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Importance of Workwear Uniforms that Resist Wear and Tear!

workwear manufacturers in Chennai

What do you know about workwear? It is common that we see people who are employed by the companies are given the same dress, which is workwear. Why workwear has become a mandatory factor? Do you think it is impossible to continue working if the employees don’t wear the same dress? Well, it is not about the impossible things, but it is about the underlying concept behind workwear.

If you ask the people in the current society, they might not like the concept of wearing workwear to work. But why? They consider it as a restriction. But we urge you to understand the reasons, benefits, and the concept of workwear if you want to decide whether to continue it or not. However, let’s learn more about workwear now.

The industrial fields where clothing wear and tear is an issue

Do you think the workwear concept is insane? It is actually not because you get to be presented at work with the same mindset. What does that mean? Yes, even if your company has more than a thousand employees you will not feel inferior or superior because everyone will feel equal despite what’s happening within the industry.

The workwear concept will make every employee feel equal. Also, there are many industrial fields that don’t want their employees to wear anything that causes harm to their reputation. The clothing wear and tear is an issue in many industrial fields. There is a clothing policy that every employee should adhere to. If you dig deeper into the concept of workwear you will understand that it is something important that can’t be ignored or overlooked. However, there are many other things that you need to know about corporate uniforms; hence, keep reading.

The need for durable corporate uniforms/workwear

If there is something that has not been outdated from the industrial fields, it would be the corporate uniforms. The ones who commonly wear uniforms are the armed force, emergency officers, school students, and police.

Likewise, workers in different organizations should also focus on the concept of corporate uniforms. These organizations make sure to provide durable uniforms so that the cost of producing workwear can be taken under control. If the durability is less, it will not be possible to keep the cost under control, and it is a waste to invest more money in workwear. Therefore, it is better to produce quality workwear that can be used for a long time period without any issues.

What makes a good workwear uniform?

Apart from all the concepts and reasons why you should consider workwear, there is something more than you need to consider. What makes a good workwear uniform? How can you decide that it is a good workwear uniform? What are the things that you need to consider?

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to consider; hence, let’s check them below.

  • The employees’ comfort about the workwear uniform.
  • The durability of the workwear uniforms.
  • The professional look of the workwear uniforms.
  • The right type of fabric by industrial uniform manufacturers,
  • The safety of the workwear uniform.
  • The colour of the uniform.
  • The cost of the uniform.
  • The outfit that matches the company brand.

The benefits of good workwear and embroidery kits

Now that you know why and how workwear impacts an organization. It is important to understand that there are so many benefits to good workwear. If the employees are offered with the right type of workwear, they will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. We will discuss some of the benefits that you need to understand. Good workwear will not only benefit the employees but also the company. If your company is considerate of the workwear, it is possible to enhance the benefits. You can easily improve the image, brand name, safety, and productivity of the business with workwear policy.

However, the ultimate truth is workwear is an investment.

1. Brand awareness and advertising

You already know that your employees are your strength. They are the best asset that you have for your company. By focusing on good workwear, you will be able to advertise your business. It is one of the best methods to advertise without bearing a huge cost and exerting a lot of effort. No matter what, it is your employees who will represent your business. They will be communicating with the customers, the general public, and other businesses. Therefore, you need to portray them as best as possible. They are your brand, so it is important to print your company logo on the dress.

2. Productivity and well-being

If you have given them the best quality workwear, they will know that you care for them. It indicates that you care about their mental and physical health. For example, if the employees are not given workwear uniforms, they are likely to report to the work as they want. This makes everyone wear whatever they want. Thus, it will distract the workers because they will be more focused on what others wear. This is something you should stop. Therefore, workwear is one of the best options to increase the productivity level of your business.

3. Cost-effectiveness

If your business has workwear uniforms, it will be possible to reduce the cost the workers need to bear. If there is a certain outfit for the work, they don’t have to purchase more dresses just to report to work.

Plus, if you produce quality and durable workwear uniforms, you don’t have to bear a high cost. Workwear uniforms by industrial uniform manufacturers can be used for a long time. Therefore, there will not be recurring costs.


That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper workwear uniform, because it is not. It is one of the major factors that you must consider. This is why you must focus on the workwear policy and its importance. Taking the above factors into consideration, you can make a good decision when it comes to your own company’s workwear uniform, by choosing the right industrial uniform supplier in Chennai.

That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper workwear uniform, because it is not. It is one of the major factors that you must consider. This is why you must focus on the workwear policy and its importance. Taking the above factors into consideration, you can make a good decision when it comes to your own company’s workwear uniform, by choosing the right industrial uniform supplier in Chennai.

Pink overcoat – Shirt model with logo embroidered on back !!

Here is a pinkish shirt made in terry cotton material of best quality. This shirts are made for labor staffs at one of the most reputed travel companies in Chennai. The overcoat made is long lasting of best quality and the logo embroidered is from Japanese barudan machines.

Uniforms Shirts in India

There are other bright colors of uniform material in store with us. Kindly drop in a email to with your uniform requirement and we would get back to you as soon as we can.


RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

Maintenance uniforms in Chennai made from terry cotton material !!

Any wear and tear operations that are performed require lot of effort and can make your uniforms dirty. You want every employee in your business to look professional, but some jobs are more demanding than others. That’s particularly true of jobs in the maintenance department. A uniform for employees who keep a hotel or restaurant up and running must look professional, but also stand up to physical demands of a job. And that’s why RSM Uniforms carries a complete line of industrial strength collared shirts for proper hotel maintenance uniforms. Many of the garments in this line also include features like soil release, moisture wicking to ensure comfort, durability and longevity for each and every staff member.

Uniforms for Industries and Maintenance

Uniforms for Industries and Maintenance

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Sky blue overcoats for real estate companies in Chennai !!

There are myriads of real estate companies in Chennai. RSM Uniforms caters uniforms for everyone starting from the top level CEO to the lowest level housekeeping and security staffs of real estate companies in Chennai.

Here is a sky blue overcoat with the company logo of one of the real estate companies of Chennai. As per the companies instruction they wanted the “A symbol of trust” caption to be removed from the logo while doing the embroidery on the garment. Due to heavy work load we forgot to consider this and had got the logo done on the garment with the caption. We apologize for our mistake and would make sure that every small thing will be minutely taken care of for all our assignments in future. Thank you for appreciating our work and ignoring the mistake of the caption.

Uniforms for real estate companies in Chennai

Uniforms for real estate companies in Chennai

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Overcoat without sleeves in Chennai !

Initially the sample made for Aachi was a half sleeve overcoat with yellow patti on the sleeve and the pocket. After submitting the half sleeve overcoat we had received feedback on the changes required in the garment.

We at RSM uniforms worked on the required changes and made a customized garment based on the requirement of the company. The difference between the earlier one and this one was that the garment was made without sleeves, the yellow patti on the sleeves and on the garment pocket was reduced to a thin piping with the style of pocket changed from straight to cut.

Overcoat without sleeves in Chennai

Overcoat without sleeves in Chennai

The buttons were reduced from five to four as generally this garment would be worn by ladies and was made little deeper as it would be lot more comfortable to wear this on a saree.

The embroidery color was also changed based on the company’s brand logo. After accommodating the said changes the sample piece was submitted within three days and finally received the order too.

You can come up with a image or a garment that you have and get your uniforms customized from us. Call us now for the long lasting uniforms that you always wanted for your company. We would be glad to assist you.

T shirt and Overcoat in Chennai !!

Wearing a 100 % Cotton T shirt as uniform can be the best thing one can wear to feel comfortable in this sultry heat of Chennai !! We at RSM Uniforms can make plain T shirts for you in different colors with your company logo embroidered. The T shirt material will be 100 % Cotton and is available in different sizes. The time period for a minimum quantity of 100 pcs with your company logo embroidered is a week to 10 working days.


We also make overcoats in different colors based on your requirement in varied sizes. Here we display a T shirt made for a mnc company in Chennai that required a maroon color T shirt with company logo embroidered. We also display a housekeeping overcoat in Chennai that is unisex and can be worn by lower category staffs in your company.


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