The Potential Of Uniform Sarees For an Organization’s Image

the potential of uniform sarees for an organization’s image

Uniforms are very important for an organization as it forms the company image. Uniforms define how an organization is and to what class are they set to. While there are a number of companies that do not believe in the institution of uniforms, there are many that are still conservative and prefer prescribed uniforms for their employees.


Not just companies but schools in India have a widely presumed belief in strongly prescribing uniforms for students. They believe it will keep students in unity with no discrimination on their status. While many schools have simple uniforms, others have the ones that make them stand apart.


Many organizations recommend their employees to appear more professional and so staunchly believe that uniforms are one of the best solutions to it. While many organizations thrive to bring out the best in class western outfits as uniforms, there are still those that prefer traditional style.


Choosing Sarees over other uniforms


Sarees have been a part of our culture since time immemorial. Uniform saree suppliers say, one of the best things about having a saree as a uniform is that it is easier to maintain and has a better outlook. Also, wholesale uniform sarees are much cheaper and cost-effective.


Another major reason for having a saree as a uniform is that it is elegant and easy to handle. Also, many Indian women do prefer saree as a uniform at their workplace as they feel that is more appropriate.


While adapting to a cultural mode of uniform is one side of the coin, it does need a few things to remember before designing it.

Here are some quick tips for companies that are planning to curate saree as a uniform for their staff.


  • The most fundamental aspect of designing a uniform is the choice of colour. While there are numerous colors available out there it is necessary to consider those that give a good appeal to the customers. Customers feel agitated when they see dazzling colours as it might not be so pleasing. The choice of colours should reflect the nature of the organization.
  • Not all fabrics are great on skin. One has to make sure that while designing uniforms, the fabric has to be such that it makes the employees feel comfortable while working. While some fabrics are skin-friendly, others are rigid and are not as smooth on the skin as it can be. This might give skin issues over a period of time.
  • A design is one of the primary reasons why many prefer having a smart and good looking uniform for their staff. A heavily designed saree uniform may pose practical trouble while working in the organization. Simple and elegant design can make things more better and comfortable for the wearer.
  • Fitting and measurements are the major pillars of designing the right uniform. While there are many designs that one can experiment with, providing the right fit for the employees is an essential requirement. Oftentimes, many organizations prefer taking a standard sized  uniform for all employees looking for some cost-cutting. While this not only gives practical discomfort for those wearing it but also can put out not so great picture of the entire organization.


Of all other types of uniforms why is it that one should opt and prefer saree as a uniform for their staff?


First things first, it is our tradition and in our culture that women wear saree. It’s more of an identity of an eastern culture. Having a saree as a uniform can boost the image of the company, lifting the image considering the importance it is giving to the country’s culture.


Another major reason is that uniform sarees when bought in wholesale save a lot of money. The fundamental design of the garment itself is such that it does not require much effort in creating the very garment.


Also, sarees promote culture and ethnicity. They can also be acquired in different designs and in a variety of fabrics. It is a cost-effective option, and easy to use and handle.

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare


Chennai Suburban Station — Basin Bridge — Korukkupet — Tondiarpet — V.O.C Nagar — Wimco Nagar — Kathivakkam — Ennore — Attipatu Pudu Nagar — Attipattu — Nandiyambakkam — Minjur — Anuppampattu — Ponneri — Kavaraipettai — Guummudipundi — Elavur — Arambakkam — Tada — Sulurpet — Nayudupet — Gudur — Venkatachalam — Nellore



Train fare Chennai to Sullurpet Route




Chennai Suburban Station — Basin Bridge — Vyasarpadi Jiva — Perambur — Perambur Carriage works — Perambur Loco works — Villivakkam — Korattur — Pattaravakkam — Ambattur — Tirumullaivoyal — Annanur — Avadi — Hindi College — Pattabiram — Pattabiram MLY Siding — Nemilichery — Tiruninravur — Vepampattu — Sevvapettai road — Putlur — Tiruvallur — Egattur — Kadambattur — Senjipanambakkam — Manavur — Tiruvalangadu — Mosur — Arakkonam — Tiruttani — Renigunta




Train fare Chennai to Arakkonam Route



Season tickets can also be bought from the counters outside the Chennai suburban station.



Indane gas uniform sarees and salwars dealers in Chennai

Indane gas Uniform sarees and salwar now at RSM Uniforms

Indane gas uniform sarees and salwars dealers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms now stocks the current ongoing latest uniform sarees and salwars for women working at Indane Gas outlets.

Indane gas Uniform sarees and salwar now at RSM Uniforms

Indane gas Uniform sarees and salwar now at RSM Uniforms

These uniforms once ordered can be delivered to you in two days from the date of order. Minimum order quantity for the order is 10 pcs. We at RSM Uniforms also stock the uniform material in sky blue color made from terry cotton fabric for gents. We can also manufacture labels for Indane gas if the minimum quantity of labels is 500 pcs.

For price and other details please ping us on whatsapp at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.




Uniforms give employees a professional and an executive look. It helps in reducing anxiety among employees over what they should wear and saves a lot of stress in the morning. No matter how high a person might be in a company, uniforms put everyone on the same platform. It creates a sense of unity and is a tremendous team-building resource. It helps avoid dress code violations and pleases the consumers to approach the members engagingly. They also ensure to provide security and protect the employees from harm.

You may be wondering, what do electricians wear? Are there any specific outfits, or can they opt for regular clothing? 

Electrical laborers are required to wear flame-resistant protective clothing, and oil rig electricians are required to wear a full-body fire-resistant suit or uniform. Protecting them by making them wear proper fire-resistant attire or outfit is crucial for their safety. There is a famous saying that safety is a priority, treats safety as an essential item on the “to-do” list, and safety is the only essentials for the organization as their employees are their irreplaceable assets.


  • Companies ensure to provide maximum safety to employees by offering safety vests and fire-resistant uniforms. Though, they don’t want to raise the problem of heat stress among the members. 
  • Suggested to opt for flame-resistant garments to be 
  1. Light
  2. Thin
  3. Breathable. 
  • It is required to make heavy and hot flame-resistant garments breathable and light through advanced apparel technology
  • Use the latest fabric innovations, and design the uniforms keeping in mind the comfort of the electrical laborers and ensuring an excellent fit to the attire. 
  • Many companies opt for uniform rental programs or deal with reputed dealers who provide proper uniforms, keeping the flame-resistant integrity and electrician’s safety in mind. 
  • The electrician uniforms need to be waterproof, wind-resistant. 
  • Custom work vests provide comfort, ensure safety as well as the breathable factor for employees. They also offer an additional workwear collection of embroidered logos to enhance brand recognition and make it more visually appealing. 



All you need to know about electrician uniforms

Safety vests first:

 For a company with safety as the core value, security becomes a way of life. Electricians must wear a safety vest if they are on a construction site or working at night. An adjustable vest is an excellent option for the electrician’s outfit as it is comfortable during work. There are a variety of safety vests available with a vast collection of colors. 

  • Adjustable vests
  • Safety jackets
  • Breakaway vests
  • Flame resistant vests

A safety vest has the sole purpose of wearing. It plays a vital role in keeping workers safe by promoting visibility. Safety vests ensure to comprise materials that are versatile and offer protective properties as well. 

High visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and improves safety overall. Flame-resistant vests designed that are less likely to get exposed to combustion or fire. 

Choosing the right colors and fabric

Always choose the right colors as they can benefit the marketing aspect. Planning the electrician’s workwear is a great way to show professionalism. Colors play a pivotal role in this field as they reflect the visibility and also represent the company. Fabrics are also crucial and choose them accordingly, which offer durable, protective material, provide a certain degree of resistance and protection. 

Safety is a priority

 Always choose the uniforms which adhere to the relevant safety standard. The health and safety inspectors conduct inspections on the risk assessment and safety factors of the uniforms. Deal with reputed uniform manufacturers or dealers which offer flame-resistant clothing to the electricians. 


 A uniform plays a significant role as they represent your company. So always invest in high-quality, long-lasting uniforms, which ensure safety and durability. It is crucial to be realistic with your budget affordability and also provide protection to the workers. Make substantial investments with dealers who maintain long-term relationships with your company and offer uniforms under the budget.

The safety of skilled and unskilled workers has become a factor of primary concern. The places where electricians work, like construction sites, office spaces, are known for unexpected accidents. It is imperative to provide workwear or uniforms to electricians who are safe and suitable for construction activities.  


Business organizations must partner with notable and experienced uniform manufacturers, which give primary importance to safety. A significant question probes as to why choose RSM uniforms?  We highlight the salient features offered more priority by us, as we take the sheer responsibility of providing industrial uniforms to the workers, ensuring safety. 

  • Skin protection- Protective overalls are designed with specific materials that keep the workers safe from threats at the workplace. 
  • Body temperature- Electrician uniforms need to be made with warm materials and are also waterproof and resistant.
  • Sense of belonging among the workers while wearing the same uniforms representing the brand identity. 
  • Skin protection.
  • Safety- primary concern.
  • Comfortable workwear and visibility.

Protective workwear for electricians is crucial as it influences the safety and health of the workers. It is gaining immense importance at the workplace as it determines the safety of the workers. Safety shoes, boots, face shields, gloves, helmets are essential as it lessens the likelihood of injuries. Adherence to various laws and policies which foster safety and administration needs to be abided by.

These policies help to prevent workplace accidents and medical liability expenses. Safety clothing policies also suggest conducting training to demonstrate how to wear the equipment and avoid possible dangers or accidents. Enforcement of the rules and regulations is essential. Uniforms act as a shield for the electricians and all workers who perform the job amid the dangers. For further details, you can contact us @ Helpline – 9176 634 635 or Chennai uniforms regarding uniforms or workwear as we promise to deliver the best and reliable service. 

How To Choose The Right Catering Uniform Manufacturers Near You?

A uniform gives your company an identity, and your audience will connect with you based on your identity. There are various things you should consider while choosing the catering manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you need a catering shirt fabric, catering black trouser fabric, catering black and white checked trousers, catering black tie, or catering black and white check apron – the right manufacturer will ensure to meet all your needs. 

A uniform radiates a sense of professionality and will give you an edge over your competitors. There is a list of things that you should consider when trying to choose the right catering uniform manufacturer near you. 



The most important factor to consider when giving your brand a revamp is the quality of fabric offered by the uniform manufacturer. As a catering business, you would require a uniform that can handle the daily wear and tear and last for a longer period. Moreover, with the incoming new stains almost every hour, you will need an easy to wash and clean material. Only a uniform of good quality will be able to meet all your requirements.

Comfort is another key end goal while getting uniforms. When your staff is comfortable with what they wear, they will work more efficiently and quickly. Hence, getting a good quality uniform will eliminate any discomfort or itchiness caused by a uniform.

The print quality of the uniforms is also an important consideration – you don’t want the name of your company or logo disappearing from the uniform in no time. So, make sure to understand the complexity of your design and choose the manufacturer that will provide the best quality of prints and fabric. 


You don’t want to end up looking like just any other catering business. Every catering business must be able to choose from the various catering shirt fabric, catering black trouser fabric, catering black and white checkered trousers, catering black tie, catering black and white check apron, etc., available. Make sure to choose the uniform manufacturer who can provide you with a wide range of options for each category that can make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

There are a few uniform suppliers that offer you embroidery services. Through these services, you can get every detail of your uniform customized specifically for you.

Validity and Reliability:-

Getting a uniform involves a huge investment of time and money. Hence, you need to ensure that you are getting it done by the right company. Cross-check with their clientele base and customer feedback. The uniform manufacturer that has a trustworthy relationship with its past customers should be your preferred supplier.

Go local:-

Picking a local uniform manufacturer will give you many advantages. Firstly, there will be no extra shipping charges added to your order if you go local. Secondly, you will be able to visit the supplier in person and check for the quality of their fabric yourself. This eliminates any miscommunication or misunderstandings. It will also be easier for the supplier to understand your wants and accordingly stitch the uniform. 

On-time delivery:-

You don’t want to be running behind a supplier once you have placed an order. Ensure that you select a promising supplier who carries a good reputation for on-time delivery. Delays in the orders can interrupt your business and create trouble for you. Hence, analyzing the size of the company and the quantities in which they generally make uniforms will give you a good idea of their functionality.


Since you’re likely to give orders in bulk, you should approach a manufacturer who has been in the industry for various years. Their expertise in manufacturing uniforms will keep you relaxed and ensure that the entire process – right from placing the order to ensuring customer satisfaction will be ensured by them.

After considering all of these factors, you can be confident while making your decision in choosing the right catering uniform manufacturer near you and give your catering business a professional and stylish look. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Overcoats

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Overcoats

Uniforms come in different designs and options. Every company has different requirements. The designs and the colour code of a uniform depends on the brand and is such that it appeals to their customer crowd. Uniforms are a major part of many professional institutions and other types of organizations as they feel that their staff or students are the direct interface between the institution and the outsiders and believe that they should represent themselves at the best.


Some of the majorly seen types of uniform outfits come as shirts, skirts, parallel pants, sarees, salwars, overcoats.

Today in this blog we will see types of overcoats.

There are different varieties. Overcoats for men and women are available in a wide range. Gone are the days when overcoats are worn only on formals. The trend is matching anything with everything to create a fusion. Such is an overcoat too. These days women can be seen wearing overcoats matching it with saree uniforms and also on skirts.

Overcoats are not just a designed piece of garment but are also helpful for the working class in areas that are prone to more cold weathers. Here’s a quick guide as to how to choose overcoats for men from the various types of overcoats for men.

Some of the major fashion overcoat types for men are as follows:


It is a single breasted coat that is long and comes with long sleeves. It was a trend way back in the nineteenth century but is again finding its way into the fashion world. It can be styled on an evening suit or even professional clothing. 


Trench Coat

A trench coat is not frequently seen in countries like India where the climate is mostly humid. In other countries the light weight of the coat is taken as an advantage to be worn in autumn. It resembles that of a military coat. It is double breasted and the design has evolved over a time.

When it comes to uniforms, overcoats are worn by both men and women to compliment their overall look. For example, a chef wears a coat that resembles that of a double breasted short coat.

Did you know that there are close to thirty different types of coats as uniforms for men? Here are a few to be named:

  • Coat
  • Blazer
  • Tuxedo
  • Single-breasted overcoat
  • Double-breasted overcoat
  • Puffer coat
  • Parka Coat
  • Long Coat
  • Peacoat
  • Duffle coat
  • Duster Coat
  • Overcoat

The list goes on. Just like men, women too incorporate overcoats in their uniforms these days. Some women in uniform consider wearing a coat like men gives them equal stature and on the other hand it is also a very comfortable piece of garment to help women in colder regions stay cozy.

Also, we find fashion influencers these days curate creative ways to style overcoats for women. Modern Indian women find it charming to wear a blazer or a coat over their saree to give a bold and chic look to the entire outfit.

So to understand the types of overcoats for women, here are few examples:

  • Trench Coat – Like men, women also style trench coats with their outfits. It can be long and comes in different colours. 
  • Denim Jacket – Another frequently preferred overcoat style for women is denim jackets. The monotone shade literally makes it go well with any outfit.
  • Bomber Jacket – Bomber or biker jacket is considered chic especially in youngsters. They look smart on denim, maxi skirts and also shorts.
  • Overcoat – The typical name as it suggests, it is a coat worn over a casual outfit. It can also be styled on a formal outfit.
  • Evening coat – It is more of a single layer that just hangs loosely on the outfit. It is wont to give a better look to the entire outfit. It is more of an accessory type than serving the purpose of an actual coat.


Keeping aside the fashion part of the overcoats, as mentioned above, an overcoat gives an overall perfect look for an outfit. It brings out the best in you in terms of a professional look. Professionals wearing coats seem to look more poised and composed as the look projects so.

Tamil Nadu lockdown extended till June 14 6 AM with some relaxations

Tamil Nadu lockdown extended till June 14 6 AM with some relaxations
Tamil Nadu lockdown extended till June 14 6 AM with some relaxations
As per the press release no 229 dt 05.06.2021 Tamilnadu government extended lockdown till 6 am of June 14th with few restrictions. The following points apply to the district of Chennai
Tamil Nadu lockdown extended till June 14 6 AM with some relaxations

Tamil Nadu lockdown extended till June 14 6 AM with some relaxations

• Individual shops selling provisions, vegetables, groceries, meat and fish  can operate between 6 am and 5 pm
• Platform shops selling vegetables, fruits and flowers can operate between 6 am and 5 pm
• Wholesale fish markets and slaughter houses are allowed to open with necessary S.O.Ps
• Matchbox making industries can operate with 50% staff following necessary S.O.Ps
• All government offices will function with 30% staff
• Tokens for upto 50% capacity per day will be issued for registration in Registrar offices
• Private security offices and house keeping services will be allowed upon e-registration
• Electricians, plumbers, computer service engineers, motor technicians and carpenters etc can work between 6am and 5pm upon e-registration
• Shops selling Hardware, electrical goods, bulbs, cables, switches, wires, books and stationary, vehicles spare parts and  service and repair shops for cycle & two wheeler  can open between 6am and 5 pm
• People will be allowed to travel in rental vehicles, taxis and autos with e-pass
• Mobile vehicles selling fruits and vegetables will continue to operate

Tamil Nadu e Pass Apply Online

Tamil Nadu e Pass Apply Online


To apply for epass for people coming to Tamilnadu from a foreign county and Intra district and Inter state travel registration for Individuals and industries kindly visit the below website :

Make sure that you apply for the TN ePass only when it is very urgent. Though the Government of Tamil Nadu has offered this flexibility in lock down, it is the responsibility of the citizens not to take advantage of it. Also, while applying for the ePass, make sure to provide only valid details to stay safe from strict actions in the case of wrong information.


Best hand sanitizer in Chennai

Best hand sanitizer in Chennai
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Best hand sanitizer in Chennai

RSM Uniforms has come up with the best hand sanitizer in Chennai to fight the current pandemic situation. Keeping health and hygiene in mind there are totally 14 different products launched which will be a essential commodity for every company going forward.

1.Asian paints Viroprotek Allura

It’s a liquid hand wash which gives 99.9% germ protection in 10 seconds, 10 times better protection

with fresh citrus fragrance and to top it all the product is ph balanced.

It comes in four variants 200 ml, 1 litre, 175 ml, 750 ml.

2.Asian paints Viroprotek Assure

It’s a liquid handwash which is similar to Allura but has a pine fragrance. Similar to Allura

It comes in variants of dispensing pump, bottle and refill pouch.

3.Asian paints Viroprotek Ultra Citrus

It’s a Disinfectant floor cleaner which kills 99.9% germs has 10x cleanability and comes with a nice

fresh citrus fragrance. This comes in bottle and Jerry can format.

4.Asian paints Viroprotek Ultra Pine

This is similar to Asian paints Viroprotek Ultra Citrus but only difference is with the fragrance which is Pine instead of Citrus.

5. Asian paints Viroprotek Ultra Xtremo

It’s a disinfectant toilet cleaner with fresh misty fragrance.

6. Asian paints Viroprotek Xen lemongrass

It’s a Ayurvedic hand sanitizer and moisturizer which has a triple action of aloe vera, neem and curcumin. It’s a non-alcoholic formula and claims to soften skin.

7. Asian paints Viroprotek Xen Jasmine

It’s a ayurvedic hand sanitizer and moisturizer which has a triple action of aloe vera, neem and curcumin. It’s a non alcholic formula and claims to soften skin but has a fresh Jasmine fragrance.

8. Asian paints Viroprotek Advanced

It’s a hand sanitizer which has 75% isoproyl content which is as per the world health organization guidelines. It’s safe on skin and reinforced with clove oil for extra protection. Comes in flip top, dispensing pump and Jerry can variation.

9. Asian pants Viroprotek 200

It’s a hand sanitizer which has 66% isopropyl content which is as per the world health organization guidelines. It’s safe on skin and reinforced with clove oil for extra protection. Comes in flip top, dispensing pump and Jerry can variation.

10. Asian pants Viroprotek Advanced

It’s a hand sanitizer which has 75% isopropyl content which is as per the world health organization guidelines. It’s safe on skin and reinforced with clove oil for extra protection. Comes in flip top,, dispensing pump and Jerry can variation. Also leaves no marks or stains, fresh fragrance, easy to use, is safe on skin.

Comes in spray format too.

11. Asian pants Viroprotek 200

It’s a hand sanitizer which has 66% isopropyl content which is as per the world health organization guidelines. it’s safe on skin and reinforced with clove oil for extra protection. Comes in flip top, dispensing pump and Jerry can variation. Comes in spray format too.

12. Asian pants Viroprotek Wipe-All

Its multipurpose germ protection wipes . Its soft wipes with citrus fragrance and is safe on hands.

13. Asian pants Viroprotek Max

It’s a space disinfectant spray. It’s a disinfectant spray with enhanced chemistry. Unique measuring mechanism for accurate dilution. Its non-corrosive to human and objects.


Samsung new uniform shirting now available at RSM Uniforms

Samsung uniform shirt

Samsung new uniform shirting now available at RSM Uniforms

RSM Uniforms now have Samsung uniform shirting available made from good quality poly cotton fabric. This fabric comes in 58 inches width and is manufactured by one of the most renowned vendors of uniform manufacturing industry Unitex synthetics which owns the most popular brand Wocky Tocky.

Samsung uniform shirt

New uniform shirting cloth for Samsung

For your requirement for the uniform shirting fabric for Samsung please feel free to get in touch with us at 9176 634 635 and we would be happy to help you.


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