Tipline T shirt dealers in Chennai

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline T shirt dealers in Chennai

Tipline is a double tipped polo T shirt. Available in 12 different colors.

  1. Aqua blue with white tipping
  2. Charcoal grey with yellow tipping
  3. Beige with brown tipping
  4. Lemon yellow with black tipping
  5. Skyblue with white tipping
  6. Denim with white tipping
  7. Red with white tipping
  8. Navy blue with white tipping
  9. Grey melange with white tipping
  10. Royal blue with yellow tipping
  11. White with black tipping
  12. Black with Turquoise blue tipping

Product specification

  • Duranit cotton
  • 230 gsm
  • Soft flow dyed for guaranteed color fastness
  • Compacted pre shrunk fabric
  • Two tone twill neck tape
  • Heavy duty ribbed collar
  • Lycra ribs
  • 3 Buttons placket with bottom box stitch
  • Dyed to match buttons
  • Double needle stitch on shoulder and sleeves
  • Contrast color double tipping
  • Side slits with two tone twill tape and Bar tack stitch
  • Extra button
Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Tipline double tipped polo T shirt

Indulge in our luxurious and soft contrast double tipped Pique polo t-shirts. This classic style features contra colour double tipping on the collar and sleeve ribs, dual colour twill back neck tape and 3 button placket with self-coloured buttons for a sporty look. Crafted using fabric processed with DURANIT technology and Bio-washed with natural enzymes for strength and softness, our TIPLINE range of polo t shirts are twice as durable and colour fast as compared to conventional cotton polo t-shirts. Combine the respectability of a button-down with the comfort of a t-shirt. Wear our signature contrast polo t-shirt and shine on the golf course, or at your office on a Friday weekend, or at a night on the town.

Call us now at 8667888212 and we would be glad to assist you with your Corporate T shirt requirements.




Indian oil new uniforms in Chennai

Here are the images of new Indian oil uniforms which is a combination of Orange and beige.

Indian oil corporation uniforms

For your requirement of Indian oil uniforms please feel free to ping us at our helpline number and we would be happy to help you

White half sleeve lab coat dealers in Chennai

White half sleeves lab coat in Chennai

Are you in urgent need of white lab coat dealers in Chennai ? We at RSM Uniforms stock white lab coats in various sizes starting from size 30,32,34,36,38, upto 48 in half sleeves.

White half sleeves lab coat in Chennai

White half sleeves lab coat in Chennai

White half sleeve lab coat suppliers in Chennai

These lab coats are made from terry cotton material and come in milky white color. Your logo embroidery can be done on chest. Currently we have given lab coats to more than 200 labs and colleges across Chennai and India.

The stitching is to perfection and the coats are very comfortable to wear. The durability of the coat is atleast one year based on separate washing and how one maintains it.

We never recommend brushing on embroidery as it can loosen the threads and give a shabby look to your coat.

Wear your lab coat with pride buy it from RSM Uniforms now. We would be glad to help you with your lab coat needs.

India’s largest uniform manufacturer in Chennai

We at RSM uniforms can create a package if you are looking for uniforms for your catering college.

The catering college uniform may include a scrub for practical exam which is unisex, a chef coat in white color for students doing practical sessions, a sleeveless overcoat for not so casual occasions where uniformity matters but in a little casual way while attending everyday sessions, a crisp white t shirt for weekly once wear, an overcoat while you access the labs for your safety and a formal black blazer for your D day while you are attending an interview.

All these are available in different sizes to suit your needs and the brand logo of your catering college can be embroidered to the uniform.

For your requirement of uniforms please feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be more than happy to help you.

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen

best modern chef coat designs you should have in your kitchen

Many stereotypes prevail among us, and the stereotypes imposed on chefs are in no exception to this. 

One of the most commonly used expressions against the chefs is ‘Never trust a skinny chef.’ 

And the second most common thing or maybe the well-known fact is that they wear cooking aprons and chef coats.

Even though the latter phrase is used to refer to the fact that chefs probably need to cook delicious food, and it is evident that they put on weight by eating what they cook. 

Well, it would be absurd to normalize that as everyone’s body reacts differently despite consuming rich food and all chefs do not necessarily eat what they cook. They are fellow human beings striving to maintain good health as everyone else. 

Given that, it is also absurd to assume chefs wear loose and dull chef coats and aprons. 

Well, not all chefs wear boring apron and chef coat all the time, few styles can spice up the dressing of the chefs. 

Chef coats have evolved, and many modern chef coats designs are in the market. If you are a chef or own a restaurant willing to hire chefs, then take a look at the below for few ideas on chef coats. 

The wrap-around coat

A wrap-around coat is the most preferred modern chef coat nowadays. The chef coat has simple pins where the chefs can wrap it around and pin it. 

This gives the chefs a smart look. The coat is comfortable as well as they are attached to the body giving it the right fit and the chefs can alter it as per their wish. Not too loose or not too tight. Just the right fit to suit the chef.

The one with suspender

The chef coat with the suspenders is the most comfortable costumes the chefs can wear. They also give the chefs a sharp look. 

They usually come along with large pockets in the front, which is suitable for the chefs to have their cooking sticks, and food tasting sticks with them. 

Few commonly and frequently used ingredients can also be carried along in the pockets. 

A swift skirt along with the coat

Skirts along with coat can make a good and classy chef costume for women. 

They can pair the coat along with a straight skirt. 

This can be a comfortable and chic chef costume for women. Skirts with side pockets can also be used to for a plush attire. 

A wrap-around apron can be matched to go along well along with the skirt. 

Coat with apron and caps

A plain and straight coat can be paired along with apron and caps, and it is a chef costume that will never go off trend. 

As discussed above, chef aprons with pockets can give a much comfortable cooking experience for the chefs. Cooking sticks and frequently used cooking ingredients can be carried along in the pockets. 

Caps are generally used to cover up the hair. Given the hair fall condition that many suffer from, it is to ensure that strands of hair do not fall off in the food and other ingredients by mistake.

Appealing colours

All that we know about the chef coats is that they are in white. Chef coats can also be designed in other appealing colours to give the chefs a smart look. The most commonly used colour for chef coat is white.

But you can also update the colour and use darker colours like grey, marron and even black

Chefs work in the kitchen for a substantially extended period of time and are prone to get their coats dirty with stains from food ingredients while cooking. Hence, using a darker colour for chef coats would help in the long run, and it avoids having the stains seen visibly. 

Cravings for delicious foods will never go out of need, and likewise, chefs will always be a huge workforce. This vast workforce definitely deserves a chic outfit and ensure that you design the chef coats with care and fashion in mind. 

T-Shirts for Housing Society – RSM Uniforms Chennai

Promo Tee is one of the quick and cheapest option of uniform T shirt available at RSM Uniforms. The material is a good blend of Cotton Rich fabric and the color fastness and quality of the T shirt makes it the most sold goods at RSM Uniforms.

The Royal blue variant of Promo Tee with the logo embroidered on front and the back is the perfect choice for uniform T shirt for your house keeping staff working at your housing society. The formal and the casual blend together makes it look impressive and is very comfortable to wear.

For your requirement of uniform T shirt in other colors please click the link below :


Click on the above link for various other options of uniform T shirt available with us. For more information on the different varities of uniform t shirt that we stock feel free to visit our store now and we would be glad to help you. with your uniform T shirt requirement.


9 Ways Sharp-Looking Uniforms Can Boost Your Branding

sharp-looking uniforms can boost your branding

Having uniforms as a part of an organization’s prerequisite has been an age-old trend. But even after so many years the practise still goes on. Companies feel the need for uniforms to bring about a unique identity for their brand. Brands believe that a uniform will make them stand apart from other brands and that customers can easily identify them from amongst many other players in the market.

Uniforms, a good monotony

When it is about designing uniforms, it is not always about just fitting. It is also about design like fabric, choice of colours and much more. Making good looking uniforms will not only boost your credibility but will also make your customers proud to be working at your firm. Good uniforms will make them feel proud and bring oneness amongst the team and the staff as a whole.

First impressions last longer and so it is important that your staff wears the right kind of uniforms to grab the attention and the interest of your buyers. When a customer walks into the store, they should feel welcomed. Also, they have to find the ambience and not just that but also the staff pleasing and appealing to be able to make conversation. A sharp-looking and crisp uniforms make this happen.

Here are 9 reasons as to why should a brand incorporate good and smart looking uniforms. 

Why opt for sharp-looking uniforms

Impact on the brand image – A sharp-looking uniform can make a big difference in how someone perceives a brand.  When customers enter a showroom, they are first welcomed by the staff. Uniforms make them look presentable and humble. This can cause a positive impact on the brand.

A sense of equality and unity 

Staff amongst themselves feel more like in a group and as a team when they wear uniforms. While informal clothes can often differentiate one from the other based on how they dress-up, uniform takes away this problem by keeping them together in all ways.

Customer experience

Imagine walking into a store and finding the staff in informal clothes. Now how can a customer differentiate between other customers in the store and the staff. This will cause major problems especially when they want to seek advice or help. When a brand has uniforms for their staff, it becomes more clear and easier for customers to have a better customer experience.

A fine line between work and leisure

Civil clothes are more likely to promote the idea of being leisure. When in uniform, one feels responsible and accountable to the brand they are working for, for it is the staff that carries the brand image to its customers. They are the first interface between the customer and the brand.

Save on time and money for employees

Humans in general spend more money on buying clothes and accessories to make them look presentable and stylish. This specifically happens when they are a part of a social group. By providing uniforms, a brand eliminates unnecessary expenses for the employees. By providing uniforms they are saving them from spending unnecessarily on things to make them find acceptable or suitable in a group. Also, when employees wear heavy garments and if everyone looks different from one another there is no unity and this can hamper the brand’s image.

Boosts branding

A brand’s image is boosted when the staff look smart, elegant and presentable. Having uniforms make this happen. It creates a sense of pride and unity amongst the workers and creates a holistic environment.

Visually appealing

Dazzling clothes and unnecessary accessories can tarnish the entire motive and the reason behind starting an organization. The brand in all aspects should relate to a unique identity and this should also be the case when it comes to their staff. 

Brings uniformity and order

Unlike leisure clothes uniforms make staff look neat and in order. Uniformity is a great deal when it comes to an organization and this can be achieved through uniforms.

Brand identification

When a customer sees a brand, one thing they identify it with is the brand colours or logo. Uniforms are a great way to showcase that. All uniforms generally bear a logo, a symbol or an identification unique to the brand. This is a great way to spread the brand identity.

Having smart uniforms is a great way to get customer attention towards a brand and so one has to have a proper and prescribed staff uniform

Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India

Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India
Top 16 automobile company uniforms in India

The below are the uniforms for the top 16 automobile companies in India. RSM uniforms is a proud dealer of all kind of automobile uniforms in Chennai.

The automobile uniforms mentioned here is mostly a good blend of polyester and viscose used for the shirt as well as trouser.

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM Uniforms.  We deal with all kind of uniforms based on your requirement. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.

The Potential Of Uniform Sarees For an Organization’s Image

the potential of uniform sarees for an organization’s image

Uniforms are very important for an organization as it forms the company image. Uniforms define how an organization is and to what class are they set to. While there are a number of companies that do not believe in the institution of uniforms, there are many that are still conservative and prefer prescribed uniforms for their employees.


Not just companies but schools in India have a widely presumed belief in strongly prescribing uniforms for students. They believe it will keep students in unity with no discrimination on their status. While many schools have simple uniforms, others have the ones that make them stand apart.


Many organizations recommend their employees to appear more professional and so staunchly believe that uniforms are one of the best solutions to it. While many organizations thrive to bring out the best in class western outfits as uniforms, there are still those that prefer traditional style.


Choosing Sarees over other uniforms


Sarees have been a part of our culture since time immemorial. Uniform saree suppliers say, one of the best things about having a saree as a uniform is that it is easier to maintain and has a better outlook. Also, wholesale uniform sarees are much cheaper and cost-effective.


Another major reason for having a saree as a uniform is that it is elegant and easy to handle. Also, many Indian women do prefer saree as a uniform at their workplace as they feel that is more appropriate.


While adapting to a cultural mode of uniform is one side of the coin, it does need a few things to remember before designing it.

Here are some quick tips for companies that are planning to curate saree as a uniform for their staff.


  • The most fundamental aspect of designing a uniform is the choice of colour. While there are numerous colors available out there it is necessary to consider those that give a good appeal to the customers. Customers feel agitated when they see dazzling colours as it might not be so pleasing. The choice of colours should reflect the nature of the organization.
  • Not all fabrics are great on skin. One has to make sure that while designing uniforms, the fabric has to be such that it makes the employees feel comfortable while working. While some fabrics are skin-friendly, others are rigid and are not as smooth on the skin as it can be. This might give skin issues over a period of time.
  • A design is one of the primary reasons why many prefer having a smart and good looking uniform for their staff. A heavily designed saree uniform may pose practical trouble while working in the organization. Simple and elegant design can make things more better and comfortable for the wearer.
  • Fitting and measurements are the major pillars of designing the right uniform. While there are many designs that one can experiment with, providing the right fit for the employees is an essential requirement. Oftentimes, many organizations prefer taking a standard sized  uniform for all employees looking for some cost-cutting. While this not only gives practical discomfort for those wearing it but also can put out not so great picture of the entire organization.


Of all other types of uniforms why is it that one should opt and prefer saree as a uniform for their staff?


First things first, it is our tradition and in our culture that women wear saree. It’s more of an identity of an eastern culture. Having a saree as a uniform can boost the image of the company, lifting the image considering the importance it is giving to the country’s culture.


Another major reason is that uniform sarees when bought in wholesale save a lot of money. The fundamental design of the garment itself is such that it does not require much effort in creating the very garment.


Also, sarees promote culture and ethnicity. They can also be acquired in different designs and in a variety of fabrics. It is a cost-effective option, and easy to use and handle.

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare

Chennai suburban train timings and ticket fare


Chennai Suburban Station — Basin Bridge — Korukkupet — Tondiarpet — V.O.C Nagar — Wimco Nagar — Kathivakkam — Ennore — Attipatu Pudu Nagar — Attipattu — Nandiyambakkam — Minjur — Anuppampattu — Ponneri — Kavaraipettai — Guummudipundi — Elavur — Arambakkam — Tada — Sulurpet — Nayudupet — Gudur — Venkatachalam — Nellore



Train fare Chennai to Sullurpet Route




Chennai Suburban Station — Basin Bridge — Vyasarpadi Jiva — Perambur — Perambur Carriage works — Perambur Loco works — Villivakkam — Korattur — Pattaravakkam — Ambattur — Tirumullaivoyal — Annanur — Avadi — Hindi College — Pattabiram — Pattabiram MLY Siding — Nemilichery — Tiruninravur — Vepampattu — Sevvapettai road — Putlur — Tiruvallur — Egattur — Kadambattur — Senjipanambakkam — Manavur — Tiruvalangadu — Mosur — Arakkonam — Tiruttani — Renigunta




Train fare Chennai to Arakkonam Route



Season tickets can also be bought from the counters outside the Chennai suburban station.



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