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Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Different kind of overcoats white full sleeves like a doctor coat and sleeveless plain navy blue coat were made for Jasmine beauty school in Rajahmundry.

The beauty school approached us for overcoats and customized aprons for the staffs and students and we did the best of our job to deliver them doctor coats of full length, sleeveless coats for their housekeeping staffs and customized full aprons with a combo of black and pink border for their working staff at the school.

The delivery of the parcel was done via SRMT transport as that was very feasible and cost friendly.

Customized doctor coat with pink hint on the collar, waist coats for the reception staff, white lab coats for the students where the other things delivered to them.

There were two logos given to us one for the school and another for the clinic and we had to understand each requirements minutely before proceeding with the logo embroidery on the garment.

There are times when the understanding of requirement becomes a challenge due to lack of communication so we make sure we double check or tripel check before making the embroidery on the garment and also in understanding the requirement of uniforms from the customer.

Be assured on the goods that RSM Uniforms will deliver you as we do things with passion and commitment. If your business flourishes by wearing our uniforms we would be the most happiest entity in knowing this.

Super market uniforms for gents and ladies

RSM uniforms stocks up uniform sleeveless coat and t shirt in similar colours that can be used both by gents and ladies staff working at super markets.

For ladies we stock up sleeveless coat which can be worn over any attire and for gents we have different blends of t shirts available in solid colours based on your needs.

We are experts in doing brand logo embroidery so be very sure on the final result of the logo on the garment.

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM uniforms.

Sleeveless supermarket uniforms manufacturers in Chennai

Supermarket uniforms in Chennai

Sleeveless super market overcoats in more than 10 different colours is available at RSM uniforms.

We stock sleeveless overcoat in plain solid colours as well as combination of dual colours in coats.

These coats are made from Terry cotton material and suitable to wear over any existing attire of yours .

We have stocked up the sleeveless coats in different sizes of S M L XL and XXL.

The sleeveless overcoat in the picture is for Reliable hyper mart made in heavy quality fiber dyed material with red combo of piping done on the sleeve edge and also on the two below pockets.

The branding is done using embroidery both on front and back.

Please ping us on our helpline number 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you with your uniform requirement.

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Overcoats

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Overcoats

Uniforms come in different designs and options. Every company has different requirements. The designs and the colour code of a uniform depends on the brand and is such that it appeals to their customer crowd. Uniforms are a major part of many professional institutions and other types of organizations as they feel that their staff or students are the direct interface between the institution and the outsiders and believe that they should represent themselves at the best.


Some of the majorly seen types of uniform outfits come as shirts, skirts, parallel pants, sarees, salwars, overcoats.

Today in this blog we will see types of overcoats.

There are different varieties. Overcoats for men and women are available in a wide range. Gone are the days when overcoats are worn only on formals. The trend is matching anything with everything to create a fusion. Such is an overcoat too. These days women can be seen wearing overcoats matching it with saree uniforms and also on skirts.

Overcoats are not just a designed piece of garment but are also helpful for the working class in areas that are prone to more cold weathers. Here’s a quick guide as to how to choose overcoats for men from the various types of overcoats for men.

Some of the major fashion overcoat types for men are as follows:


It is a single breasted coat that is long and comes with long sleeves. It was a trend way back in the nineteenth century but is again finding its way into the fashion world. It can be styled on an evening suit or even professional clothing. 


Trench Coat

A trench coat is not frequently seen in countries like India where the climate is mostly humid. In other countries the light weight of the coat is taken as an advantage to be worn in autumn. It resembles that of a military coat. It is double breasted and the design has evolved over a time.

When it comes to uniforms, overcoats are worn by both men and women to compliment their overall look. For example, a chef wears a coat that resembles that of a double breasted short coat.

Did you know that there are close to thirty different types of coats as uniforms for men? Here are a few to be named:

  • Coat
  • Blazer
  • Tuxedo
  • Single-breasted overcoat
  • Double-breasted overcoat
  • Puffer coat
  • Parka Coat
  • Long Coat
  • Peacoat
  • Duffle coat
  • Duster Coat
  • Overcoat

The list goes on. Just like men, women too incorporate overcoats in their uniforms these days. Some women in uniform consider wearing a coat like men gives them equal stature and on the other hand it is also a very comfortable piece of garment to help women in colder regions stay cozy.

Also, we find fashion influencers these days curate creative ways to style overcoats for women. Modern Indian women find it charming to wear a blazer or a coat over their saree to give a bold and chic look to the entire outfit.

So to understand the types of overcoats for women, here are few examples:

  • Trench Coat – Like men, women also style trench coats with their outfits. It can be long and comes in different colours. 
  • Denim Jacket – Another frequently preferred overcoat style for women is denim jackets. The monotone shade literally makes it go well with any outfit.
  • Bomber Jacket – Bomber or biker jacket is considered chic especially in youngsters. They look smart on denim, maxi skirts and also shorts.
  • Overcoat – The typical name as it suggests, it is a coat worn over a casual outfit. It can also be styled on a formal outfit.
  • Evening coat – It is more of a single layer that just hangs loosely on the outfit. It is wont to give a better look to the entire outfit. It is more of an accessory type than serving the purpose of an actual coat.


Keeping aside the fashion part of the overcoats, as mentioned above, an overcoat gives an overall perfect look for an outfit. It brings out the best in you in terms of a professional look. Professionals wearing coats seem to look more poised and composed as the look projects so.

11 Trendy Sleeveless Uniform Outfits To Make Your Style

11 Trendy Sleeveless Uniform Outfits To Make Your Style

Everybody wishes to be glamorous and classy. Isn’t it? Trying new trendy outfits provides an opportunity to try something new and explore. It is significant for people as it helps them celebrate their individuality. Even at the workplace, having uniformity and trying something new with outfits keeps the employees productive and more focused. The uniform carries the logo of the company as well as dignity. People are always ready to keep up with the current trends, crazes and be prepared for whatever life throws at them. We all like being updated and flaunt our personalities with different styles and stand separate from the crowd. Science says the clothes we wear affect our personality, self-esteem, and confidence. It is imperative to have a piece of knowledge about the ongoing buzz and the trends and ensure we stand united when it comes to the workplace as uniforms reflect the company image, brand image, and position. It is a sign of their unity and culture and creates a sense of equality and belonging. 

Let us look at the 11 trendy Sleeveless uniform outfits to make your style: 

Solid lightweight waistcoat

For preppy styling, women can try out the sleeveless waistcoat with trousers or skirts. A waistcoat over a shirt gives a super cool and trendy look. This has increasingly become popular over the years, predominantly black sleeveless waistcoat. Gives a fashion sense and a great look and feel. Mismatching your waistcoat with trousers also sounds excellent. There is a variety of waistcoats under the category of sleeveless coats for women. This adds to the formality and adds up to the look. The receptionists can wear it, other staff members as well. 

Open front sleeveless blazer

Some of the jackets have an open- front notched lapel, sleeveless with two mock zip pockets, which is in trend among businesswomen. This is also one among the category of sleeveless coats for women. 

Sleeveless reversible shrug/jacket /waistcoat

Under this category of waistcoats, the rayon one is popular among women. Shrugs are found most trendy and comfortable among women. There is a wide variety among shrugs, waistcoats. The collection is also vast, and the price is also reasonable. It can be paired with Indian, western, or fusion outfits, and you are ready for an outing. It is usually used in restaurants, dhaba’s where the staff wears the authentic outfit. 

Ladies double-breasted tunic

This is a complete comfort during working, and many organizations use this for their women staff. 

V- necked jacket for women

It is comfortable, simple as well as fashionable. It can be paired with leggings, casual pants. It is suitable for casual, office, or daily wear. It is a simple style that enables you to show your charm. Popular among the sleeveless coat for women. Most suitable for the office wear for the high-level employees to ensure uniformity. 

Semi-sheer sleeveless longline ethnic jacket

This can be paired with palazzo, leggings, jeans. Different accessories can be tried to enhance the look of the outfit. 

Sleeveless medieval vest long trench overcoat

They are comfier, lighter, and fashionable outfit or uniform. It is usually worn over the outer clothes in cold weather. There is a variety among the sleeveless trench coat among men.

Long double-breasted trench coat 

Found in different colours and variety. It can be paired with raw denim jeans. It adds to the layer, fabric and gives a modern approach as it drapes nicely. Gives a casual and relaxed feeling. There is a variety in the women’s section as well for sleeveless trench coats.

Housekeeping uniforms are available in various styles of assortments. It includes pants, aprons, gloves, dresses, etc. The employees feel like a “one unit” and is a sense of pride and united feeling. 

Sleeveless housekeeping tunics and shirts

The housekeeping staff must wear uniforms that look good and represents the organization and the brand image. There are a variety of housekeeping uniforms. It is perfect for catering, housekeeping, beauty spas, and the medical environment. 

Housekeeping vests

To ensure perfect fit and size, it has adjustable vest ties. It is comfortable and has a flawless look for style and uniformity. Designed for all housekeeping environments, these vests add a touch to the class.

Housekeeping aprons

They are pretty handy and easy to use during housekeeping work. There is a variety under this category of housekeeping sleeveless coats. There are three pockets which are waist-rounded apron. Available in different colours to suit every establishment, hospitality industry, especially the straight-line aprons with durable material, pockets to keep the writing instruments, check books, etc. 

The importance of uniform dressing is evident as it sets the bar and the company’s image as well. Trying new stylish outfits keeping uniformity in mind, is good. It enhances brand awareness, and recognition as the customers remember your brand when trying something new and modern. It is a way through which your professionalism and first impression are maintained. 

Sleeveless overcoat manufacturers in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Sleeveless overcoat manufacturers in Chennai


Now you can by wearing our uniforms. We at Rsm uniforms can give you a complete package on different categories of uniforms required for your employees.

Initially were little skeptical on what would be the quality and how would the branding look. But once they purchased uniforms from us they have become our happy customer and have placed order for the uniforms again.

For us the most important thing that matters is the trust that the customer gains after walking into our store.

T shirt given is Promotee which is budget friendlly and sleevelese overcoat is plain black for all the employees at

We would never misguide a customer be it for one or thousand pieces. Only thing we require from your side is ample time to understand that making uniforms requires precison and effort. Call us now 9176634635 to know more about the different uniform option that we have at our store.


HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM OVERCOATS IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORMS CHENNAI RSM uniform at Chennai is one of the leading manufacturers of workwear, chef wear and medical wear with uncompromising functionality, reliability and affordability.We are an expert at what we do. We are a skilled manufacturer with fabric and garment expertise. We are also a specialist when it comes to supplying garments that are able to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering. Only when a garment exceeds the expectations of our customers, we can be satisfied.
You can see a v neck sleeveless green colour house keeping overcoat with adjustable belt , white colour piping on armholes and logo embedded in contrast yellow colour supplied by RSM uniform to one of our contented customer Rahman Supermarket chain in Chennai.
HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM OVERCOATS IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORMS CHENNAI We are open for any customization , for any query and to place order please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Maid uniforms suppliers in Chennai

Maid uniforms suppliers in Chennai
RSM uniform at Chennai has set the barometer for creating a selection of high-quality, tenacious and captivating professional work clothes for the uniform industry. RSM uniform continues to meet the urge of today’s industries, by making industrial work uniform in Chennai with comfort, durability and the largest selection of styles and sizes. RSM uniform understands that hard work deserves high quality. That’s why we are the only choice for work clothes and quality uniforms.
From among the various sectors which RSM uniform deals in with one such is Housekeeping uniforms. It involves overcoats with or without sleeves, aprons and shirts.The image shown is of a overcoat that RSM uniform has recently supplied to the KMS Aqua firm.The name of the firm is embedded in contrast yellow colour  and piping is given with light blue colour on sleeves and pockets.
If you have any further query or requirement we are always there to help you . Do not hesitate to call us at 9176634635/9789944375 or can mail us at


Maroon Sleeveless Overcoats for Silverstore in Chennai- Rsm Uniforms Chennai
RSM Uniform at Chennai is conceived with the idea of dressing Employees as the actual brand ambassadors of the company mindset, taking into account that pricing is not an obstacle when choosing Uniform.
Designed by our skillful personnel, our range of overcoat uniforms are available in various designs, colors and sizes. Manufactured using the premium quality fabric, these uniforms feature perfect and comfortable fitting, durable stitching and color fastness. Also provided with stitched logo of clients, these are offered at most competitive prices.The image is of one such Uniform Overcoat supplied to a silver store in Chennai.
RSM uniform is leading the way in providing smart uniform solutions. Be proud to join us by calling us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Uniform supplier since 1985 in Chennai

Facility management uniform suppliers in Chennai
Uniform supplier since 1985 in Chennai
Pest Control Uniforms- RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI:  More Than Just A Fancy Shirt, T-shirt or Overcoat, one of the most important assets of any business is its people. In the pest control industry, this is no different. So why not take steps to keep your exterminator safe while on the job? That’s where pest control uniforms come in.
While safety should always be the primary concern, uniforms offer other benefits. Not only will uniforms protect your team, but uniforms also help keep your clients happy and grow your business.
RSM uniform has provided polo t-shirt and overcoat to The Home Team facilities management service an uniform solution with embroidered brand name for their staff.
Visit our uniforms page today and set the tone for your establishment.For any query please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at
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