colour house keeping overcoat with adjustable belt , white colour piping on armholes and logo embedded in contrast yellow colour supplied by RSM uniform to one of our contented customer Rahman supermarket chain in Chennai.

We are open for any customisation , for any query and to place order please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

How Do Uniforms Make A Mark On Society?

How Do Uniforms Make A Mark On Society

There has been a constant debate over the years about if uniforms really matter and how they impact society. Especially, in the school space or at educational institutions, there have been conversations surrounding how it is important, if at all, and what impact it has on the children. There have been many studies around it. 

One school of thought is that it is conformist, while the other is that it could potentially be a unifier. Let us take school uniforms, for instance, it will not allow different students to portray their style; while on the other hand, it will enable children of all economic backgrounds to look alike, making them more similar than different.   

This is of course not only limited to school, but this is also the scenario for all kinds of spaces that need discipline. Uniforms provide that sense of discipline. They serve as something that sets out people from the crowd. In the sense that in a crowd, you always know someone with a uniform and the institution gives society a sense of comfort. For instance, imagine a person in an army or police uniform in the middle of a riot, or, a doctor or nurse uniform when you are unwell. They reinforce your sense of comfort.    

Uniforms increase a sense of comrade amongst the people that wear the uniform. It creates a sense of belonging for the people that belong to the institute that they work in. This can increase a sense of team. It brings people together with the badge they wear. Wearing uniforms within the society with a company logo on it also helps customers recognize the brand and the business and the people working there, instantly. A sense of loyalty to the organization and the peers within an organization increases with the help of uniforms. They provide a unique, yet united identity for the people who work with the organization. 

Uniforms have been in the market ever since the Roman Empire and it still holds importance. There are multiple types of uniforms for different types of teams, for instance, there are school uniforms, hotel management uniforms, medical uniforms, security uniforms, workwear uniforms and more.  There are a host of organizations that are workwear manufacturers and school uniform fabric manufacturers that apart from providing uniforms also provide many employment opportunities within the industry. Also, work uniforms carry a number of other benefits such as branding, regulation management, sanitation and many more. Uniforms do have a significant impact on your business. Needless to say, that directly improves both the economic health of the family and the health of the society at large.  

All of this said, there is a downside to having uniforms that can surface in dire times. They give people a sense of ‘us vs. them’. This leads sometimes to a rivalry that may not be effective for the situation. It also gives a sense of alienation from the rest of the crowd. People in uniforms could sometimes think they are the experts in the field and therefore ought not to be questioned or challenged. This, obviously, leads to conflict situations sometimes. Many experts also argue that school uniforms could take away the freedom of expression and burden parents with additional cost. However, the greater emphasis is on the performance and behavior of the students, which does not have a direct association with the uniforms. While wearing a uniform can promote the feeling of equality and improves team building and overall satisfaction. 

There is also a sense of lack of individuality that uniforms bring into society. If they have to conform, they leave their individual identity behind. This means they conform to the idea of the institution and leave their personal identity behind.  

Whether you go to school or work, a uniform is an important piece of your wardrobe. It sets you, your employees, or your students apart from other organizations/schools. We at RSM Chennai Uniforms believe uniforms are important and it has a significant impact on our society. Being the leading uniform manufacturer and distributor in Chennai for more than 2 decades we have seen uniform creates a sense of responsibility among the wearer to do their job well. To give your hotel, business or school a decent, professional and cohesive look, rely on RSM Chennai Uniforms. We can provide uniforms that you can take pride in! Call us now for your next order!

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