School Uniforms

Since 1985, RSM Uniform has supplied to the demands of more than 100 schools in and around Chennai. We have presented a vivid collection of designs, patterns and textures, so as to meet the necessities of all schools in Chennai. We guarantee that our school uniforms are made of comfortable fabric that is easy to maintain.

RSM Uniforms knows the significance of good quality uniform for a child who wears it daily for almost 12 hours. We keep in mind various factors as child’s health and skin in mind while selecting its fabric. We ensure that we employ blend of  cotton in crafting our uniforms to avoid any kind of rashes and skin allergies to the child. RSM Uniforms adapts its uniform skillfully to ensure that children are relaxed and at ease the entire day.

The following are the fabric that RSM Uniforms manufactures for the category of School Uniforms in Chennai :

1. Shirting – Raymond Cotton – Plain, Stripes, Checks – Blend – Poly/Viscose, Poly/Cotton and 100 % Cotton and Polyester.

2. Suiting – Trovin – 2/30 count 15 singles, 2/30 x 2/30 count – Piece dyed and Yarn Dyed

3. Spun – Polyester Viscose blend

4. Brand – RSM Uniforms, Valji, Ambassador, Denmark, Mafatlal, S.Kumar’s, Armeelon, Wocky Tocky

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