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How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

How Custom Suit Manufacturers Can Up Your Style Quotient

Suits have been a staple in men’s wardrobe since the Industrial ages. Over the centuries, the suit has morphed into a symbol of class, professionalism and the gentleman’s way. Not only did suits evolve over time, they also branched out into diverse forms. From coat suits for men to the timeless tuxedos, there’s a cut for every man out there. There’s one facet of this evolution containing vast potential, though it goes relatively unnoticed. Every evolution comes with adaptation, and the story of the suit fits this rule to the T.

The Suit Manufacturer Way

As with any article of clothing, there are always big-ticket names in the field. Some prefer the local touch through brands like Raymond. Yet others opt for international finesse, with timeless names like Hugo Boss. It’s a question of individual tastes and sartorial choices. What’s the other side to this equation? Tailored suits.

Sure, buying readymade is cool and always a trusty option. On the other side, there’s a world of versatile customization for suits. After all, your suit should be a perfect fit for you in more ways than one, right? Even a minuscule detail can be the difference between looking sharp or looking drab in your suit. Thankfully, custom suit manufacturers are always around to save the day. 

Signature Suits

Suits are priced on the higher end of the male apparel spectrum. With that in mind, it may sound counterintuitive to go with a suit tailor-made for you. If you want your every penny’s worth, isn’t it better to go with a big brand than with a readymade suit manufacturer? We’re going to make our case for why the latter would actually be the ideal choice if you’re in the market for a stylish suit. Never underestimate the power of customization!

Aside from the usual measurements and fittings, suit manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction with the piece you get. It’s this attitude of going above and beyond for value addition that gives these clothing suppliers a distinct edge over the other side.

Suitable Value

– Right off the bat, the premier feature that comes with customized suits is exactly that. Customization opens up a plethora of options for tailoring based on your preferences. 

– What does this mean for your style quotient? It gives your rack of suits a truly personal touch. As suits are arguably the best representative of a man’s style statement, it’s vital to look sharp, isn’t it?

– Aside from this, readymade suit manufacturers just can’t match the level of quality assurance that custom suit makers can offer. It’s a personal touch FOR you, from the tailors. 

– In terms of accentuating your style, custom suits can do a lot through just a few subtle flourishes. You can definitely get a lot of eyeballs to turn as a dapper dresser. You just have to play your cards right.

A Perfect Fit

What do you picture when you think of a suit’s style quotient? Clearly, it boils down to a few elemental aspects of the suit’s design.

  • The Fabric
  • The Cut
  • The Patterns
  • The Comfort

With a suit brought straight off the retail store, you usually have to compromise on a few of these factors. It’s always annoying when you find a perfectly fitting suit, only to discover it has an excessively tacky pattern. That’s where custom suit manufacturers can swoop in and save the day for you. How? Take a look for yourself. 

Fabric Selection is a major point that custom suit tailors focus on to give you maximum value. Most will offer only the best quality fabric that perfectly blends comfort and finesse.

Pocket Placement is yet another way that suit manufacturers can up the ante in terms of style. Here, it’s a classic mix of functionality and aesthetic.

– The Design of the suit is another crucial aspect to account for here. It’s often the first thing that people notice about a suit! Around the shoulders, the seams, and the inner lining, it’s all an ensemble.

Having all these factors tailor-made to your liking can work wonders for your style quotient. Each one of your suits can be perfectly unique to you, helping you exude confidence flawlessly. 

RSM has made a niche for itself as a top-calibre supplier for coat suits for men, whether for work or casual use. Still wondering whether going custom-made is the right call? Waste no time and place your order now!

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

New Landmark for RSM Uniforms in Godown street – Right opp. to Karur Vysya Bank !!

Hello visitors its great to share with you all that our office RSM Uniforms located in 1st floor of Amex arcade complex has got a new landmark in form of Karur Vysya Bank in Godown street.

Godown street uniform wholesalers, Uniforms for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporates and Hotels - All types of Uniform in Godown street, Parrys

Karur Vysya Bank – New landmark in Godown street

It would be easy to locate our store now and we would be glad if you could walk in to our shop with your Uniform requirements.

Baratlaw trousers for lawyers in Chennai !!

Do you aspire to be a lawyer ? Are you already a lawyer by profession ?  We at RSM Uniforms have something for the lawyers and the lawyers to be in Chennai.

Trouser fabric for Lawyers in Chennai !!

Trouser fabric for Lawyers in Chennai !!

The lawyer trouser fabric in the name of “Baratlaw” is the professional uniform trouser that lawyers wear in Chennai. We have a large stock of Baratlaw uniform trouser fabric in Chennai. For complete details on the blend and the price of this 58 ” Width fabric get in touch with us at 044-25386319.


Trouser fabric in Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms stock fancy suiting fabric for making trousers in lump, than and bit format from different mills at very affordable rates in Chennai.

The blend used for the fancy suiting fabric is polyester, polyester viscose and polyester visocse with wool mix. These Suiting fabrics comes in three different formats based on your requirement :

Trouser fabrics in Chennai

Trouser fabrics in Chennai

1. Lump – Aprrox 100 meters for bulk buyers

2. Than – 13 meters per color for assorted buyers like textile showrooms

3. Bit – 1.30 cut bit formats for assorted buyers like textile showrooms and retail purpose.

For any requirement of Trouser fabric in Chennai for own use or for company uniforms in Chnenai contact us at 9176634635.