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Catering college uniforms in Chennai

Uniform for hotel management college in Chennai

Catering college uniforms in Chennai We at RSM uniforms can create a package if you are looking for uniforms for your catering college.

The catering college uniform may include a scrub for practical exam which is unisex, a chef coat in white color for students doing practical sessions, a sleeveless overcoat for not so casual occasions where uniformity matters but in a little casual way while attending everyday sessions, a crisp white t shirt for weekly once wear, an overcoat while you access the labs for your safety and a formal black blazer for your D day while you are attending an interview.

Catering college uniforms in Chennai All these are available in different sizes to suit your needs and the brand logo of your catering college can be embroidered to the uniform.

Catering college uniforms in Chennai For your requirement of uniforms please feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be more than happy to help you.

How To Choose The Right Catering Uniform Manufacturers Near You?

A uniform gives your company an identity, and your audience will connect with you based on your identity. There are various things you should consider while choosing the catering manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you need a catering shirt fabric, catering black trouser fabric, catering black and white checked trousers, catering black tie, or catering black and white check apron – the right manufacturer will ensure to meet all your needs. 

A uniform radiates a sense of professionality and will give you an edge over your competitors. There is a list of things that you should consider when trying to choose the right catering uniform manufacturer near you. 



The most important factor to consider when giving your brand a revamp is the quality of fabric offered by the uniform manufacturer. As a catering business, you would require a uniform that can handle the daily wear and tear and last for a longer period. Moreover, with the incoming new stains almost every hour, you will need an easy to wash and clean material. Only a uniform of good quality will be able to meet all your requirements.

Comfort is another key end goal while getting uniforms. When your staff is comfortable with what they wear, they will work more efficiently and quickly. Hence, getting a good quality uniform will eliminate any discomfort or itchiness caused by a uniform.

The print quality of the uniforms is also an important consideration – you don’t want the name of your company or logo disappearing from the uniform in no time. So, make sure to understand the complexity of your design and choose the manufacturer that will provide the best quality of prints and fabric. 


You don’t want to end up looking like just any other catering business. Every catering business must be able to choose from the various catering shirt fabric, catering black trouser fabric, catering black and white checkered trousers, catering black tie, catering black and white check apron, etc., available. Make sure to choose the uniform manufacturer who can provide you with a wide range of options for each category that can make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

There are a few uniform suppliers that offer you embroidery services. Through these services, you can get every detail of your uniform customized specifically for you.

Validity and Reliability:-

Getting a uniform involves a huge investment of time and money. Hence, you need to ensure that you are getting it done by the right company. Cross-check with their clientele base and customer feedback. The uniform manufacturer that has a trustworthy relationship with its past customers should be your preferred supplier.

Go local:-

Picking a local uniform manufacturer will give you many advantages. Firstly, there will be no extra shipping charges added to your order if you go local. Secondly, you will be able to visit the supplier in person and check for the quality of their fabric yourself. This eliminates any miscommunication or misunderstandings. It will also be easier for the supplier to understand your wants and accordingly stitch the uniform. 

On-time delivery:-

You don’t want to be running behind a supplier once you have placed an order. Ensure that you select a promising supplier who carries a good reputation for on-time delivery. Delays in the orders can interrupt your business and create trouble for you. Hence, analyzing the size of the company and the quantities in which they generally make uniforms will give you a good idea of their functionality.


Since you’re likely to give orders in bulk, you should approach a manufacturer who has been in the industry for various years. Their expertise in manufacturing uniforms will keep you relaxed and ensure that the entire process – right from placing the order to ensuring customer satisfaction will be ensured by them.

After considering all of these factors, you can be confident while making your decision in choosing the right catering uniform manufacturer near you and give your catering business a professional and stylish look. 

T shirt for company uniform suppliers in Chennai

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai
Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

T shirt for company uniform suppliers in Chennai

Check out RSM Uniforms. We supply T shirts, Uniform shirts, Security uniforms, Aprons, Chef coats , Trousers and many more stuffs related to uniforms. Come up with your requirement in bulk and we would also be able to cater the same for you.

When it comes to uniforms in Chennai think RSM Uniforms your complete uniform solution expert in Chennai. The store is located in godown street Chennai and is a hub of textile market. We are growing stronger and better each day and are in a mission to create innovative and easily investement products for your brand.

This is a dark navy blue best quality Fastees brand t shirt with company logo – Kookmate made for Kookmate catering company in Chennai. We offer easy solutions for your requirement of uniforms. Please visit our store with your requirement and we will make sure you are delighted with your choice of uniforms at RSM.

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Your Ultimate Checklist When Consulting Catering Uniform Suppliers

Savouring good food is something that everyone loves. The love and desire for good food are never dying, and so many businesses in the food industry often grow tremendously. Of so many different businesses available, one of the most prominent ones is the catering business. For any occasion having more than 15 people, they prefer giving the food order to a caterer. This is because convenience always stands on top priority. Catering businesses to comply with as many orders as they receive. 

If you are one of them, then keep reading as we have something special for you in the blog. Most caterers adhere to having a uniform for their staff. This, they believe, will bring oneness and a sense of unity among the cooks. Another primary reason is that it helps keep the workers out of danger from hot items if at all it trips on them.

Today in this blog, we will see the few critical things that one should consider when approaching a catering uniform supplier.

Right Fabric

The foremost important aspect of choosing the right kitchenware for your staff is to select the right fabric. The fabric should be stain resistant, easily washable and robust enough to protect the cooks from any unforeseen heat from the cooking process. Choose materials that do not readily absorb fire. Make it rigid so your staff can work uninterruptedly.


Every company has a kind, and it is up to you to create a style that will make your brand stand out. This is the 101 of the checklist to follow strongly when you reach out to a catering uniform supplier. You can take the advice from their designer to curate a distinctive uniform style for your staff.

Brand identity

When it comes to creating uniforms, brand identity is the foremost important aspect. Along with style, you should also make sure that there is one distinctive element that makes your brand unique and helps customers identify your brand quickly. This can be a printed logo or an embroidered name of the company. It can also be a badge or any other thing. Consult with the wholesale catering uniform supplier before you create your uniforms from them.

Comfort is everything

Working in the kitchen can be too tiring as you are regularly exposed to heat and sweat. For this reason, it is essential that the person working is comfortable enough in their clothes to keep one unnecessary worry away. A chef can work efficiently only when the uniform or the dress they wear is comfortable for them. This has to be made sure as an uncomfortable design or a dress pattern can hinder their workflow, and this might give a bad result in the output. 

Quality and resistance power

Quality is crucial when it comes to kitchen uniforms. Buy from only reputed wholesale kitchen apparels manufacturers. Never compromise with the quality of the product as it can even lead to even tarnishing of your brand image. Quality is also essential to make sure that the fabric or the dress is resistant to stain and rigid marks. Since working in the kitchen means dealing with grease and other challenging items that don’t easily wash off, it is vital to have a proper quality check and control before letting the mass production begin. This can also save a large amount of money.

Fit and feel

Speaking of fit and feel, being comfortable is vital, especially when you are at a place where you have to work the whole day dealing with fire sweat and other tiring things. When your employee’s uniform is not fit, they might feel uncomfortable, and so this can hamper their work. Being fit means a uniform with the right measurements, good quality of fabric that does not itch or poke the skin, and so on.

Durability and grip

The uniform that you order with a wholesale kitchen uniform supplier should be long-lasting and exceptionally durable to withstand harmful elements from the kitchen. If it is not durable enough, you will have to purchase new ones again, and this can mean extra cost.


Decide what accessories your people should wear? This can be anything from a chef cap to gloves to coats to a name badge or so on. Consult with a uniform supplier on what are the various options and styles available.

Cost and delivery

Last but not least, have a thorough discussion of the cost per piece and cost when ordered in a large number. If it seems to be pricey to you try and negotiate. Also, make sure the quality is worth the price that you are paying the wholesale kitchen apparel supplier. Discussing the delivery is also extremely important. Fix a date and get an agreement written that the date will deliver your product.

These are some of the most basic checklists that you have to follow when consulting a catering uniform supplier.

Waist coat for catering uniforms

Waist coat for catering uniforms Rsm uniforms make waist coats in various colors that can be used by catering companies and colleges in India. The waist coats are made from Terry cotton and poly viscose cloth and gives a very professional look.

For your requirement of uniforms or waist coats please feel free to discuss with us at 9176634635.

Waist coat for catering uniforms Happy to help you.


DARK NAVY BLUE UNIFORM WAISTCOAT FOR CATERING INDUSTRY RSM uniforms at Chennai is leading the way in providing smart uniform solution.We are built on the values of integrity and service and committed to function completely according to the set rules and regulations in the industry.

According to RSM Uniform,If you are in the hospitality industry, appearance matters a lot as you have to interact with customers daily. A right type of work attire can help you to project your professional image and also the brand value of your catering industry.

We have with us an assortment of waiter uniforms that are available in various sizes, colors and designs. Our range is specially designed using the latest machines and are highly comfortable, shrinkage free and easy to wash. Available at cost effective prices, these uniforms are also provided with stitched logo or other customized specifications of our clients.

DARK NAVY BLUE UNIFORM WAISTCOAT FOR CATERING INDUSTRY The number says it all as RSM uniforms has high satisfied customers and have made firm impression in people’s mind as they resonate think uniforms think RSM.If you too want to be a satisfied customer please call us and order at 9176634635 or mail us at


CHEF COAT FOR BAREFOOT RESORT, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI RSM Uniform at Chennai is South India’s largest uniform manufacturers. Our uniforms don’t hold back, neither should you. Cafes, fast food chains, restaurants and catering companies are expected to deliver on quality and RSM uniform is the right partner in helping you get there.

We have designed a collection exclusively based on your needs. We offer a wide range of uniforms that allows your staff to look polished and professional ranging from the head chef right down to the delivery guy.

We are proud to supply the double breasted chef coat with contrast collar and pocket piping in black to the Barefoot Resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands . Remember the quality and design of your uniform can mean the difference between success and failure. Be proud of what you do and take pride in what you wear.

CHEF COAT FOR BAREFOOT RESORT, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI Choose RSM uniform and we’ll take it from there.To order please call us at 9176634635 or mail us at


RSM uniforms in Chennai places confidence in the spirit of the team that transforms good restaurants into great ones. With our wear and your journey anything is possible. We are Cooking, Together.

The chef coat is a durable and wrinkle resistant fabric which is made of poly cotton blend .It is a double breasted white coat giving enough room for air flow and full sleeved.The restaurant logo can be printed or embroidered and the coat can be custom made .

Come join the original Chef wear team RSM uniform in Chennai- outfitting those who work as Line Cooks, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Servers, Bartenders, Waiters and Culinary School hopefuls to make things happen every day.Please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Catering uniforms suppliers in India !!

We at RSM Uniforms have catering college uniforms readily available with us. We stock white shirts readymade and also the white shirting fabrics in different blends, we store black and black and white checks trousers readymade in different sizes and also the fabric and we also have black ties readily available with us. Other than these fabrics we also have black blazers and navy blue blazers for both men and women readily available with us. Do you have a requirement of Catering uniforms in India ?

Catering uniforms in India

Catering uniforms in India

We can also make Chef coats and chef caps depending on your budget.Call us now for your requirement of Catering uniforms and we would be glad to assist you.

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