A Guide To Maximizing Comfort In Hotel Staff Uniforms

A Guide To Maximizing Comfort In Hotel Staff Uniforms

When you picture modern hotel uniforms, there’s always that unmistakable aura of warmth and hospitality around them. It’s not enough if it just seems that way, however. If you want your staff to seem approachable indeed, they have to feel comfortable on the inside too! Hotel staff costumes come in all stitches and sizes, so comfort is all the more essential. Your staff are the face of your establishment, so this is not something in which you can afford to cut costs! Before we get into the specifics of comfort in hospitality sector uniforms, let’s get a better understanding of the particulars in staff uniform design.

Under The Lens: Hotel Management Uniforms

Nowadays, uniforms for hospitality staff are either outsourced, ordered in bulk, or even both. Based on the specifications, the orders are customised. When it comes to the particulars, staff uniforms are categorised based on a few key factors:

Type: Waiter uniform, concierge uniform, hotel receptionist uniforms, etc.

Branding: The relative positioning of the logo and branding elements.

Design: The cut of the fabric, the durability and other physical aspects of the uniforms.

Palette: The overall colour palette of the uniforms with the branding and tone of the establishment.

It’s a case of many small things coming together to make one big picture. Understandable, then, that if even one element in this milieu is out of place, it could spoil everything! The comfort aspect of modern hotel uniforms has come to occupy paramount importance in this sector. Therefore, business owners in the field prefer to go with custom uniform tailors for their hotel staff uniforms.

Cost & Comfort

The benefits that come with opting for a custom tailor for your hotel uniforms are evident. For the most part, you can:

– Exercise control over the order size, especially in bulk

– Avail a higher standard of quality assurance on the uniforms

– Unlock more customisation options, down to the intricate details

– Gear your uniforms with the perfect balance of finesse and comfort. 

Take a look at that last point. That point is the real game-changer for modern hotel uniforms. Being able to make your uniforms feel like they are a premium fit for your staff is key to letting them be at their productive best. How do custom uniform suppliers guarantee this higher standard of comfort? Let’s find out. 

No compromises. Custom manufacturers don’t cut corners on the quality and cut of the fabric. Since the order quantity itself is custom-made, the manufacturers can take their time and select the best material for durability as well as comfort. 

Cost optimisation. Custom manufacturers work with the budget you set apart for them. Therefore, you can work around the specifics regarding the comfort of the uniforms, even taking factors like breathability into account. 

Attention to detail. Need a custom-made hotel receptionist uniform made? Don’t worry; custom uniform suppliers have you covered on that front! This benefit is especially vital to the hospitality sector’s functioning because it isn’t a one-size (or shape) fits-all arena. This attention, in turn, lets the manufacturer focus more on the comfort factor of the uniforms designed. 

Now that we’ve covered how custom uniform designers design modern hotel uniforms let’s shift our attention to the comfort of hotel uniforms in earnest.

Maximum Comfort And Hospitality

How can you tweak the design aspects of your hotel staff uniforms to guarantee as much comfort as possible? Here are a few pointers to get you started in that regard.

– Choose a fabric that is lightweight and wash-resistant. A premium feel won’t mean anything if your staff employees are huffing and puffing.

– Go for accessible accessorisation. For instance, if you’re designing hotel receptionist uniforms, you should focus on placing ample pockets for carrying stationery, keys and other vital items.

– Opt for stain-resistance. In the hospitality industry, stains and wear and tear on modern hotel uniforms are a fact of life. Nobody likes ordering multiple replacements for the same uniform, so make sure they can withstand wear and tear!

– Custom fits are your best friend. If you have the option of tailoring your hotel staff uniforms based on individual fittings, there’s nothing quite like it. You can guarantee every staff member’s comfort with this, and custom uniform makers give you that same option!

The Power Of Custom Comfort

If you’re in the market for modern hotel uniforms, a custom uniform supplier is your best bet. Their quality guarantee and attention to detail go a long way in guaranteeing premium comfort to your hotel staff members.

Get in touch with us at RSM today to get started on this endeavour!

11 Trendy Sleeveless Uniform Outfits To Make Your Style

Everybody wishes to be glamorous and classy. Isn’t it? Trying new trendy outfits provides an opportunity to try something new and explore. It is significant for people as it helps them celebrate their individuality. Even at the workplace, having uniformity and trying something new with outfits keeps the employees productive and more focused. The uniform carries the logo of the company as well as dignity. People are always ready to keep up with the current trends, crazes and be prepared for whatever life throws at them. We all like being updated and flaunt our personalities with different styles and stand separate from the crowd. Science says the clothes we wear affect our personality, self-esteem, and confidence. It is imperative to have a piece of knowledge about the ongoing buzz and the trends and ensure we stand united when it comes to the workplace as uniforms reflect the company image, brand image, and position. It is a sign of their unity and culture and creates a sense of equality and belonging. 

Let us look at the 11 trendy Sleeveless uniform outfits to make your style: 

Solid lightweight waistcoat

For preppy styling, women can try out the sleeveless waistcoat with trousers or skirts. A waistcoat over a shirt gives a super cool and trendy look. This has increasingly become popular over the years, predominantly black sleeveless waistcoat. Gives a fashion sense and a great look and feel. Mismatching your waistcoat with trousers also sounds excellent. There is a variety of waistcoats under the category of sleeveless coats for women. This adds to the formality and adds up to the look. The receptionists can wear it, other staff members as well. 

Open front sleeveless blazer

Some of the jackets have an open- front notched lapel, sleeveless with two mock zip pockets, which is in trend among businesswomen. This is also one among the category of sleeveless coats for women. 

Sleeveless reversible shrug/jacket /waistcoat

Under this category of waistcoats, the rayon one is popular among women. Shrugs are found most trendy and comfortable among women. There is a wide variety among shrugs, waistcoats. The collection is also vast, and the price is also reasonable. It can be paired with Indian, western, or fusion outfits, and you are ready for an outing. It is usually used in restaurants, dhaba’s where the staff wears the authentic outfit. 

Ladies double-breasted tunic

This is a complete comfort during working, and many organizations use this for their women staff. 

V- necked jacket for women

It is comfortable, simple as well as fashionable. It can be paired with leggings, casual pants. It is suitable for casual, office, or daily wear. It is a simple style that enables you to show your charm. Popular among the sleeveless coat for women. Most suitable for the office wear for the high-level employees to ensure uniformity. 

Semi-sheer sleeveless longline ethnic jacket

This can be paired with palazzo, leggings, jeans. Different accessories can be tried to enhance the look of the outfit. 

Sleeveless medieval vest long trench overcoat

They are comfier, lighter, and fashionable outfit or uniform. It is usually worn over the outer clothes in cold weather. There is a variety among the sleeveless trench coat among men.

Long double-breasted trench coat 

Found in different colours and variety. It can be paired with raw denim jeans. It adds to the layer, fabric and gives a modern approach as it drapes nicely. Gives a casual and relaxed feeling. There is a variety in the women’s section as well for sleeveless trench coats.

Housekeeping uniforms are available in various styles of assortments. It includes pants, aprons, gloves, dresses, etc. The employees feel like a “one unit” and is a sense of pride and united feeling. 

Sleeveless housekeeping tunics and shirts

The housekeeping staff must wear uniforms that look good and represents the organization and the brand image. There are a variety of housekeeping uniforms. It is perfect for catering, housekeeping, beauty spas, and the medical environment. 

Housekeeping vests

To ensure perfect fit and size, it has adjustable vest ties. It is comfortable and has a flawless look for style and uniformity. Designed for all housekeeping environments, these vests add a touch to the class.

Housekeeping aprons

They are pretty handy and easy to use during housekeeping work. There is a variety under this category of housekeeping sleeveless coats. There are three pockets which are waist-rounded apron. Available in different colours to suit every establishment, hospitality industry, especially the straight-line aprons with durable material, pockets to keep the writing instruments, check books, etc. 

The importance of uniform dressing is evident as it sets the bar and the company’s image as well. Trying new stylish outfits keeping uniformity in mind, is good. It enhances brand awareness, and recognition as the customers remember your brand when trying something new and modern. It is a way through which your professionalism and first impression are maintained. 

The Importance of Lab Coats in Healthcare: A Symbol Of Professionalism

importance of lab coats in healthcare industry

Healthcare system is the most important of all as it defines the health of the whole nation. Doctors and medical staff have always been on toes no matter what the problem is. While they strive to work hard and make sure there are least or no casualties, one has to understand the sacrifice and the hard work they put in to make it happen. One of the primary reasons why doctors stay fit and fine while treating their patience is the kind of protection they take.

In ancient times it was only scientists who wore lab coats to prevent them from getting in contact with any harsh or harmful chemicals. Also once doctors took it over to consider wearing lab coats, then it was not white. Back then it was black that gave away the idea of their profession being serious and extremely professional. On the other hand it also helped them keep away from stains and contaminants.

It was the American Medical Association that decided to bring about a change in the choice of colour for a doctor’s coat and thus it became white. The reasons being it gave out a clean, calm and sterile look. It was crsp and looked pleasing and appealing.

It is essential for them to also stay put. Else, they will not be in a position to treat patients. There are various types of equipment and safety measures that a doctor takes to keep them away from contacting any bacteria. Of them, the most prominent is a lab coat. Besides the fact that it helps protect from germs, it is also a symbol of professionalism. Previously it was only a scientist as a professional who would wear a lab coat.

Why is wearing a labcoat important for the doctors?

Identification Purpose

A lab coat makes it easier for one to identify the doctor. Hospital is a place crowded with many professionals, staff, attenders and other helping staff. Along with them are many visitors and patients too. One of the primary reasons why doctors wear lab coats is for easy identification purposes. When there is a lot of crowd, the lab coat makes it easier for the patient to identify the doctor in case of emergency.

Essential for quick carry

A doctor has to have a few things handy. Of that, they also have to keep their hands free to tend to the patients. The large and easy-to-access pockets make it an excellent option to carry the stethoscope and other petty items that they might seem necessary.

Protects from infections

Doctors need to be healthy and safe before they treat their patients. It often involves being in close contact with the patient while treating them. For this, a lab coat acts as a barrier from getting infected by any bacteria that might get transmitted from the patients.

Protects clothing

Lab coats act as a shield and protects the clothing that doctors wear. A good lab coat is to an extent fire resistant. The composition of the various materials used to make this fabric makes sure one is protected from chemicals. It also protects the wearer from any harsh substances.

Protects patients from contamination

It is not just the patients who might be infected. When doctors treat multiple patients, there is a possibility of them carrying the germs too. A lab coat acts as a barrier in such cases. Even if the coat is in contact with any bacteria, it further prevents the bacteria from spreading as it has the ability to contain it.


Lab coats are comfortable and easy to wear. Their measurements are such that it makes one feel comfortable and do work without any complications. The long sleeves, loose-fitting makes it a perfect choice for the doctors to choose over having to stay in casual clothes the whole day.


A good lab coat gives a sense of pride and confidence to the doctor wearing it. Doctors are considered life savers and wearing it proudly on their sleeve makes them more enthusiastic. Also, a lab coat gives a professional look to the doctors and makes people believe in their practice.

There are various reasons why a doctor chooses to wear a lab coat. It is important to wear a lab coat for the doctors and everyone in the hospital to stay safe, clean and healthy.

How To Keep Workers In Gas and Oil Mines Safer?

Having the right protective workwear for mining is crucial to staying safe, but it’s also essential to know how to use it properly. (With the TMI tagline: “Meeting the protective needs of workers around the world”) If you’re working in a gas or oil mine, you’re very aware of the hazards. These dangerous jobs put workers at risk for a number of safety concerns, from falling through the ground to poisonous gases to explosions. Some mining companies have gone above and beyond to keep workers safe. In fact, since 2012, the gas and oil mining industry has experienced an average of only 0.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers. This was a vast improvement from the early 1990s when there were more than 20 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

So, RSM is here to answer your questions on keeping your miners, contractors, and crews safe—and productive—in the field.

Body coat uniform

The orange or navy blue coloured overalls are the ones that most oil and gas mineworkers were to protect themselves and keep themselves safer. They need to be flame and fire-resistant, withstand the high-temperature pressure, durable, and completely resistant to tear.    

These Coveralls for men and women are the primary essential on the kitty when it comes to uniforms for gas and oil mine workers. 

Face masks and PPE

Well, facemasks are essential for the gas and oil mine workers. Given the times, it is indispensable that even common men use the masks to safeguard themselves, and that is yet another story. 

Gas and oil mine workers work in places where there is oxygen deficiency, and this makes it necessary that they are supported with PPE to protect their respiratory system. 

These air-purifying cartridges must be made use of to equip themselves with sufficient oxygen while working. The workers must also be thoroughly trained to operate it and use it to the best of their safety. 

Eye and head protection

Head and eye protection must be ensured by providing efficient headgear. This headgear needs to have a hard surface to protect the upper hear and back of the head. It should also have the proper coverage in the front to cover and protects the eyes and face region. 

General tips which help to keep workers in Gas and Oil Mines safer:

1. Provide Gas and Oil workers with masks with hoses to protect them from gas and oil fumes 

 2. Provide workers with high-quality safety boots to keep them safe from on-the-job injuries

 3. Provide workers with protective gloves to keep their hands safe from on-the-job injuries

 4. Maintain a clear working space at all times. A cluttered environment causes unwanted stress and accidents. 

5. Wear protective headgear. This is essential workwear protective clothing while working with heavy machinery. 

6. Maintain eye protection. The eyes being the most sensitive part of the eye, needs to be protected with the utmost protection. 

7. In order to figure out things quickly at the place, use colour-coding and include specific tools and equipment to work with. 

8. In-vehicle monitoring systems are of utmost importance when it comes to monitoring the driving behaviours of the workers in the oil and gas industries. 

9. Regularly check if the pieces of machinery are in good working order and all the facilities are functioning without faulties in them. 

10. Conduct safety programs to educate the employees about safety standards that they need to follow for their well being. 

Colour-code materials in the workplace make them more accessible and quicker to find, including specific tools and equipment.

If you’re a  safety wear supplier, It is indispensable to keep in mind the above. Working in gas and oil mines is strenuous, and it is important to design protective workwear uniforms that make the workplace safer for the employees. This, in turn, puts them at ease and allows them to work effectively without having to worry consistently about their safety. 

T-shirt Printing In Chennai: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

t-shirt printing in chennai rookie mistakes to avoid

T-shirt printing in Chennai rookie mistakes to avoid

T-shirts have become the most preferred casual dress codes across many corporate firms. With the rigid dress code of formals over the weekdays, they prefer wearing something lite to keep the ambience and the work environment subtle over the weekend days like Fridays or Saturdays. Another essential use of t-shirts is in outings and work gatherings. T-shirts are preferred while doing an office outing. However, they restrict it to be the same for all to make sure their lot stays put in a public space and when travelling for a long distance. 

There are several corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai.

Over some time, they have developed smart techniques to make t-shirts. Corporates expect that the t-shirts are not plain but then have a design of their choice printed on it. This is mainly because they want their firm’s identity to be on it. This can either be printed or embroidered or can also be an embossed design. 

Frequently there might be miscommunication or misinterpretation of the requirements and so corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai have come out with a better and robust method to manufacture such dress code t-shirts. Here are a few things that can be done they say to avoid mistakes while printing t-shirts.

A clear understanding of requirements

The foremost important thing to do before producing t-shirts is to get a clear picture of the client’s needs. More often, it so happens that an orally communicated information does not get interpreted the right way. This can lead to substantial financial stress of the whole produced output go wrong due to incorrect incorporation information. For this, corporate manufacturers in Chennai suggest a physical or most preferably, a virtual copy of the requirements and other information has to be shared to the wholesale t-shirt producer from the buyer.

Production of a sample

Corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai stress on the point of producing samples first. This is extremely important to avoid any other mistakes while printing. A sample t-shirt can be printed and be sent across to the buyer. Further production should start only after getting a sign-off from them on the sample sent.

Big fat NO to low-quality fabric

Low-quality fabric often tends to tear and wear down quickly. Most companies opt for a t-shirt only to give their employees a memory of a particular event. In such cases, using a good quality can make the t-shirt last longer, and this will also make sure to earn your brand a right name and reputation.

Intricate designs

Complex designs can often hamper the whole purpose behind producing at-shirt. It is not only costly but is also challenging to create a print for. On the other hand, simple designs look elegant and simple to produce. If a company demands intricate designs, the t-shirt manufacturer should take a stand and suggest better and simpler designs unless it is exceptionally particular and necessary.

Several choices of colours

If a corporate firm comes to a manufacturer for bulk order, having options in colours is fair and makes sense. On the other hand, if someone orders for a smaller quantity say 50 or 60, having many colours is not economical. This can also lead to wastage of resources.

Producing in one size – One major mistake done by many t-shirt manufacturers is that they often tend to have one size or free-size for all the number of pieces ordered. This often upsets the buyer or the wearer. Not all sizes fit everyone, and by producing so, one is only generating more waste than creating something useful.

Low image quality and fonts

Another mistake done by some manufacturers is not paying attention to detailing. This includes the kind of fonts used, the quality of images and the choice of colours. Understanding the colours is very important while printing a tee shirt. If there are images with the low resolution, it is advisable to request them for high-resolution pictures.


These are some of the significant points to consider while producing tee shirts for corporates.


What is the minimum number of t-shirts that I can order from a corporate t-shirt manufacturer in Chennai?

Ordering a minimal number of t-shirts can be financially and economically, a wrong choice. To know the minimum number of t-shirts to order, reach out to us. We will understand your requirement and suggest accordingly.


Can I get the t-shirts in a custom design?

Yes, we do provide custom design t-shirts. To know further about how the process works, reach out to us with your design and requirement.


What is the minimum cost of producing a t-shirt?

Producing a good quality t-shirt involves cost as the materials is sourced from the best places. To know per piece price, reach out to us so we can send across a quotation to you.

T-shirt for Spices store in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Are you looking out for uniforms T shirts for your store staffs?

We at RSM uniforms have many variety of uniform T shirt available with us and we can cater your uniform T shirt requirement confidently without much hassle and can also make customized orders for your color and design.

For your requirement of uniform T shirts please feel free to call us now we are happy to help you with the complete variety of different T shirts that we have at our store.

Customised T-shirts for Restaurants in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Rsm uniforms is located in Parrys Godown street. We have different ranges of polo T shirts available with us. The T shirts that we make comes in different blends of cotton rich to 100 percent cotton fabric and comes in different colors and styles suitable to your budget.

This one is made for a restaurant in Chennai named Marhaba Tasty town and the quality chosen is Promo Tee with embroidery done in white.

Uniforms for best juice shop in Chennai from RSM Uniforms – Juice Pump

Uniform for Juice store in Chennai

Black with orange piping on the pocket and the sleeve is the best combination of uniforms ever.

Combined with the embroidery in front and back and also to define uniqueness of the uniform to the wearer the embroidery of the employee code is done on the sleeves as well.

For your requirement of uniforms in different style and combinations feel free to call us and we would be happy to help you with your uniform query.

Looking for uniforms for your housing society ? – Contact RSM Uniforms Chennai

Housekeeping overcoats is the best option for your housekeeping staff who doesnt want to change their attire and still want to look professional and work towards a common goal. If you are looking out for housekeeping uniforms for your support staff in your society we at RSM Uniforms have lot of options available with us to fulfill your overcoat need.

You can check out the other colors of overcoats that are readily available at RSM Uniforms below :

Lab Coat

RSM Uniforms is a one stop solution if you are looking out for uniforms for your facility mangement staffs. Think about quality think RSM, Think about availability think RSM, Think about affordability Think RSM Uniforms. We are striving to become the best uniform store in Chennai.

How to quickly make your brand look special by trying our uniforms

Rsm uniforms made this 100 % Cotton super comfortable T shirt for a famous personality coach associated with IPL team. We will not be able to disclose much information about this but the T shirt brand is Fastees and the color chosen was white, black and sky blue. The brand logo was embroidered on the T shirt.
This way we made the brand look special instantly with rich quality T shirts along with the branding done with good quality machine embroidery. If you are looking out for a similar option for your company to stand out from the crowd feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you.
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