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Title: “Elevate Your Culinary Style with S.V Hospitality’s Signature Chef Coat from RSM Uniform in Chennai”



Introduction : In the realm of culinary arts, every chef understands the importance of professionalism, and a chef’s coat is an essential element of their attire. A chef’s coat not only provides a distinctive look but also serves practical purposes in the bustling kitchen environment. S.V Hospitality, a name synonymous with excellence in the hospitality industry, has teamed up with RSM Uniform, one of Chennai’s leading chef coat suppliers, to offer a signature white coat with black and white checks.  we’ll explore the features and benefits of this chef coat, shedding light on why it’s the preferred choice for both men and women in the culinary world.

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               1. The Perfect Blend: Terry Cotton Fabric 
    • Chef coats are subjected to the rigors of the kitchen, making fabric choice crucial.
    • S.V Hospitality’s chef coat features terry cotton, a versatile and comfortable fabric.
    • Discover the benefits of terry cotton, including breathability and durability.
  1. Unisex Elegance
    • S.V Hospitality’s chef coat is designed to be unisex, catering to the diverse workforce in the hospitality industry.
    • Explore the design elements that make it suitable for both men and women.
    • The importance of a comfortable and flattering fit for chefs of all genders.
  2. The Distinctive Look
    • The striking black and white checks set this chef coat apart.
    • Discuss the importance of a distinct appearance in the culinary field.
    • How the design represents professionalism and precision.
  3. Personalized Touch: Logo Embroidery
    • S.V Hospitality’s chef coat offers the option of logo embroidery on the chest.
    • The significance of branding in the hospitality industry.
    • The process of getting your logo elegantly embroidered.
  4. Functionality Matters: Pockets and Buttons
    • An in-depth look at the chef coat’s functionality.
    • The inclusion of pockets for convenience in carrying essential tools.
    • The importance of quality buttons in chef coats and their role in overall durability.
  5. Find Your Perfect Fit: Size Range
    • S.V Hospitality and RSM Uniform offer sizes from 36 to 44.
    • The significance of selecting the right size for comfort and mobility.
    • Tips for measuring and choosing the perfect size.
  6. S.V Hospitality and RSM Uniform
    • Highlight the collaboration between S.V Hospitality and RSM Uniform.
    • Discuss RSM Uniform’s reputation as a trusted chef coat supplier in Chennai.
    • The importance of partnering with reliable suppliers in the hospitality industry.
  7. Conclusion
    • Sum up the key points about the S.V Hospitality chef coat from RSM Uniform.
    • Emphasize the blend of style, comfort, and functionality.
    • Encourage chefs to elevate their culinary journey with this exceptional chef coat.
    • “Transform your uniform game. Contact us at 866 7888 212 or explore for fresh ideas.”

How To Choose The Perfect Chef Uniform in the Hospitality Industry

how to choose the perfect chef uniform

How to choose the perfect chef uniform

How To Choose The Perfect Chef Uniform in the Hospitality Industry Of all the avenues of work, the gourmet industry holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. Day in and day out, the chefs and waiters slog in the kitchen, churning out delectable dishes that make many people’s day. It’s safe to say that chefs are indispensable members of the hospitality industry! However, where do the chef apparel suppliers factor into this picture? You’d be surprised to know that they hold equal importance in a chef’s day-to-day activities! Want to know how? Let’s understand the significance of a chef’s attire before we dig deeper.

The Chef’s Touch

Everybody recognises the universal symbol for a chef: their unique hats. Did you know that a chef’s hat is called a toque? The toque is an essential aspect of the entire chef ensemble. The next identifying factor of chef attire is the pure white colour of the clothing. Doesn’t it sound counterintuitive to have an all-white colour for a field that’s so prone to stains and smears?

Here’s another fun fact for you: chef apparel suppliers make chef coats white because white is an absorbent colour. 

The Bigger Picture

When they’re part of a larger organisation, chefs must look sharp while they’re on the job. In these scenarios, chef uniforms are usually double-breasted coats made of robust fabric that can withstand the hustle and bustle of a kitchen environment. 

Let’s take a look at the essential elements of a quality chef uniform in today’s world.

  • The name label
  • The accessories (pockets, etc.)
  • The fabric
  • The apron (optional)
  • The hat

As you can see, chef attire consists of a well-rounded kit. In large organisations in the hospitality sector, the staff uniforms must represent the pinnacle of excellence in service that the brand stands for. In today’s scenario, opting for the services of a chef apparel supplier is your best bet. Not only does it get the job done efficiently, but it also comes with a plethora of customisation options. What makes these apparel suppliers the go-to pick for the hospitality industry? To answer that, we have a guide for you in selecting the best chef uniform for your establishment!

The Chef Apparel Supplier Guide

1)Always check the fabric quality beforehand

The quality and durability of the fabric are of paramount importance to a chef’s profession. Usually, chef uniforms are made out of sturdy material that can withstand heat, stains and general wear and tear. Additionally, the chef uniform also has to hold up against repeated washes, for sanitation purposes.

2)Specify the accessories that you will require

Chef apparel suppliers often take the liberty to discuss with you the intricacies of the uniforms you need. This runs the gamut from extra pockets to special fittings on the apron to hold particular knives in place. You can place these custom orders with your wholesale uniform supplier well in advance from order delivery. Every chef has their own signature touch, so it’s essential to guarantee their comfort while they’re busy at work.

3)Take the time to talk branding

When you’re placing your order with the chef apparel supplier, make a clear mention of the branding element positioning. The logo, the chef name, and any other accents (on the toque, for instance) can be placed either through embroidery or printing. Premier chefs wear their names with pride on their coats, but there are other ways to do it too! Finalize a design layout and talk to your supplier about it. 

4)Ensure you get decent supply

As a chef, having just a couple of chef coats ready is never going to be adequate. Gourmet cooking is a job that requires chefs to be on their toes, dealing with tastes and smells of all kinds. It goes without saying that the chefs will be needing an ample amount of uniforms, sometimes even over the course of a single day! Wholesale suppliers can get you exclusive deals on bulk orders of chef coats, so ensure that you’ve set an order total before you sign on the dotted line.

The Complete Package

Today’s chefs uphold a certain standard of quality in terms of their craft. For them to do so, it’s imperative that they are equipped with perfectly-tailored chef uniforms. Chef apparel suppliers can provide exactly what they need, and also offer a signature touch in terms of branding. RSM Uniforms is fully capable of providing quality chef uniforms in bulk quantities. Get in touch with us today!

Chef coat suppliers in Chennai

Full sleeves chef coat dealers in Chennai
Chef coat suppliers in Chennai

Chef coat suppliers in Chennai

We at Rsm uniforms have full stock of full sleeve chef coats which are budget friendly and come in different sizes.

These chef coats are available in different colors and blend suitable to your budget and style.

Ready stock chef coats are available in Terry cotton blend in following colors Mustard, Red, White with black and white checks combo, white with black combo, grey with black combo, black with black and white checks combo.

Ready stock chef coats are available in polyester in plain white color.

Ready stock chef coats are available in pure cotton in pure white, black with red combo having mushroom buttons and white with black combo having mushroom buttons.

Chef coat suppliers in Chennai For your requirements of Chef coats in Chennai feel free to visit our store and we would be happy to help you.

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen

best modern chef coat designs you should have in your kitchen

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen Many stereotypes prevail among us, and the stereotypes imposed on chefs are in no exception to this. 

One of the most commonly used expressions against the chefs is ‘Never trust a skinny chef.’ 

And the second most common thing or maybe the well-known fact is that they wear cooking aprons and chef coats.

Even though the latter phrase is used to refer to the fact that chefs probably need to cook delicious food, and it is evident that they put on weight by eating what they cook. 

Well, it would be absurd to normalize that as everyone’s body reacts differently despite consuming rich food and all chefs do not necessarily eat what they cook. They are fellow human beings striving to maintain good health as everyone else. 

Given that, it is also absurd to assume chefs wear loose and dull chef coats and aprons. 

Well, not all chefs wear boring apron and chef coat all the time, few styles can spice up the dressing of the chefs. 

Chef coats have evolved, and many modern chef coats designs are in the market. If you are a chef or own a restaurant willing to hire chefs, then take a look at the below for few ideas on chef coats. 

The wrap-around coat

A wrap-around coat is the most preferred modern chef coat nowadays. The chef coat has simple pins where the chefs can wrap it around and pin it. 

This gives the chefs a smart look. The coat is comfortable as well as they are attached to the body giving it the right fit and the chefs can alter it as per their wish. Not too loose or not too tight. Just the right fit to suit the chef.

The one with suspender

The chef coat with the suspenders is the most comfortable costumes the chefs can wear. They also give the chefs a sharp look. 

They usually come along with large pockets in the front, which is suitable for the chefs to have their cooking sticks, and food tasting sticks with them. 

Few commonly and frequently used ingredients can also be carried along in the pockets. 

A swift skirt along with the coat

Skirts along with coat can make a good and classy chef costume for women. 

They can pair the coat along with a straight skirt. 

This can be a comfortable and chic chef costume for women. Skirts with side pockets can also be used to for a plush attire. 

A wrap-around apron can be matched to go along well along with the skirt. 

Coat with apron and caps

A plain and straight coat can be paired along with apron and caps, and it is a chef costume that will never go off trend. 

As discussed above, chef aprons with pockets can give a much comfortable cooking experience for the chefs. Cooking sticks and frequently used cooking ingredients can be carried along in the pockets. 

Caps are generally used to cover up the hair. Given the hair fall condition that many suffer from, it is to ensure that strands of hair do not fall off in the food and other ingredients by mistake.

Appealing colours

All that we know about the chef coats is that they are in white. Chef coats can also be designed in other appealing colours to give the chefs a smart look. The most commonly used colour for chef coat is white.

But you can also update the colour and use darker colours like grey, marron and even black

Chefs work in the kitchen for a substantially extended period of time and are prone to get their coats dirty with stains from food ingredients while cooking. Hence, using a darker colour for chef coats would help in the long run, and it avoids having the stains seen visibly. 

Cravings for delicious foods will never go out of need, and likewise, chefs will always be a huge workforce. This vast workforce definitely deserves a chic outfit and ensure that you design the chef coats with care and fashion in mind. 

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen For your requirement for chef coats in Chennai feel free to call us now.


Hotel uniform suppliers in chennai
RSM UNIFORM – With our years of industry experience and our commitment to value, we strive to offer affordable uniform expertise to companies of all sizes. As a 2nd generation business with over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing in India, we understand corporate wear.
As a lean, owner-managed business, we also appreciate the importance of being able to deliver premium-quality, cost-focused uniform solutions.To date, we have successfully delivered hundreds of tailored uniform contracts, ranging in size from small businesses with 5 staff to nationwide organisations with 1,000 staff.
Orange Asian Union Wok commissioned RSM Uniform to create new uniforms like double breasted Chef coat, Apron,Chef cap, polo t-shirt, all with embroidered brand name to suit all departments throughout the newly transformed and extended  Hotel. It was especially important that, our individuality was reflected in the uniforms.
Whether you are thinking about ordering your company’s first uniform – or if you are replacing an existing one, please get in touch by calling us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


uniform work wear suppliers in chennai
RSM Uniform at Chennai believes that Uniform connect everyone as an equal and are part of the same group, which can ultimately lead to greater success for your company and increase employee loyalty. In addition, uniform gives off an air of authority and knowledge, something customers instantly recognise.
*Provide free advertising,
*Improve  employee security and safety,
*Create a team bond,
* Increase productivity.
If your work include employees across several departments, out fitting each department in a different uniform style aur colour means you can easily identify which employee doesn’t belong in a particular department.
RSM uniform recently dealt with Annapoorni kitchen chain which involved different Uniform for different department like double breasted chef coat, polo t-shirt, overcoat with embroidered brand name on both sides front and back.
From  industrial work wear, hospitality, educational institution to lab coats we can start or improve your uniform program. Make the switch today. Simply give us a call at 9176634635 or mail us at


CHEF COAT FOR BAREFOOT RESORT, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI RSM Uniform at Chennai is South India’s largest uniform manufacturers. Our uniforms don’t hold back, neither should you. Cafes, fast food chains, restaurants and catering companies are expected to deliver on quality and RSM uniform is the right partner in helping you get there.

We have designed a collection exclusively based on your needs. We offer a wide range of uniforms that allows your staff to look polished and professional ranging from the head chef right down to the delivery guy.

We are proud to supply the double breasted chef coat with contrast collar and pocket piping in black to the Barefoot Resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands . Remember the quality and design of your uniform can mean the difference between success and failure. Be proud of what you do and take pride in what you wear.

CHEF COAT FOR BAREFOOT RESORT, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI Choose RSM uniform and we’ll take it from there.To order please call us at 9176634635 or mail us at


CUSTOMISED ASSISTANT CHEF COAT – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI The kitchen is the playground of the passionate – a place where culinary excellence meets artistic flare and temperatures often reach boiling point! When the heat is on in the kitchen, chef can look cool, calm and calculated in a RSM UNIFORM outfit designed for comfort and style. Easy wearing chefs trousers and with smart and stylish chefs jackets, coats and polo tops.

RSM uniform at Chennai has now custom made double breasted full sleeves chef coat with checkered pocket and collar in cotton fabric with brand logo embroidered in contrast green colour for Clinton park inn hotel.

CUSTOMISED ASSISTANT CHEF COAT – RSM UNIFORM CHENNA With unisex styling across and breadth of sizes and colours, our menu is varied and designed to impress. Just as the finest culinary dish should contain ingredients and flavours that complement, RSM UNIFORM’S chefswear collection is the recipe for success!To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM uniforms in Chennai places confidence in the spirit of the team that transforms good restaurants into great ones. With our wear and your journey anything is possible. We are Cooking, Together.

The chef coat is a durable and wrinkle resistant fabric which is made of poly cotton blend .It is a double breasted white coat giving enough room for air flow and full sleeved.The restaurant logo can be printed or embroidered and the coat can be custom made .

Come join the original Chef wear team RSM uniform in Chennai- outfitting those who work as Line Cooks, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Servers, Bartenders, Waiters and Culinary School hopefuls to make things happen every day.Please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

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