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Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai
Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Casement shirting suppliers in Chennai

Elevate Your Hospital’s Professional Image with Premium Casement Shirting from RSM Uniforms


In the realm of healthcare, projecting an aura of professionalism and reliability is paramount. Your hospital’s reputation hinges on the expertise and appearance of your medical staff. RSM Uniforms, a trusted name in premium uniforms, takes immense pride in presenting an exclusive collection of casement shirting fabrics sourced directly from the esteemed manufacturer Valji. These fabrics, tailored to meet the discerning needs of healthcare professionals, represent the pinnacle of quality, endurance, and style.

The Valji Distinction:

Valji, a venerable name in the textile industry, is synonymous with uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. Their Glinder and Hexalin casement shirting collections, meticulously fashioned from 100% cotton, stand as a testament to excellence, making them the quintessential choice for healthcare professionals who demand nothing less than the very best.

Glinder Collection:

  1. Light Vat Dyed Sky Blue (D No. 1): The serene shade of sky blue evokes trust and dependability, qualities of paramount importance in a medical environment. This hue conveys professionalism, ensuring your medical team embodies the ideals of precision and competence.

  2. Light Green Vat Dyed (D No. 2): Green, representing growth and well-being, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of healthcare. Our light green variant offers a soothing yet sophisticated presence, embodying the essence of the medical profession.

  3. Aqua Blue Vat Dyed (D No. 3): Aqua blue, versatile and calming, mirrors the adaptability required of healthcare professionals. This shade gracefully transitions between various medical settings, underscoring your commitment to excellence.

  4. Hospital Green Vat Dyed (D No. 101): The choice of hospital green is symbolic, resonating with hope and health. Integrating this hue into your medical uniforms not only adds a distinctive touch but also conveys a positive message of healing.

Hexalin Collection:

  1. Light Vat Dyed Sky Blue (D No. 1): In the Hexalin collection, sky blue, a timeless classic, ensures your medical team maintains a professional demeanor while enduring the rigors of their demanding roles.

  2. Light Green Vat Dyed (D No. 2): Our light green Hexalin variant encapsulates the essence of healthcare work—freshness, and tranquility. It exudes a calm and revitalizing presence, perfectly suited for the healthcare setting.

  3. Aqua Blue Vat Dyed (D No. 3): Aqua blue, with its adaptability and soothing aura, becomes an ideal choice for healthcare professionals. It guarantees that your team not only looks but also feels their very best, day in and day out.

  4. Hospital Green Vat Dyed (D No. 101): This variant of hospital green is more than a color; it’s an emblem of your unwavering commitment to patient care. It infuses positivity and a revitalizing ambiance into your medical uniforms.

Why Choose RSM Uniforms in Chennai?

  1. Uncompromising Quality: At RSM Uniforms, we uphold quality as our utmost priority. Our partnership with Valji, an illustrious manufacturer, ensures that you receive medical uniform fabrics that meet and exceed the rigorous standards of the healthcare industry.

  2. Versatile Selection: Our Glinder and Hexalin collections offer a diverse range of colors, enabling you to cater to the unique needs of your medical professionals. Whether it’s a formal or relaxed uniform, we have the solution.

  3. Comfort and Durability: Crafted from 100% cotton, our casement shirting fabrics guarantee exceptional comfort, even during extended shifts. They are designed to withstand the demanding healthcare environment, ensuring they remain in impeccable condition over time.

  4. Expert Consultation: The seasoned team at RSM Uniforms comprehends the unique requirements of healthcare professionals. We provide expert guidance to assist you in selecting the perfect fabric that aligns seamlessly with your hospital’s image and ensures the utmost comfort for your medical staff.


Elevate your hospital’s image with premium casement shirting fabrics from Valji, exclusively available at RSM Uniforms. In the healthcare sector, where professionalism and credibility are non-negotiable, our Glinder and Hexalin collections stand as the pinnacle of excellence. These fabrics are meticulously crafted to ensure your medical team not only looks sharp and professional but also feels comfortable, even during the most demanding shifts. Choose RSM Uniforms to elevate your hospital’s professional image and demonstrate your unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care.

For your requirement of this kind of fabric please feel free to call us now at 866 7888 2121.

Hospital lab coat supliers in Chennai

Hospital lab coat suppliers in Chennai

Hospital lab coat suppliers in Chennai

Hospital lab coat suppliers in Chennai – In all colors are available at our store in Chennai. Store is located in godown street and would be happy always to help you with your uniform hospital lab coat requirement.

For your requirement of Hospital lab coat suppliers in Chennai please feel free to get in touch with us now.


Uniform T shirt suppliers in Chennai


As a matter of fact, RSM UNIFORMS presence has become wider and wider acquiring a role of primary importance in the Uniforms sector with continuous and considerable growth since last decade. Its addition of T-shirts in the uniform category has taken RSM UNIFORMS to a greater level in the market.

For any queries regarding uniform T shirts feel free to contact 9176634635 or you can also visit our store for your requirement of uniforms.


Uniform White Coat Manufacturer for Medical College In Mauritius- RSM Uniforms Chennai
RSM uniform at Chennai are the leading manufacturers of different uniforms for different sectors like hospitality, corporate, industrial, healthcare and much more. Medical and lab uniforms are worn by medical professionals like  doctors, nurse (preoperative nurse), students, surgeons, lab workers assistants and scientists. They are designed to be easy with nominal places for dust to hide away, simple to use and inexpensive to replace if stained irretrievably.
Nursing uniforms, coats and other medical student uniform  are also made from much lighter materials, for example cotton. This is breathable, as well as lightweight, and you are far less certain to sweat in your uniform than regular clothing. This is the white long coat with full sleeves , embroidered brand logo supplied for the students of SSR Medical College students in Mauritius.
Start asking for the best. Create your brand identity with uniforms from Rsm uniforms. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


UNIFORM OVERCOATS FOR THE HOUSEKEEPING STAFF RSM uniform is paving the way for success by ensuring customer delight.The Success of RSM UNIFORM AT CHENNAI will be found in its unflinching commitment to 5 core values –

#Honesty- is the core value of our team & and transparency in dealing with the clients is prime motive
#Customer centric – we understands the requirements of our clients before completing our assignments
#Boundary less- to direct all our endeavors towards attaining maximum client satisfaction
#Belongingness – we are committed to accomplish our tasks within the stipulated time frame
#Passion- working passionately until the task is satisfactorily accomplished
Each of the values describes what the company stands for, the qualities of our people and the way we work.

UNIFORM OVERCOATS FOR THE HOUSEKEEPING STAFF This is the basic overcoats made for the housekeeping staff in cotton material , making it comfortable to wear and work with ease. This uniform can be custom made in any colour and brand logo can be printed or embroidered on both sides front and back. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at

A Look into the Industries Where Lab Coats are a Necessity

Lab Coats Necessity

A Look into the Industries Where Lab Coats are a Necessity Unlike commonly conceived by many of us, the purpose of wearing lab coats is not just for appearance sake or for distinguishing the particular professionals that wear them. In addition to cementing the status of a professional, the lab coat provides several benefits. Today, lab coats are not just uniforms but also a mandatory requirement in many industries. 

Lab Coats are found to be Essential in Several Contemporary Industries

The lab coat finds its exclusive use in a range of professions such as the following: 

  • Clinical laboratories and pharmacies
  • Health care and alternative therapy
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Veterinarians
  • Physician/dental practices
  • Food processing and manufacturing
  • Audiology/optometry offices

The Modern Industries That Necessitate Wearing Lab Coats

Lab coats offer significant protection to users and are beneficial in myriad ways. Today, lab coats find a distinctive place in the work-life of professionals belonging to varied industries. The following are a few of the major industries that necessitate wearing lab coats:

1. Health care industry

Lab coats are required to be used by several medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff. Lab coats protect clinicians from splashes and cross-contamination.

2. Forensic science professionals

Forensic technicians are required to perform the crucial process of collecting evidence at crime scenes and analyzing them in the labs. When used at the crime spots and labs, lab coats prevent them from disturbing the evidence while protecting them from harmful elements.

3. Scientists and research scholars

Lab coat protects those working in the science domain from the chemicals that they work with. It ensures that the user’s clothes and body are protected from splashes, drops, spills, and unexpected reactions.

4. Departments related to microbiology

Microbiologists, when they wear lab coats, are protected from harmful microbes, chemicals, and other possible harmful agents. Lab coats not only work as a protection to the users but also as a preventive measure against the spread of microorganisms.

5. Chemists are required to wear lab coats

A chemist is required to perform several functions and experiments that involve chemical substances. Lab coats serve the purpose of protecting them and their clothes from chemical spills and exposure to hazardous elements.

6. Laboratories

Professionals from different fields happen to work in the laboratory setting for various purposes. Wearing lab coats ensures that they are not exposed to risk or hazards related to their work. Lab coats provide protection to the body parts, prevent the spread of contamination, and offer a removable barrier even in the event of any spillage or splashing of hazardous substances.

7. Pharmaceutical industry

Professionals in the pharmaceutical industry must use lab coats to prevent cross-contamination, a high risk involved with their work. Users can protect their bodies from coming into direct contact with the hazardous substances that are present in the lab.

8. Veterinarians

While veterinarians tend to stay comfortable and organized in their lab coats, they are protected from exposure to several harmful materials and microbes.

9. Electronics Industry

Professionals working in the electronics domain are frequently faced with the risk of electronic discharge, the release of static energy. Wearing lab coats enables them to fend off such threats.

The Major Benefits of Lab Coats in the Contemporary Industries

  • Protective material: One of the qualities of a good lab coat is its semi fire retardant characteristic. It offers chemical resistance.
  • Barrier protection: Lab coat shields the body of the user while providing substantial barrier protection.
  • Cross-contamination is prevented: When kept inside the lab or the workplace, you can prevent cross-contamination to other areas.
  • Protects the body parts of users: The arms and the torso are the vulnerable parts of a professional’s body. These are protected from direct contact with hazardous substances by the lab coat.
  • Hygiene and sterility: Whether it is a laboratory or a research center that you work at, a sterile lab coat ensures shielding you from exposure to the potentially harmful pathogens and substances.

A Look into the Industries Where Lab Coats are a Necessity Convenience in work, protection against several harmful materials, and a means to contain the spread of contamination – the number of purposes solved by the humble lab coat is enormous. With the advancement in technology and the increasing concern about health standards, more and more people in various modern industries have realized the need and benefits of wearing lab coats. 


RSM uniform at Chennai, supplies staff uniforms and business wear that is tailored to meet your unique and individual needs. We ensure that we strive for continuous improvement and emphasize our ethos of being a customer-focused organisation.

Because, RSM uniform uses multiple supply sources, we can offer a wide range of clothing that you can try. To view our product range and get a close-up look at the quality fabrics and textiles we use to produce the perfect corporate clothing for you and your business, please check our website

The photograph is of a polo t-shirt with contrast white piping on collar and sleeves, logo of the Janet Nursing Home hospital printed on the pocket in bright yellow colour. The fabric of the t-shirt is cotton which is comfortable to wear , maintenance free, and durable. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at

Pink overcoat – Shirt model with logo embroidered on back !!

Here is a pinkish shirt made in terry cotton material of best quality. This shirts are made for labor staffs at one of the most reputed travel companies in Chennai. The overcoat made is long lasting of best quality and the logo embroidered is from Japanese barudan machines.

Uniforms Shirts in India

There are other bright colors of uniform material in store with us. Kindly drop in a email to with your uniform requirement and we would get back to you as soon as we can.


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