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Uniform housekeeping Shirt manufacturers in India !!

Housekeeping Shirts in different colors and designs are always available at RSM Uniforms. You need to choose the design, let us know the quantity of uniform shirts required and also if any customization is required. Based on your need these housekeeping shirts can be manufactured that would not only be durable but also would suit your budget.

Uniform shirt – Half sleeves

For your requirement of housekeeping uniform shirts call us now. We are here to know your uniform requirements.

Sleeveless unisex Housekeeping coat supplier in India

RSM Uniforms now have sleeveless overcoats in stock with them in ten different colors. These overcoats are made from terry cotton material and is of thick quality specifically suited for Housekeeping uniforms. These uniforms can be made according to your pattern in many different colors according to your requirement.

Sleeveless overcoat Suppliers in Chennai

The best 10 colors of Sleeveless overcoats are always readily available with us. Kindly drop into our office or call us now at 9176634635 for your requirement of uniforms. Happy to help you.

Terry Cotton overcoats in Chennai !!

Mustard color overcoats were made for Thangam Maligai Mandapam staffs in Chennai. The color mustard was looking bright and to top on the embrodiery was done from golden color thread with the font in Tamil. These overcoats can be used by both men and women and have durability of atleast one year provided if washed with care.

Unisex Overcoat

Unisex Overcoat

The terry cotton material is little hard initially but becomes softer as and when washed. There are more colors available as per your brand requirement. The best way to reach us is through Whatsapp at 9176634635. Happy to assist you with your uniform needs.


Overcoats made from Terry Cotton material in Chennai

Whatever your profession be make a statement by wearing uniforms from RSM Uniforms. The uniforms that we provide are affordable and are extremely comfortable.

Housekeeping overcoats are available with us in different colors and sizes. Soon we are also launching sleeveless overcoats that are elegant and more conveinieint to wear.

Uniform overcoats

Uniform overcoats

Here is a Navy blue overcoat made from poly cotton material. This is also available with us in various other colors and sizes depending on your requirement. The brand logo can be printed or embroidered as per your need.

Call us now for the housekeeping uniforms that you have always been looking for. Visit our website to know about the other products that we manufacture.

Sleeveless overcoat suppliers in India

RSM Uniforms have now stocked Sleeveless overcoats made out of best quality terry cotton material. These coats are available in nine different colors and has a suitable contrast to make it look elegant.

Sleeveless overcoats

Sleeveless overcoats

These sleeveless overcoats can be used in housekeeping by both men and women. These are easy to wash and gives a good feel to the one who wears it.

Sleeveless overcoats

Sleeveless overcoats

For your requirement of Sleeve overcoats in Chennai please call us now.

Sleeveless overcoats

Sleeveless overcoats

We have nine different colors of sleeveless overcoats in two sizes of L and XL. Happy to help.

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

Uniform Housekeeping Chudidars in India !!

As the proverb goes that “Necessity is the mother of invention” the poly viscose fabric and terry cotton fabric can be used to make Uniform chudidars for housekeeping or security lady staff working at your company.

These housekeeping uniforms chudidars consist of Top made from Poly Visocse or Poly Cotton fabric, the bottom made from Spun/ Terry Cotton cloth and Overcoat made from Spun or Terry Cotton fabric.

Housekeeping Three piece Chudidars in India

Housekeeping Three piece Chudidars in India

There are 100 different colors of Spun, Poly viscose and terry cotton cloth available with us. Choose from the different colors of fabric, blend it, do the mix and match and come out with a new uniform based on your choice.

What are you waiting for ? Call us now for housekeeping uniform chudidars in India and we would be happy to help you. Our customer care number is 9176634635.

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