RSM Uniforms is a specialist in Karate Uniforms

Karate uniform suppliers in Chennai

Karate uniform suppliers in Chennai

Karate uniform suppliers in Chennai

Karate uniform suppliers in Chennai

Rsm uniforms stocks karate uniforms in all sizes starting from size 22 upto size 44.

These karate uniforms are made from poly cotton drill cloth of heavier quality which is a perfect way to start your career in Karate field.

The karate uniform also comes with a mandatory white belt as a default option as white belt is for the starters.

As you grow and change your grade we also have belts available with us for Karate uniforms.

For bulk requirement of Karate uniforms feel free to get in touch with us. We also sell even one pc in retail so get in touch with us and become a proud Karate player with uniforms from Rsm uniforms.

Karate dress suppliers in Chennai

Karate dress suppliers in Chennai

We at RSM Uniforms now stock Karate dress in Chennai for all ages and sizes. The material used is a blend of polyester and cotton of heavy counts that has a good fall for the karate students. Usually one white belt comes along with the Karate dress top and bottom.

Karate dress in Chennai

In case you require some other color belt as shown below it would be charged separately.

Karate belts in Chennai


For your requirement of Karate Uniforms in Chennai please call us now at 9176 634 635 we would be glad to help you with your Karate dress requirement in Chennai.

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

Four new colors of overcoat in stock now !!

We have added four colors of overcoat now in stock. The size available at present is 40 that would generally suit most of the category of people. The new colors added to the stock are Maroon, Pink, Bottle green and Pakistan green.


Please visit our store in Chennai located at No.74, Godown street, Chennai for your requirement of uniforms.

Uniform wholesaler in godown street, Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms in Chennai are one of the leading suppliers of uniforms in and around Tamilnadu. We make uniforms for Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals, Facility management companies, industries and Corporates. We are located at No.74 Godown street and are known as one of the reputed wholesalers of uniform fabric in Chennai.

Godown street wholesalers of uniform material - Amex Arcade complex

Godown street wholesalers of uniform material – Amex Arcade complex

Displayed above is the Amex arcade complex in godown street where we have our outlet for Uniforms and readymade shirts in Chennai.

For detailed requirement of Uniforms and other fabrics related to textiles kindly give a call to us at our landline or mobile phone numbers. It would be a pleasure if you wish to meet us directly at our shop located at godown street.

RSM Uniforms – All uniforms under one roof in Chennai !!

School Uniforms, College Uniforms, Factory Uniforms, Industrial Uniforms, Chef Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms, Scrubs, Lab coats and what not. We have anything and everything under one roof for your Uniform needs in Chennai.

The ethics of excellence

The ethics of excellence

RSM Uniforms- The ethics of excellence. For your enquiry of Uniforms please call us at 9176634635 or mail us at rahulrpatni@gmail.com


Working at RSM Uniforms is just fun!!

Diwali is approaching near and we at RSM Uniforms are held  up with many orders in pipeline. Here you can find two of the RSM staffs packing the Uniform trouser bits in polythene covers. This corporate order that they are working on is for one of the leading mobile showroom having branches across Tamilnadu.

The trouser bit is in 1.30 meters cut format and is in single piece packing. The trouser for corporate uniforms has a durability of atleast an year if cared properly.

The staffs in the picture are Mr.Srinivasan and Mr.Sendil who have been working with us since last twenty years. Srinivasan takes care of marketing and packaging of products we sell and Sendil who had been working as a lift boy in our complex 20 years back was picked by father and now working as stock and delivery manager in the firm.

RSM Uniforms

RSM Uniforms

For your orders on corporate uniform feel free to discuss with us on your requirements. http://www.chennaiuniforms.com is always here to serve you as we think that every customer is valuable.

RSM Uniforms – For all your Uniform needs in Chennai

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RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence


Karate dress for kids in India

karateKarate dress for kids in India

There are many ways that people try to keep in shape. One of the oldest known exercise regimes can be considered is that of martial arts. Of these karate is still the more popular form. To perform all of your karate moves with fluid grace you will need to have a karate uniform. Your karate uniform should be bought with the range of movements in mind.

You will find that the karate uniform is designed as a loose fitting tunic and pants. The pants are held to your waist by a drawstring. This drawstring allows you to adjust the fit of the pants with ease. The tunic of the karate uniform is designed so that you can move your arms and body with ease and not feel constricted.

While this is the basic karate uniform you will find that there are variations. These variations are based around the type of karate that you are taking part in. Now one of the most important items in a uniform for karate would be the belt. This belt not only helps to keep your upper body tunic closed but it also indicates the level of training that you have passed into.

In the karate uniform you will discover that the material feels quite heavy. But the material itself allows your body to sweat freely during your training workout. As the material is also fairly thick it absorbs the sweat and cools you down. The only drawback that could be seen with the majority of uniforms is that they are white in color.

While this color may promote serenity it is also a color that shows off every dirt and grime stain that it comes into contact with. Luckily the material is created so that it washes quite quickly. The only note of caution which can be seen is that you should wash all other colored belts – not the white ones – separately so that your karate uniform does not turn that color.

You will be able to buy your karate uniform with us. The price of these uniforms isn’t that expensive. You will find that generally the karate uniform has the capability of fitting just about every student.

By purchasing your karate uniform early in your training you will be showing your respect for your instructor and the dojo. You will also find that training in these uniforms is far easier and comfortable as opposed to your street clothes.


The right way to select the Martial arts uniform

Martial Arts UniformThe right way to select the Martial arts uniform

Martial arts uniforms are another essential part of any self defense student’s training apparel. The uniform, or gi, is usually white, but comes in other colors as well. There are uniform variations between martial arts styles, but all uniforms are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and durable. This article will help you decide which type of uniform is right for you.

If youre discipline is karate, than your uniform will be a karategi or gi. Most are made out of canvas and are meant to be lightweight and durable. The gi developed from the Judo uniform, which s slightly heavier and more fitted. Make sure that the uniform you choose complies with the requirements of your school, since some dojos have begun to move away from the traditional white uniform in order to distinguish themselves. There may also be special patches or special arm bands or belts that are required.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do uniforms consist of light weight cotton pants and a loose v neck top. The more lightweight the fabric, the easer it tears, which is why the most lightweight uniforms are usually worn by beginners. As you move up through the ranks, you will want to purchase a more durable uniform, but in the beginning, the main thing is to make sure that the uniform you select conforms to the standards of your school or dojo. Many commercial dojos require uniforms with their logo embroidered on them.

The Kieko gi is the martial arts uniform associated with the study of Kendo. This garment is made out of thickly quilted fabric, meant to withstand the strikes of an opponent. Most are white or indigo blue, but again, it is a good idea to check with your dojo. The pants, the hakama, may look like a skirt with pleats, but s actually a pair of very loose fitting pants. The pleats symbolize the six fundamental virtues, which are Jin, or mercy, Gi or righteousness, Rei, or etiquette, Chin, or intelligence, Shin or trust, and Makoutu Chu Ko, which means loyalty and allegiance.

When you purchase your martial arts uniforms, be sure to try it on to ensure a good fit, or if you are ordering online, take your measurements and use the online sizing chart as a guideline. Keep in mind that your first uniform will not be your last, and so it isn’t important to invest money in the highest quality right away. The important thing from the beginning is to make sure that you have a uniform that conforms to the standards of your discipline and dojo.