Sleeveless coat for residential colony staffs in Chennai

RSM Uniforms can offer something really useful for members workings in a closed gated community in Chennai. The sleeveless coat that we offer are made from terry cotton cloth and can be used by various categories of staff working at your residential colony.

The one made here is of navy blue color with a hint of sky blue color on it for staffs of a well known welfare association in Chennai.

The sleeveless coat are available in various colors in plain as well as combination of two colors in collared style. The process of sleeveless coats to be made without collar is going on now and soon we will be launching sleeveless coats without collar that would be even more easy and comfortable to wear.

Both the collared and without collared variety of sleeveless coats will be available with us. For you requriement of sleeveless coats in chennai for your residential colony staffs feel free to get in touch with us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.



Uniform overcoat for sweet store in Vellore

RSM Uniforms stocks up uniform overcoats in various colors and sizes at their store in godown street chennai. The overcoats are made up of terry cotton material or trovin material and is thick in nature. The more you wash the trovin fabric the more softer it becomes after few washes. The violet color coat mentioned here is for a sweet store in vellore named Sri Ananda chettiar mithai kadai.

The order was placed over whatsapp and the overcoat with logo embroidery done was couriered to them via ST Courier. We generally use ST Courier for the fast service within Tamilnadu. It is comparatively cheaper to its competitor like professional courier.

We are just a message away. Message us now and get the right uniforms delivered by us.

Black apron suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms stock black color aprons that can be used in Kitchen and for various other purposes. These Aprons are full and come in common size which can suit any body stature. The material used is poly viscose and terry cotton that is long lasting and is easy to maintain. The Apron displayed here is used for a company named makazai and has a big print done on it.

This requirement of black apron came to us with a challenge of fulfilling the order within a days time. No matter what the customer wanted the apron with the print within a day. Initially customer was little apprehensive if we could do this for them as there were two challenges involved one was of time where it was to be delivered in a days time and second was a complicated print of such a big size which there were not sure that we would achieve.

The order was confirmed somehow after repeated followups and understanding the requirement and placement of print. The aprons were ready with the print in a days time and the same was delivered to them via lynk delivery app. The entire process was completed way ahead of time and the print that was done was also bang on according to the expectations of the customer. The customer was surprised and was happy that they took the right decision on placing the order with RSM Uniforms.

If you have any such requirement and are willing to spend little more bucks than normal for urgent cases we can try giving some solution to you. Please call us or whats app us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.

Catering college uniforms in Chennai

Uniform for hotel management college in Chennai

We at RSM uniforms can create a package if you are looking for uniforms for your catering college.

The catering college uniform may include a scrub for practical exam which is unisex, a chef coat in white color for students doing practical sessions, a sleeveless overcoat for not so casual occasions where uniformity matters but in a little casual way while attending everyday sessions, a crisp white t shirt for weekly once wear, an overcoat while you access the labs for your safety and a formal black blazer for your D day while you are attending an interview.

All these are available in different sizes to suit your needs and the brand logo of your catering college can be embroidered to the uniform.

For your requirement of uniforms please feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be more than happy to help you.

Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Different kind of overcoats white full sleeves like a doctor coat and sleeveless plain navy blue coat were made for Jasmine beauty school in Rajahmundry.

The beauty school approached us for overcoats and customized aprons for the staffs and students and we did the best of our job to deliver them doctor coats of full length, sleeveless coats for their housekeeping staffs and customized full aprons with a combo of black and pink border for their working staff at the school.

The delivery of the parcel was done via SRMT transport as that was very feasible and cost friendly.

Customized doctor coat with pink hint on the collar, waist coats for the reception staff, white lab coats for the students where the other things delivered to them.

There were two logos given to us one for the school and another for the clinic and we had to understand each requirements minutely before proceeding with the logo embroidery on the garment.

There are times when the understanding of requirement becomes a challenge due to lack of communication so we make sure we double check or tripel check before making the embroidery on the garment and also in understanding the requirement of uniforms from the customer.

Be assured on the goods that RSM Uniforms will deliver you as we do things with passion and commitment. If your business flourishes by wearing our uniforms we would be the most happiest entity in knowing this.

Tamilnadu government uniform material

Tamilnadu government uniform suppliers in Chennai – Valji

Tamilnadu government uniform suppliers in Chennai – Valji – Are you in need of tamilnadu government uniform material . We at RSM Uniforms are leading suppliers of Valji uniform material.







Uniform T shirt and shirt for fire solution company in Chennai

RSM Uniform is a one stop shop for all kind of uniforms that one may require in Chennai. The store is located in Godown street and operates only from one location.

The top reason that one can associate with us is the service that we offer along with good quality keeping in mind the price which in one of the most important phenomenon for bulk uniform in Chennai.

The uniforms that we store at our location are in various sizes and color options and we also have in house embroidery machine with us to give you the best of the logo embroidery output.

This is the third time we are delivering uniforms to Safe tech fire solutions in Chennai. We had shown various options of ready made shirt that we have in stock and once a color and quality was chosen we delivered one shirt with the sample logo done.  The T shirt chosen was Fastees in royal blue color which is 100 % Cotton and is suitable for all level of employees in an organization from the top ceo to the peon anyone can wear this rich quality T shirt which is durable and long lasting.

The orders are placed to us via purchase order formally or informally through whats app on our number 9176634635 and we take the order taken an advance of 50% and process the order and deliver the goods as soon as possible.

The moment the order is placed we make sure that no time is wasted to start the process and moving the order from one process to another.

The only thing that keep us going in the market is the best service that we offer. For your requiremtent of uniforms feel free to get in touch with us and we would be glad to help you.


Uniforms for Render Skin & Hair in heart of the city

For those of you who do not know where Render Skin and Hair clinic is we will tell you its right opposite to the famous Egmore museum just from the bridge you take you can find it right opposite the museum located in Egmore.

Both Render Skin and Hair and Chosen have been our regular customers for their staff uniforms. The uniforms displayed here is for the staff working in the office. The material used is good quality spun, its half sleeves and the color is navy blue with one pocket on the chest and the name embroidered on the chest.

There are more than 120 colors of spun cloth variety available with us. The one shown here is the shirt in half sleeves that we stock up at our store however if your requirement is of 20 pcs and more make sure to check the other colors of spun from our chart and take a better decision of color and combination required for your brand.

Check what more we can offer you by calling us now at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.



Scrub suit suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms sells scrubs in different colors and sizes at its store in godown street Chennai. The scrubs are made from good quality spun material which is a blend of polyester and cotton and comes in various colors which can be customized according to the requirement by the customer provided the minimum quantity of scrubs is 50 pcs.

The turnaround time to make these scrubs is 20 to 25 days based on the quantity required. The scrubs are the best choice for the doctors during the pandemic as its soft and comfortable to wear also the maintenance of the uniforms takes less time than usual.

The scrubs are made both in round neck as well as V neck to suit your needs. Give a call when you are in need of scrubs in Chennai at 9176634635.

Indian oil petrol pump T shirt suppliers in India

Indian oil T shirt suppliers
Indian oil uniform – Orange with beige combo T shirt with front and back logo print

Rsm uniforms have stock of new Indian oil uniform T shirt at their store.

These uniforms are made in a combo of orange background and beige color combo on sleeves and collar and button placket.

For your requirement of Indian oil uniform T shirt please feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Super market uniforms for gents and ladies

RSM uniforms stocks up uniform sleeveless coat and t shirt in similar colours that can be used both by gents and ladies staff working at super markets.

For ladies we stock up sleeveless coat which can be worn over any attire and for gents we have different blends of t shirts available in solid colours based on your needs.

We are experts in doing brand logo embroidery so be very sure on the final result of the logo on the garment.

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM uniforms.

The expertise your brand need

Hotel uniform shirt for waiters in Chennai

Hotel uniform shirts can be supplied by RSM uniforms based on your requirement.

We do not stock up hotel uniform shirts but can manufacture based on your needs with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

This particular shirt is made for hotel named Gowrishankar in Chennai and has a combo of peach color shirt with golden mustard color cuff, shirt Patti and is Chinese collared with the brand logo embroidered.

Rsm uniforms – A brand of Rahul synthetic mills in Chennai

Service industry uniform manufacturers in Chennai

Formal white shirt with embroidery

Service industry uniforms are mostly seen in hotel industry and we at RSM Uniforms stock up Chef coats, Aprons, Tie, Catering uniforms and all kind of uniforms that can be suitable to a person working in service industry.

We customize uniforms according to your requirement if you have ample time with you. One such uniform we made was for Ramakrishna lunch home in Chennai which is located in parrys.

We manufactured white shirt in polyester viscose blend keeping the budget in mind and added the companies logo in front as well as back in local language so that people get associated with it easily and understand the message and take decision accordingly.

Your personality is defined by the attire you wear so based on the industry you work in make sure you get the right attire made only at RSM Uniforms.

We would be happy to help you.

Reflective tape suppliers in Chennai

Reflective tape in different colors and sizes
Reflective tape supplier in Chennai

1.Code RS -50 High Luster Reflective Tape …Terry cotton backing as per EN471 certified for 50 wash
2.Code RS-30 High Reflective Tape – Terry cotton backing.
3.Code RS-10 Ordinary Reflective Tape- Terry cotton backing. 1 roll = 100 meters.
4.Code RS-05 Ordinary Polyester Defective Tape – Polyester backing .1 roll = 200 meters.
5.Microprismatic tape- Green,Orange,White or many colours available.1 roll= 50 meters
6.Green trim or orange trim 1 roll= 100 meters

Reflective piping 1 roll= 100 meters
8.Flame Retardant Tape .

For your requirement of reflective tapes in Chennai please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Full sleeve lab coat manufacturers in Chennai

We at RSM Uniforms are renownked suppliers of full

Full sleebe lab coat suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms in Chennai located in hub of textile market Godown street in parrys is a well known supplier of ready made uniforms in Chennai for different industries. We stock up goods in different patterns, colors and material and sell it on wholesale basis from our store located in Parrys.

We do not have any other branches in Chennai. The full sleeve lab coat that we stock up is made from good quality terry cotton material and is available in milky white color only.

The brand logo can either be embroidered if the quantity is less as we have our own in house embroidery machine or if you are particular about print we can also do print at a nominal cost depending on the quantity of pcs ordered.

Full sleeve lab coats are mostly used in major laboratories where there is a risk of chemical spillage and these terry cotton coats are best material to stay safe while working inside the labs.

For your requirement of lab coats please call us now at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you with our uniform requirement.

Sleeveless supermarket uniforms manufacturers in Chennai

Supermarket uniforms in Chennai

Sleeveless super market overcoats in more than 10 different colours is available at RSM uniforms.

We stock sleeveless overcoat in plain solid colours as well as combination of dual colours in coats.

These coats are made from Terry cotton material and suitable to wear over any existing attire of yours .

We have stocked up the sleeveless coats in different sizes of S M L XL and XXL.

The sleeveless overcoat in the picture is for Reliable hyper mart made in heavy quality fiber dyed material with red combo of piping done on the sleeve edge and also on the two below pockets.

The branding is done using embroidery both on front and back.

Please ping us on our helpline number 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you with your uniform requirement.

Security uniform and overcoat sellers in Chennai

Security uniforms in Chennai

For your requirement of Security uniforms in Chennai and also if you are in need of overcoats for your housekeeping staffs please call us at 9176634635 and we would be happy to help you with your uniforms requirement.

We at RSM uniforms stock uniforms in different colours and designs for every category of people and they are sold at a reasonable cost keeping your budget in mind.

We also have security accessories like lanyard,security cap, whistle,shoulder flap and security belt.

Security formal trouser in black color in different sizes is also a icing on cake that we stock at RSM uniforms.

For complete security uniform with accessories look no further just give us a call now.

Rsm uniforms – Uniform store in Chennai

Uniform store in Chennai

Customized aprons makers in Chennai

Customized apron makers in Chennai

Are you in need of customized aprons for your personal use or to gift to your loved ones. We at RSM uniforms currently stock full range of aprons on which we can do your brand logo along with individual names.

Here we have put the brand logo on the right corner and the name is embroidered on the middle of the apron just above the pocket.

The color white is chosen for embroidery to be more prominent.

In need of kitchen aprons customized to your choice please visit our store and we would be happy to help you.

T-Shirts for Housing Society – RSM Uniforms Chennai

Promo Tee is one of the quick and cheapest option of uniform T shirt available at RSM Uniforms. The material is a good blend of Cotton Rich fabric and the color fastness and quality of the T shirt makes it the most sold goods at RSM Uniforms.

The Royal blue variant of Promo Tee with the logo embroidered on front and the back is the perfect choice for uniform T shirt for your house keeping staff working at your housing society. The formal and the casual blend together makes it look impressive and is very comfortable to wear.

For your requirement of uniform T shirt in other colors please click the link below :


Click on the above link for various other options of uniform T shirt available with us. For more information on the different varities of uniform t shirt that we stock feel free to visit our store now and we would be glad to help you. with your uniform T shirt requirement.


sharp-looking uniforms can boost your branding

9 Ways Sharp-Looking Uniforms Can Boost Your Branding

Having uniforms as a part of an organization’s prerequisite has been an age-old trend. But even after so many years the practise still goes on. Companies feel the need for uniforms to bring about a unique identity for their brand. Brands believe that a uniform will make them stand apart from other brands and that customers can easily identify them from amongst many other players in the market.

Uniforms, a good monotony

When it is about designing uniforms, it is not always about just fitting. It is also about design like fabric, choice of colours and much more. Making good looking uniforms will not only boost your credibility but will also make your customers proud to be working at your firm. Good uniforms will make them feel proud and bring oneness amongst the team and the staff as a whole.

First impressions last longer and so it is important that your staff wears the right kind of uniforms to grab the attention and the interest of your buyers. When a customer walks into the store, they should feel welcomed. Also, they have to find the ambience and not just that but also the staff pleasing and appealing to be able to make conversation. A sharp-looking and crisp uniforms make this happen.

Here are 9 reasons as to why should a brand incorporate good and smart looking uniforms. 

Why opt for sharp-looking uniforms

Impact on the brand image – A sharp-looking uniform can make a big difference in how someone perceives a brand.  When customers enter a showroom, they are first welcomed by the staff. Uniforms make them look presentable and humble. This can cause a positive impact on the brand.

A sense of equality and unity 

Staff amongst themselves feel more like in a group and as a team when they wear uniforms. While informal clothes can often differentiate one from the other based on how they dress-up, uniform takes away this problem by keeping them together in all ways.

Customer experience

Imagine walking into a store and finding the staff in informal clothes. Now how can a customer differentiate between other customers in the store and the staff. This will cause major problems especially when they want to seek advice or help. When a brand has uniforms for their staff, it becomes more clear and easier for customers to have a better customer experience.

A fine line between work and leisure

Civil clothes are more likely to promote the idea of being leisure. When in uniform, one feels responsible and accountable to the brand they are working for, for it is the staff that carries the brand image to its customers. They are the first interface between the customer and the brand.

Save on time and money for employees

Humans in general spend more money on buying clothes and accessories to make them look presentable and stylish. This specifically happens when they are a part of a social group. By providing uniforms, a brand eliminates unnecessary expenses for the employees. By providing uniforms they are saving them from spending unnecessarily on things to make them find acceptable or suitable in a group. Also, when employees wear heavy garments and if everyone looks different from one another there is no unity and this can hamper the brand’s image.

Boosts branding

A brand’s image is boosted when the staff look smart, elegant and presentable. Having uniforms make this happen. It creates a sense of pride and unity amongst the workers and creates a holistic environment.

Visually appealing

Dazzling clothes and unnecessary accessories can tarnish the entire motive and the reason behind starting an organization. The brand in all aspects should relate to a unique identity and this should also be the case when it comes to their staff. 

Brings uniformity and order

Unlike leisure clothes uniforms make staff look neat and in order. Uniformity is a great deal when it comes to an organization and this can be achieved through uniforms.

Brand identification

When a customer sees a brand, one thing they identify it with is the brand colours or logo. Uniforms are a great way to showcase that. All uniforms generally bear a logo, a symbol or an identification unique to the brand. This is a great way to spread the brand identity.

Having smart uniforms is a great way to get customer attention towards a brand and so one has to have a proper and prescribed staff uniform

Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India

Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India

Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India

The below are the uniforms for the top 16 automobile companies in India. RSM uniforms is a proud dealer of all kind of automobile uniforms in Chennai.

The automobile uniforms mentioned here is mostly a good blend of polyester and viscose used for the shirt as well as trouser.

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM Uniforms.  We deal with all kind of uniforms based on your requirement. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.









Trends In Corporate Uniform That You Need To Check Out

Trends In Corporate Uniform That You Need To Check Out

Corporates and corporate working take over a large place in the work system. Corporates come off as both a boon and bane in capitalist society. Few of the corporates indulge in preferring uniforms for their employees. Within the corporate uniform itself, we can indulge in establishing various trends, styles, and designs. From the classic pinstripe dress shirt to the quirky leather jacket, there are countless possibilities for a professional who is looking to use their wardrobe to make a statement about their style. Corporate clothing can be trendy as well, and this is one of the statements. 

With that being said, there are trends that you need to check out in designing a corporate uniform.



Customized brand logo

Brand logo printed on the corporate uniforms can give an enriched look to your corporate uniform. Anyone who works in a business environment has encountered a situation where they need to wear a uniform. Whether the job requires that you wear a uniform every single day or that you only wear the uniform when you are on the clock – the potential for someone to recognize you as someone that works at that specific business, and not just as a random passerby, is significantly higher when wearing a uniform.

So, when your company decides to invest in the purchasing of uniforms or decides to make a significant investment in a uniform, there are some things you should consider, and one of them is adding the logo.It is important to consider how you want to be presented in the eyes of others, as well as how you want to be easily identifiable.

 Not only does it make your corporate uniform look good, but it also marks the brand logo on the uniform. So, it is to be kept in mind that while designing the corporate uniform, you need to essentially. 

Suits and vests 

Suits and vests give a professional look. While designing clothes for people of a higher authoritarian position in the corporate world, make sure to influence vests and suits. This not only elevates the corporate uniform look but also gives a top-notch look. There’s a new uniform in town that has surpassed more conventional corporate uniforms such as suits and vests. This new uniform is called tech-suits and is reaching its peak popularity. With its futuristic design and the wide range of styles that you can choose from, tech suits are perfect for both professional and casual looks.

Corporate uniform color

Colour plays a huge role in uniforms. A bright and eye-pricking color does no good when it comes to uniforms. A dull and sober color can also not procure any good. Meanwhile, light color is prone to get dirtier easily. But depending on the nature of the work and whatever suits the workers, the uniform can be designed. This is helpful in setting the right tone of visibility to the uniforms that your workers will be wearing. 

Comfort dressing 

Comfort dressing never goes off style. Corporate uniforms in terms of on-field workers who work with sensitive parts of the firm deserve and need comfortable clothing. Polo t-shirts, jumpsuits, cargo pants, and much other comfortable clothing can be put to use with trends applied in this corporate uniform. 

Much like the fashion industry, the world of corporate uniforms is constantly changing with new trends. This is the highly demanded corporate uniform that is constantly on the rise. These branded suits are famous for their high-end and classy look. Due to the increasing demand and high customer demand, these branded uniforms are also offered for hire in many brands to display their unique identity to the public.

Corporate uniform suppliers need to keep in mind that corporate workers wear the uniform for a large amount of time. This needs to be kept in account and uniforms should be designed in such a way that it is comfortable, chic, appealing and suitable for everyday wear. In today’s world, companies have to follow a strict uniform policy for their employees to have a standardized look. But, we all know that this uniform policy is a bit restricting! But nevertheless, uniforms give a sense of dignity, uniformity, and respect, among others. Designing it should be given the optimum amount of importance and patience by the corporate uniform suppliers. 

Do workers really need plumbing uniforms ?

do workers really need plumbing uniforms

Close your eyes. Imagine a plumber. What do you see? Something to do with dirt, I bet.

Well, it’s time to break through the stereotypical image of a plumber and display them as the professionals they are. Think of the number of tasks they perform – isn’t it essential to provide them with clothing that will suit their daily tasks?

People treat their houses as temples. And to earn their trust is crucial-so they let you enter into their safe space. However, with the proper uniform that delivers utility and creates a good impression, you will have your business running. 

Better safe than sorry

Plumbers do a lot of work that involves dirt and chemicals. Uniforms made of easy-wash materials will help plumbers look presentable throughout the day. Being dirt-free all day is almost impossible, but a uniform can help them be tidy before reaching their next client. The industry is faced with various health hazards and problems. Since they are prone to the same risks every day, it is essential to think about their bodies. Thicker material will not let the chemicals come in close contact with them. Although investing in them might cost more initially, it lasts longer than regular T-shirts and saves them from unnecessary health problems.

Higher Utility

Utility stands higher on the scale than looks. Having multiple pockets on the plumber’s uniform will fit all their tools and avoid the repeated trips to their toolbox or continuous movement to look for the tools. This will also keep the tools in place and keep them from being lost. When they’re not worried about their tools, they can give their complete attention to fixing the problem in front of them. That’s a two-fold achievement: efficiency and time management.

Working with tight fittings doesn’t let plumbers work with comfort. It limits their mobility and restricts them from being able to do their job. A plumbing uniform is breathable and loose enough for them to move freely. Moreover, having knee caps for their knees will protect them since most of their job involves bending and working on their knees. Adding a pair of work boots will also help them be more efficient in their job. Think and durable soles will give them a better grip as compared to shoes with normal soles. 

The first impression is the last impression

People are judgemental – from the first moment they look at someone to the first conversations they have. Surprising, is it? It is, indeed, all about perception and what people think of you. So, we would suggest you not take any chances and make your first impression the best one. Having a uniform will make your plumbers look essential – significant enough for your customers to trust them with their pipes. Your profession is much more than just your work – it is also about how you present yourself and the safety measures you take while working for your clients. Every profession has a uniform, and it’s only necessary to get a pair for our plumbers too. 

Easy Recall

When you have your logo etched on the plumbing uniform, people are more likely to remember you. Your posters and videos for your advertisements will stand out if there’s a uniformity in them. After all, visuals are registered in people’s minds for much, much longer. So, a minimal cost in investing in uniforms will market your company for itself and do wonders for you. It will always give you more preference over your competitors and make them think of you every time they need help with plumbing. 

Sense of Unity

Providing uniforms will also give your company identity. It makes workers feel like a part of the team and gives a sense of equality. While different levels exist in all companies, uniforms bring them all to the same level.  

So, the answer to the question – ‘do workers really need plumbing uniforms, is easy. Why do we require uniforms for any other profession? The answers are pretty similar. Quit the second thoughts. Let’s make our plumbers look like regular workers who get their hands dirty for the rest of us. Let’s make them look professional for their very functional and vital job.


A Guide To Maximizing Comfort In Hotel Staff Uniforms

A Guide To Maximizing Comfort In Hotel Staff Uniforms

When you picture modern hotel uniforms, there’s always that unmistakable aura of warmth and hospitality around them. It’s not enough if it just seems that way, however. If you want your staff to seem approachable indeed, they have to feel comfortable on the inside too! Hotel staff costumes come in all stitches and sizes, so comfort is all the more essential. Your staff are the face of your establishment, so this is not something in which you can afford to cut costs! Before we get into the specifics of comfort in hospitality sector uniforms, let’s get a better understanding of the particulars in staff uniform design.

Under The Lens: Hotel Management Uniforms

Nowadays, uniforms for hospitality staff are either outsourced, ordered in bulk, or even both. Based on the specifications, the orders are customised. When it comes to the particulars, staff uniforms are categorised based on a few key factors:

Type: Waiter uniform, concierge uniform, hotel receptionist uniforms, etc.

Branding: The relative positioning of the logo and branding elements.

Design: The cut of the fabric, the durability and other physical aspects of the uniforms.

Palette: The overall colour palette of the uniforms with the branding and tone of the establishment.

It’s a case of many small things coming together to make one big picture. Understandable, then, that if even one element in this milieu is out of place, it could spoil everything! The comfort aspect of modern hotel uniforms has come to occupy paramount importance in this sector. Therefore, business owners in the field prefer to go with custom uniform tailors for their hotel staff uniforms.

Cost & Comfort

The benefits that come with opting for a custom tailor for your hotel uniforms are evident. For the most part, you can:

– Exercise control over the order size, especially in bulk

– Avail a higher standard of quality assurance on the uniforms

– Unlock more customisation options, down to the intricate details

– Gear your uniforms with the perfect balance of finesse and comfort. 

Take a look at that last point. That point is the real game-changer for modern hotel uniforms. Being able to make your uniforms feel like they are a premium fit for your staff is key to letting them be at their productive best. How do custom uniform suppliers guarantee this higher standard of comfort? Let’s find out. 

No compromises. Custom manufacturers don’t cut corners on the quality and cut of the fabric. Since the order quantity itself is custom-made, the manufacturers can take their time and select the best material for durability as well as comfort. 

Cost optimisation. Custom manufacturers work with the budget you set apart for them. Therefore, you can work around the specifics regarding the comfort of the uniforms, even taking factors like breathability into account. 

Attention to detail. Need a custom-made hotel receptionist uniform made? Don’t worry; custom uniform suppliers have you covered on that front! This benefit is especially vital to the hospitality sector’s functioning because it isn’t a one-size (or shape) fits-all arena. This attention, in turn, lets the manufacturer focus more on the comfort factor of the uniforms designed. 

Now that we’ve covered how custom uniform designers design modern hotel uniforms let’s shift our attention to the comfort of hotel uniforms in earnest.

Maximum Comfort And Hospitality

How can you tweak the design aspects of your hotel staff uniforms to guarantee as much comfort as possible? Here are a few pointers to get you started in that regard.

– Choose a fabric that is lightweight and wash-resistant. A premium feel won’t mean anything if your staff employees are huffing and puffing.

– Go for accessible accessorisation. For instance, if you’re designing hotel receptionist uniforms, you should focus on placing ample pockets for carrying stationery, keys and other vital items.

– Opt for stain-resistance. In the hospitality industry, stains and wear and tear on modern hotel uniforms are a fact of life. Nobody likes ordering multiple replacements for the same uniform, so make sure they can withstand wear and tear!

– Custom fits are your best friend. If you have the option of tailoring your hotel staff uniforms based on individual fittings, there’s nothing quite like it. You can guarantee every staff member’s comfort with this, and custom uniform makers give you that same option!

The Power Of Custom Comfort

If you’re in the market for modern hotel uniforms, a custom uniform supplier is your best bet. Their quality guarantee and attention to detail go a long way in guaranteeing premium comfort to your hotel staff members.

Get in touch with us at RSM today to get started on this endeavour!

The Importance of Lab Coats in Healthcare: A Symbol Of Professionalism

importance of lab coats in healthcare industry

The Importance of Lab Coats in Healthcare: A Symbol Of Professionalism

Healthcare system is the most important of all as it defines the health of the whole nation. Doctors and medical staff have always been on toes no matter what the problem is. While they strive to work hard and make sure there are least or no casualties, one has to understand the sacrifice and the hard work they put in to make it happen. One of the primary reasons why doctors stay fit and fine while treating their patience is the kind of protection they take.

In ancient times it was only scientists who wore lab coats to prevent them from getting in contact with any harsh or harmful chemicals. Also once doctors took it over to consider wearing lab coats, then it was not white. Back then it was black that gave away the idea of their profession being serious and extremely professional. On the other hand it also helped them keep away from stains and contaminants.

It was the American Medical Association that decided to bring about a change in the choice of colour for a doctor’s coat and thus it became white. The reasons being it gave out a clean, calm and sterile look. It was crsp and looked pleasing and appealing.

It is essential for them to also stay put. Else, they will not be in a position to treat patients. There are various types of equipment and safety measures that a doctor takes to keep them away from contacting any bacteria. Of them, the most prominent is a lab coat. Besides the fact that it helps protect from germs, it is also a symbol of professionalism. Previously it was only a scientist as a professional who would wear a lab coat.

Why is wearing a labcoat important for the doctors?

Identification Purpose

A lab coat makes it easier for one to identify the doctor. Hospital is a place crowded with many professionals, staff, attenders and other helping staff. Along with them are many visitors and patients too. One of the primary reasons why doctors wear lab coats is for easy identification purposes. When there is a lot of crowd, the lab coat makes it easier for the patient to identify the doctor in case of emergency.

Essential for quick carry

A doctor has to have a few things handy. Of that, they also have to keep their hands free to tend to the patients. The large and easy-to-access pockets make it an excellent option to carry the stethoscope and other petty items that they might seem necessary.

Protects from infections

Doctors need to be healthy and safe before they treat their patients. It often involves being in close contact with the patient while treating them. For this, a lab coat acts as a barrier from getting infected by any bacteria that might get transmitted from the patients.

Protects clothing

Lab coats act as a shield and protects the clothing that doctors wear. A good lab coat is to an extent fire resistant. The composition of the various materials used to make this fabric makes sure one is protected from chemicals. It also protects the wearer from any harsh substances.

Protects patients from contamination

It is not just the patients who might be infected. When doctors treat multiple patients, there is a possibility of them carrying the germs too. A lab coat acts as a barrier in such cases. Even if the coat is in contact with any bacteria, it further prevents the bacteria from spreading as it has the ability to contain it.


Lab coats are comfortable and easy to wear. Their measurements are such that it makes one feel comfortable and do work without any complications. The long sleeves, loose-fitting makes it a perfect choice for the doctors to choose over having to stay in casual clothes the whole day.


A good lab coat gives a sense of pride and confidence to the doctor wearing it. Doctors are considered life savers and wearing it proudly on their sleeve makes them more enthusiastic. Also, a lab coat gives a professional look to the doctors and makes people believe in their practice.

There are various reasons why a doctor chooses to wear a lab coat. It is important to wear a lab coat for the doctors and everyone in the hospital to stay safe, clean and healthy.

How To Keep Workers In Gas and Oil Mines Safer?

Having the right protective workwear for mining is crucial to staying safe, but it’s also essential to know how to use it properly. (With the TMI tagline: “Meeting the protective needs of workers around the world”) If you’re working in a gas or oil mine, you’re very aware of the hazards. These dangerous jobs put workers at risk for a number of safety concerns, from falling through the ground to poisonous gases to explosions. Some mining companies have gone above and beyond to keep workers safe. In fact, since 2012, the gas and oil mining industry has experienced an average of only 0.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers. This was a vast improvement from the early 1990s when there were more than 20 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

So, RSM is here to answer your questions on keeping your miners, contractors, and crews safe—and productive—in the field.

Body coat uniform

The orange or navy blue coloured overalls are the ones that most oil and gas mineworkers were to protect themselves and keep themselves safer. They need to be flame and fire-resistant, withstand the high-temperature pressure, durable, and completely resistant to tear.    

These Coveralls for men and women are the primary essential on the kitty when it comes to uniforms for gas and oil mine workers. 

Face masks and PPE

Well, facemasks are essential for the gas and oil mine workers. Given the times, it is indispensable that even common men use the masks to safeguard themselves, and that is yet another story. 

Gas and oil mine workers work in places where there is oxygen deficiency, and this makes it necessary that they are supported with PPE to protect their respiratory system. 

These air-purifying cartridges must be made use of to equip themselves with sufficient oxygen while working. The workers must also be thoroughly trained to operate it and use it to the best of their safety. 

Eye and head protection

Head and eye protection must be ensured by providing efficient headgear. This headgear needs to have a hard surface to protect the upper hear and back of the head. It should also have the proper coverage in the front to cover and protects the eyes and face region. 

General tips which help to keep workers in Gas and Oil Mines safer:

1. Provide Gas and Oil workers with masks with hoses to protect them from gas and oil fumes 

 2. Provide workers with high-quality safety boots to keep them safe from on-the-job injuries

 3. Provide workers with protective gloves to keep their hands safe from on-the-job injuries

 4. Maintain a clear working space at all times. A cluttered environment causes unwanted stress and accidents. 

5. Wear protective headgear. This is essential workwear protective clothing while working with heavy machinery. 

6. Maintain eye protection. The eyes being the most sensitive part of the eye, needs to be protected with the utmost protection. 

7. In order to figure out things quickly at the place, use colour-coding and include specific tools and equipment to work with. 

8. In-vehicle monitoring systems are of utmost importance when it comes to monitoring the driving behaviours of the workers in the oil and gas industries. 

9. Regularly check if the pieces of machinery are in good working order and all the facilities are functioning without faulties in them. 

10. Conduct safety programs to educate the employees about safety standards that they need to follow for their well being. 

Colour-code materials in the workplace make them more accessible and quicker to find, including specific tools and equipment.

If you’re a  safety wear supplier, It is indispensable to keep in mind the above. Working in gas and oil mines is strenuous, and it is important to design protective workwear uniforms that make the workplace safer for the employees. This, in turn, puts them at ease and allows them to work effectively without having to worry consistently about their safety. 

Plain T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Plain T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Are you looking out for uniforms T shirts for your store staffs?

We at RSM uniforms have many variety of uniform T shirt available with us and we can cater your uniform T shirt requirement confidently without much hassle and can also make customized orders for your color and design.

For your requirement of uniform T shirts please feel free to call us now we are happy to help you with the complete variety of different T shirts that we have at our store.

Customised T-shirts for Restaurants in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Customised T-shirts for Restaurants in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Rsm uniforms is located in Parrys Godown street. We have different ranges of polo T shirts available with us. The T shirts that we make comes in different blends of cotton rich to 100 percent cotton fabric and comes in different colors and styles suitable to your budget.

This one is made for a restaurant in Chennai named Marhaba Tasty town and the quality chosen is Promo Tee with embroidery done in white.

Uniforms for best juice shop in Chennai from RSM Uniforms – Juice Pump

Uniform for Juice store in Chennai

Uniforms for best juice shop in Chennai from RSM Uniforms – Juice Pump

Black with orange piping on the pocket and the sleeve is the best combination of uniforms ever.

Combined with the embroidery in front and back and also to define uniqueness of the uniform to the wearer the embroidery of the employee code is done on the sleeves as well.

For your requirement of uniforms in different style and combinations feel free to call us and we would be happy to help you with your uniform query.

Housekeeping coat manufacturers in Chennai

Housekeeping coat manufacturers in Chennai

Housekeeping overcoats is the best option for your housekeeping staff who doesnt want to change their attire and still want to look professional and work towards a common goal. If you are looking out for housekeeping uniforms for your support staff in your society we at RSM Uniforms have lot of options available with us to fulfill your overcoat need.

You can check out the other colors of overcoats that are readily available at RSM Uniforms below :

Lab Coat

RSM Uniforms is a one stop solution if you are looking out for uniforms for your facility mangement staffs. Think about quality think RSM, Think about availability think RSM, Think about affordability Think RSM Uniforms. We are striving to become the best uniform store in Chennai.

Best custom T shirt company in Chennai

Best custom T shirt company in Chennai
Rsm uniforms made this 100 % Cotton super comfortable T shirt for a famous personality coach associated with IPL team. We will not be able to disclose much information about this but the T shirt brand is Fastees and the color chosen was white, black and sky blue. The brand logo was embroidered on the T shirt.
This way we made the brand look special instantly with rich quality T shirts along with the branding done with good quality machine embroidery. If you are looking out for a similar option for your company to stand out from the crowd feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you.
Uniform for technicians in Chennai

Are you looking out for uniform store in Chennai? Here to fix it quickly.

Are you looking out for uniform store in Chennai? Here to fix it quickly.

You have to check out RSM Uniforms – The best uniform suppliers in Chennai. RSM Uniforms in Chennai is in business of textile and uniforms since 1985 having its office in parrys godown street the hub of textile market in Chennai.

Uniform for technicians in Chennai

Uniform for technicians in Chennai

These are corporate uniform polo T shirt in Sea blue and Corporate uniform shirt in regular corporate hyundai blue color made for Hi tech Infras private limited. We are expert in making logo embroidery in Chennai as we have our own inhouse embrodiery machine that can embroider over 50000 garments per week.

The T shirt used is a good heavy quality cotton fabric of around 260 gsm and the shirt is of poly viscose quality. Check out our ecommerce store http://www.chennaiuniformstore.com for the latest ready products that are available with us. You can call us at 9176634635 and we would be happy to help you.

Uniforms for wedding planner company in Bangalore

Uniform store in Chennai

The best solution ever for reasonable price uniform store in Chennai

Want the best solution for your housekeeping staff uniforms. Try our overcoats that are comfortable for any person to wear and are easily washable too. The overcoats come in different colors and sizes suitable to your needs.

Uniforms for wedding planner company in Bangalore

Uniforms for wedding planner company in Bangalore

To create unique identity choose from different colors for different departments. This one is a maroon color overcoat made for a wedding planner company in bangalore.

The logo done is made from lemon yellow color thread machine embroidered on the garment. For more colors and designs of overcoats and other options that we have in our store call us now at 9176634635 and we would be always available to help you with your uniform needs.

Uniforms for Catering Kitchen in Chennai

No more worries about the best uniform store in Chennai.

No more worries about the best uniform store in Chennai.

Check out RSM Uniforms now. Are you a small startup looking out for easy solution for your branding. Does men in uniform appeal you more and make you trust them more than men without uniforms? For your requirement of uniform T shirts in Chennai feel free to call us with your requirement and we would be glad to help you.

Uniforms for Catering Kitchen in Chennai

Uniforms for Catering Kitchen in Chennai

These polo t shirts are of brand named Highline and Tipline and are delivered to Mekalas kitchen in Poonamalee. The uniforms look elegant and make you stand out from the crowd. For your requirement of top uniform t shirt suppliers in Chennai feel free to visit our store in godown street. We would be happy to help you.

Kindly note that we only offer in store pick ups or order can be placed via phone, whatsapp and can be delivered via dunzo, swiggy, lynk, transport or courier anywhere in India and abroad.

Uniforms for Indian Oil Company

RSM uniforms in Chennai has stock of uniforms for Indian Oil .The uniform shirt fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton and suiting is blended yarn dyed fabric.

For further queries you can mail us at rsmuniforms@gmail.com or can feel free to call us on 9176634635.

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

T shirt for company uniform suppliers in Chennai

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

T shirt for company uniform suppliers in Chennai

Check out RSM Uniforms. We supply T shirts, Uniform shirts, Security uniforms, Aprons, Chef coats , Trousers and many more stuffs related to uniforms. Come up with your requirement in bulk and we would also be able to cater the same for you.

When it comes to uniforms in Chennai think RSM Uniforms your complete uniform solution expert in Chennai. The store is located in godown street Chennai and is a hub of textile market. We are growing stronger and better each day and are in a mission to create innovative and easily investement products for your brand.

This is a dark navy blue best quality Fastees brand t shirt with company logo – Kookmate made for Kookmate catering company in Chennai. We offer easy solutions for your requirement of uniforms. Please visit our store with your requirement and we will make sure you are delighted with your choice of uniforms at RSM.

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

The cheapest, simplest and the most effective way to give enormous identity to your brand is to make your employees wear uniform that stand out you from the crowd.

We at Rsm uniforms can help you design uniforms that are not only budget friendly but also gives a long lasting impression of your brand to the customer.

We had a call from a customer from uttar pradesh asking for a cusomized solution for a good quality t shirt that has yellow as the base and red dual tipping on the collar and the sleeves.

We had used the best quality cotton material and brand embroidery was done using barudan machine.

If you are looking out for the life changing way to give identity to your brand try our uniforms and we are sure there will be no looking back.

Uniform for hotel staff in Chennai

Uniform shirts with logo in Chennai

Uniform for hotel staff in Chennai

Uniform shirts with logo in Chennai

Uniform shirts with logo in Chennai

RSM Uniforms are the best uniform shirt suppliers in Chennai. Based on the brand logo and the work that the employee will be doing we can suggest you different colors and textures of uniforms that would suit you the best.

The uniforms that are available with us comes in options of poly viscose and poly cotton blends and printing and embroidery is possible for your branding even on few pcs that you require for your company.

This one is made for a famous restaurant in parrys named Hotel Ramakrishna Lunch home and is made from spun material which is comfortable for anyone to wear.

Please visit our store in parrys with your requirement list and we will make sure you go out with taking the best decision for your uniform requirement in Chennai. Call us now at 9176634635.

Uniform for broadband company in Tamilnadu

The top 5 ways to become a Influencer in your field with our uniforms.

Uniform for broadband company in Tamilnadu

Uniform for broadband company in Tamilnadu

The top 5 ways to become a Influencer in your field with our uniforms.


Here are the Top 5 ways to become influencer in your forte by wearing our uniforms. We have a customized solution matching your requirement and type of work.

1.For chefs we have chef coats

2.For bakers we have kitchen aprons and caps

3.For labors we have maintenance uniforms

4.For executives we have uniform shirts

5. or corporate employees we have t shirts like the one above available with us.

We can do the perfect branding with the help of print and embroidery for your journey of becoming an awesome influencer. You can also create merchandise products as a influencer and we can help you with your requirement of that perfect uniform t shirt or shirt that you were always looking for.

RMax is a broadband provider in and around Tiruvallur area and are the only one present in and around that area providing speed and reliable broadband service they have joined hands with us for their requirement of uniforms we have been giving uniforms for their employees since past two years now.

For your requirement of uniforms in chennai, please visit our store opp to Karur vysya bank in godown street and we would be happy to help you.


Maintenance Uniform suppliers in Chennai

Ideas to supercharge your process of branding for your company.

Maintenance Uniform suppliers in Chennai

Maintenance Uniform suppliers in Chennai

Ideas to supercharge your process of branding for your company.


Are you tired of ideas on what should be the best uniform material that would suit your brand.

Are your confused on which color would be the perfect option for your brand image.

Are you constantly looking out for suppliers of uniforms in chennai but are not happy with the end product.

Don’t look any further call us now at 9176634635 and get the best solution for uniforms that is not only pocket friendly but also suit the best for your branding.

Like the one above is given to all the crew members starting from top to bottom working at Mirra events.

Navy blue suits most of the complexions and is one of the best bet while choosing the color for your uniforms.

The logo is done in front as well as back using embroidery thread and will sustain atleast 200 washes.

To supercharge your process of branding for your company just buy uniforms from us and see the difference.

Adarsh uniform sellers in Chennai - Denmark Fiber dyed suiting

Adarsh Synthetics uniforms dealers in Chennai

Adarsh Synthetics uniforms dealers in Chennai

Quality and Adarsh the name goes together. If you are only looking out for quality uniform products try uniforms from Adarsh mills and you wont be disappointed.

RSM Uniforms is a proud dealer of Adarsh uniforms in Chennai and the mill makes many range of products some of them are Royal Regency, Royal Merino, Alfa, Trouser power, Goodman 999, Denmark, Acheivement, Executive.

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Sleeveless overcoat manufacturers in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Sleeveless overcoat manufacturers in Chennai


Now you can by wearing our uniforms. We at Rsm uniforms can give you a complete package on different categories of uniforms required for your employees.

Initially Online2all.com were little skeptical on what would be the quality and how would the branding look. But once they purchased uniforms from us they have become our happy customer and have placed order for the uniforms again.

For us the most important thing that matters is the trust that the customer gains after walking into our store.

T shirt given is Promotee which is budget friendlly and sleevelese overcoat is plain black for all the employees at Online2all.com

We would never misguide a customer be it for one or thousand pieces. Only thing we require from your side is ample time to understand that making uniforms requires precison and effort. Call us now 9176634635 to know more about the different uniform option that we have at our store.

Adison suiting stockist in Chennai - School Dress

Ambassador uniform dealers in Chennai

Ambassador uniform dealers in Chennai

Ambassador uniforms is a old and reputed name when it comes to uniforms fabrics from Bhilwara. RSM Uniforms is a proud dealer of Ambassador uniforms in Chennai. The product range of Ambassador is vast so is the stock holding capacity of the firm. The products are exclusively made keeping quality in mind.

The mill is famous for its Wall street and Victoria plus product in Chennai and surrounding cities.

Uniform fabrics in Chennai



Discover the entire range of uniform fabrics at RSM UNIFORMS.

One Brand with many solutions for fabrics. We deal with fabrics of Valji, Wocky tocky, Sparsh fab, Adarsh, and lot more.

For any queries regarding uniform fabrics in Chennai please contact 044-42326319 or you can even send your queries from our website chennaiuniforms.com.We would be glad to know your need of uniform fabrics and give you the best solution for the same.

ANKIT SUITINGS suppliers in Chennai

Ankit bhilwara uniforms suppliers in Chennai

Ankit bhilwara uniforms suppliers in Chennai

If you are looking of quality matty suitings from Bhilwara then Ankit suiting is a well known name for matty fabrics in bhilwara and RSM Uniforms is a proud dealer of Ankit uniform suitings in Chennai. The products include trovin, matty, fiber dyed, piece dyed and fabric as per your cuttings can also be manufactured by Ankit suitings.

For your requirement of Ankit uniform suiting in Chennai please feel free to call us now and we would be glad to assist you with your uniform requirement.

Uniform T shirt suppliers in Chennai



As a matter of fact, RSM UNIFORMS presence has become wider and wider acquiring a role of primary importance in the Uniforms sector with continuous and considerable growth since last decade. Its addition of T-shirts in the uniform category has taken RSM UNIFORMS to a greater level in the market.

For any queries regarding uniform T shirts feel free to contact 9176634635 or you can also visit our store for your requirement of uniforms.

Mockleno - Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Who doesn’t love Linen fabric ? Are you looking out for wholesalers who can provide you the Linen fabric at a nominal cost in Chennai. We at RSM uniforms can provide you 100% Linen fabrics at a very reasonable price in Chennai.

These fabrics come in varied thickness and is defined by LEA. The standard measure of bulk linen yarn is the “lea“, which is the number of yards in a pound of linen divided by 300.

The LEA count is inversely proportional to the thickness of the Linen fabric i.e the more the count of fabric the lesser the thickness of the fabric and vice versa.

The below are the different qualities of Linen fabric that we stock at RSM Uniforms

Quality name – Linen club Warp yarn -40 LEA Weft yarn -40 LEA EPI -40 PPI -40 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -215 GSM -146 LINEN 100%

Linen club

Linen club – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Quality name – Linen Light Warp yarn -40 LEA Weft yarn -40 LEA Dyed EPI -40 PPI -42 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -212 GSM -144 LINEN 100%

Linen light 40 lea x 40 lea

Linen light – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai – 40 lea x 40 lea

Quality name – Fine Melange Warp yarn -60 LEA Overdyed Weft yarn -60 LEA Dyed EPI -54 PPI -54 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -190 GSM -129 LINEN 100%

Fine melange - Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Fine melange – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai 60 LEA X 60 LEA

Quality name – Mockleno Warp yarn -44 Linen Weft yarn -40 Linen EPI -48 PPI -44 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -240 LINEN 100%

Mockleno - Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Mockleno – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai – 44 LEA X 40 LEA 100% Linen

Quality name – Linen fine Warp yarn -60 LEA Weft yarn -60 LEA EPI -54 PPI -54 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -192 GSM -130 LINEN 100%

Linen fine - Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Linen fine – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai – 60 LEA X 60 LEA

Quality name – Linen Suiting light Warp yarn -25 Linen white Weft yarn -25 Linen Dyed EPI -40 PPI -35 WIDTH -58″ INCHES GLM -320 GSM -217 LINEN 100%

Linen Suiting Light - Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai

Linen Suiting Light – Linen fabric wholesalers in Chennai – 25 LEA X 25 LEA

Ends per inch (EPI or e.p.i.) is the number of warp threads per inch of woven fabric. In general, the higher the ends per inch, the finer the fabric is.

Generally speaking, higher the picks per inch, the costlier and finer the fabric gets.gets. For a newbie, EPI stands for Ends per inch and PPI stands for Picks per inch. Where Ends is known as Warps and Pick are known as weft yarn.