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Doctor coat suppliers in Chennai

Doctor coat suppliers in Chennai

Doctor coat suppliers in Chennai

Doctor coat suppliers in Chennai

A doctor coat, also known as a lab coat, is a long, white garment worn by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and medical researchers. The coat is designed to be practical, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Doctor coats are typically made of lightweight, durable fabrics like cotton or polyester. They are often white to create a clean and professional appearance, and may feature a variety of pockets for storing tools, notebooks, or other items.

In addition to being functional, doctor coats also serve a symbolic purpose. They help to identify healthcare professionals and signify their expertise and authority. The white coat can also help to create a sense of trust and reassurance for patients.

Doctor coats are typically worn over regular clothing and may be worn open or closed depending on the preference of the wearer. They may also be personalized with the name or logo of the individual or institution, creating a sense of pride and belonging for the wearer.

Overall, the doctor coat is an important part of the uniform worn by healthcare professionals, providing both practical functionality and symbolic significance. It serves as a symbol of professionalism and expertise, and helps to create a sense of trust and reassurance for patients.

Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Uniforms for a beauty school in Rajamundry

Different kind of overcoats white full sleeves like a doctor coat and sleeveless plain navy blue coat were made for Jasmine beauty school in Rajahmundry.

The beauty school approached us for overcoats and customized aprons for the staffs and students and we did the best of our job to deliver them doctor coats of full length, sleeveless coats for their housekeeping staffs and customized full aprons with a combo of black and pink border for their working staff at the school.

The delivery of the parcel was done via SRMT transport as that was very feasible and cost friendly.

Customized doctor coat with pink hint on the collar, waist coats for the reception staff, white lab coats for the students where the other things delivered to them.

There were two logos given to us one for the school and another for the clinic and we had to understand each requirements minutely before proceeding with the logo embroidery on the garment.

There are times when the understanding of requirement becomes a challenge due to lack of communication so we make sure we double check or tripel check before making the embroidery on the garment and also in understanding the requirement of uniforms from the customer.

Be assured on the goods that RSM Uniforms will deliver you as we do things with passion and commitment. If your business flourishes by wearing our uniforms we would be the most happiest entity in knowing this.

Scrub suit suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms sells scrubs in different colors and sizes at its store in godown street Chennai. The scrubs are made from good quality spun material which is a blend of polyester and cotton and comes in various colors which can be customized according to the requirement by the customer provided the minimum quantity of scrubs is 50 pcs.

The turnaround time to make these scrubs is 20 to 25 days based on the quantity required. The scrubs are the best choice for the doctors during the pandemic as its soft and comfortable to wear also the maintenance of the uniforms takes less time than usual.

The scrubs are made both in round neck as well as V neck to suit your needs. Give a call when you are in need of scrubs in Chennai at 9176634635.


Uniform White Coat Manufacturer for Medical College In Mauritius- RSM Uniforms Chennai
RSM uniform at Chennai are the leading manufacturers of different uniforms for different sectors like hospitality, corporate, industrial, healthcare and much more. Medical and lab uniforms are worn by medical professionals like  doctors, nurse (preoperative nurse), students, surgeons, lab workers assistants and scientists. They are designed to be easy with nominal places for dust to hide away, simple to use and inexpensive to replace if stained irretrievably.
Nursing uniforms, coats and other medical student uniform  are also made from much lighter materials, for example cotton. This is breathable, as well as lightweight, and you are far less certain to sweat in your uniform than regular clothing. This is the white long coat with full sleeves , embroidered brand logo supplied for the students of SSR Medical College students in Mauritius.
Start asking for the best. Create your brand identity with uniforms from Rsm uniforms. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at


White lab coat for physiotherapist in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai
RSM Uniform at Chennai creates world-class uniforms for every modern healthcare professional with carefully designed fits and styles that evoke pride and purpose. They are made from the highest quality of fabrics with an accurate blend of colours – to provide your hospital with its distinct identity. With our range of styles and colours, you can outfit your entire healthcare facility with a unique and colour-coordinated theme that matches your brand.
These coats are manufactured and supplied to Levient Lead Rehabs Super Speciality Physiotherapy Centre in standard sizes with 3 wider pockets. Doctor Coats made of 100 % Cotton is extremely comfortable, skin friendly and is easy to wash. These coats are stitched to perfection and are tested for quality, finish and comfort.
An healthy healthcare sector is good for a healthier world for all.If you have any queries or would prefer to drop a hello, contact us at
or call us at 9176634635.


Hospital coat suppliers in Chennai
Because our world revolves around you.
We’ve spent years on research and development testing a proprietary fabric technology that meets the standards for quality and craftsmanship that you deserve.
Working in medicine requires an extraordinary level of commitment and sacrifice, and medical professionals are held to the highest standards when it comes to service and compassionate care. Our dedication to meet the needs of our customers is as passionate as their own devotion to patient satisfaction and clinical pursuits.
It’s a laboratory coat for a particular department in an hospital at Puttuparthi Andhrapradesh.This Long customized coat for doctors is made from heavy quality yarn dyed fabric.We need moq – 20 to 30 pcs to place this order and the delivery time  required is 2 to 3 weeks.
Please hurry up to place your order. If you have any query feel free to call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Doctor coat supplier in Chennai

RSM uniforms now has doctors coat in full sleeves in full length upto knee level readily available with us.

These doctors coat are made from terry cotton material and is suitable for doctors working under tough conditions.

For your requirement of doctor’s coat call us now at 9176634635.

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence