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RSM Uniforms is a leading supplier of uniforms across industries including Aviation, Hospitality, Education, Industrial,Hotel, Corporate and Healthcare. We utilize our extensive knowledge of uniform-making in helping businesses dress their employees and strengthen their brands. By providing customized and personalized services, we always place customers’ needs first to ensure that every order ends with their satisfaction. This customer-centric approach has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from other uniform suppliers in India.

This is a high quality, classically styled chef’s hat. It is made from a soft, strong nonwoven fabric making it durable yet comfortable to wear, and pleated for extra body is supplied to NIHM a Hotel management school. This luxury hat offers great functionality and prestige in the kitchen.

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RSM Uniform at Chennai is South India’s largest uniform manufacturers. Our uniforms don’t hold back, neither should you. Cafes, fast food chains, restaurants and catering companies are expected to deliver on quality and RSM uniform is the right partner in helping you get there.

We have designed a collection exclusively based on your needs. We offer a wide range of uniforms that allows your staff to look polished and professional ranging from the head chef right down to the delivery guy.

We are proud to supply the double breasted chef coat with contrast collar and pocket piping in black to the Barefoot Resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands . Remember the quality and design of your uniform can mean the difference between success and failure. Be proud of what you do and take pride in what you wear.

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The kitchen is the playground of the passionate – a place where culinary excellence meets artistic flare and temperatures often reach boiling point! When the heat is on in the kitchen, chef can look cool, calm and calculated in a RSM UNIFORM outfit designed for comfort and style. Easy wearing chefs trousers and with smart and stylish chefs jackets, coats and polo tops.

RSM uniform at Chennai has now custom made double breasted full sleeves chef coat with checkered pocket and collar in cotton fabric with brand logo embroidered in contrast green colour for Clinton park inn hotel.

With unisex styling across and breadth of sizes and colours, our menu is varied and designed to impress. Just as the finest culinary dish should contain ingredients and flavours that complement, RSM UNIFORM’S chefswear collection is the recipe for success!To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at

The Ultimate Guide To Fabricating A Classy Hotel Uniform

ultimate guide to fabricating a classy hotel uniform

RSM is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler supplier of Hotel Uniforms in Chennai. We thrive hard to select the best fabric for uniforms and engineer it according to the modern hotel uniform standards. Hotel and Hospitality is a wide-spread industry, wherein there is a need for uniform in various categories such as hotel management uniform, hotel receptionist uniform, uniform for food service, Housekeeping uniform, catering, and restaurant uniform and more. When selecting the uniform for hotel staff you must ensure that it meets the demand of the industry. Here is an ultimate guide to fabricating a classy hotel uniform.

Ultimate Guide to fabricate a classy hotel uniform

Quality Fabric

Fabric is the most important factor to consider when selecting a modern hotel uniform. Different hotel management designations and duties of employees need a set of special attention as you select and design uniforms for them. The fabric required for a chef working in a hot kitchen will certainly be different from the front office assistant’s uniform that works in the air-conditioned lobby. So, it is best to choose different materials for different departments.

For example, a blend of cotton and synthetics make a fabric breathable, so it can be used for making chef uniform. While Polyester or Cotton-Polyester is usually durable in nature, making it best for housekeeping uniform. Gabardine fabric is great for the appearance, which makes it perfect for restaurant staff uniform and uniform for the reception. Whatever fabric you may choose, just make sure it helps to protect your staff in the workplace and help in maintaining the high standards of hygiene. At RSM Chennai Uniforms, we design uniforms that look professional, feel comfortable and express confidence. 

Style and Design

A classy hotel uniform will have an exceptionally good design. When a customer walks into a hotel, the first thing he/she looks for is a staff to assist them. A stylish hotel uniform that is well designed is appealing and identifiable for the customers that create a positive image of the hotel’s brand.

The design of hotel uniforms needs to be practical, for example, it should have pockets, chef caps, chef coats, waistcoats, scarves, ties, apron, and other useful features. Additionally, it is always better to add zips or comfortable elastic in place of buttons and hooks. Further, it is very important that the uniform is easy for laundering and maintenance. Our latest hotel uniform design includes the best quality fabric, cutting-edge style and practical design that you’ll never lose the freshness of the uniform. 


Almost every hotel and restaurant in Chennai today are theme-based. These themes are influenced by certain architecture, food, music and certain feel of the hotel. It perks up the presentation and creates its own independent identity. Here, the key way to make a positive impression on customers is through staff uniforms. Theme based hotel uniforms not only solidify your brand identity but also represent commitment towards quality from hotel staff. Selecting a uniform based on the hotel theme gives a feeling of pride and boosts the fun atmosphere. 


The saying “First impression is the best impression” is apt for the hotel industry. Your appearance and mannerism is the first thing customer watch when they enter your hotel. A uniform can have impacted a customer more than you might think. That’s why huge hotel brands across the world are carefully designing their uniforms for hotel staff. An appealing stylish hotel uniform with the staff’s name, designation, and hotel’s logo embossed on it will showcase professionalism and satisfy the customer.

RSM Chennai Uniform understands that the hotel industry needs different uniforms according to the nature of the job like uniforms for a chef, housekeeping, receptions, etc. So we take pride in designing these uniforms according to the recent sartorial trends in hotel management. 


Everything goes for a toss if the uniform is not well-sewn. You certainly don’t want your employees feeling uncomfortable and wasting time adjusting their uniforms. So, make sure the uniform dealer that you deal with has great experience in manufacturing flawless uniforms. RSM Uniforms is in the industry for more than 35 years and we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of uniforms in Chennai. Whether you want front desk uniform, chef uniform or blazers for restaurant assistance, we can design and manufacture modern, elegant and impressive uniforms using comfortable workable fabrics. Call us on 9176634635 for more details!

Why Uniforms are of Prime Importance in the Hospitality Industry?

hospitality industry uniforms

Uniform workwear is one of the important factors for any industry, not only for hospitality. But if you consider the broader picture, you will understand that uniform is much needed for the hospitality industry. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when deciding whether your industry requires hospitality industry uniforms. Among the important factors, you must consider are durability, uniqueness, brand, equality, proper look, and recognition.

Here are some of the reasons why the hospitality industry needs uniforms:

1. If you want to feel good, you should look good

If the employees don’t feel good, it needs to be corrected. You should consider the things that will make the employees feel good. One of the essential things that you need to consider is the employees’ workwear. If you help your employees to wear uniforms, they will be able to stay focused on what they do.

The uniform will give a reminder to the employees to stay focused at work. When all the employees come together to a particular frame, it will help the employees to be attentive about what they do.

2. Ooze out the brand name

What is your business environment? As for your business environment, you should consider the type of dress required. Is your work environment casual? Or is it playful? The brand concept of your business should be portrayed by the dress that you make for your business. For example, Khaki and a regular t-shirt would be perfect for a casual outfit. If the uniform is a button-up shirt, pants, and a tie, it shows a more upscale business.

Through employee uniform it is possible to see what your brand is. Through the workwear hospitality industry uniforms, it is easy to show your customers what your business offers.

 3. Equality between all the employees

Through uniforms, it is easy to create unity among employees. Every employee will feel as if they are treated equally because they have the same workwear uniform. This is just like how team players and police offers are being treated. You are trying to create the same feeling among your employees.

None of the employee’s history or skills matters once they all wear the same dress. They will be valued as part of the team.

4. It creates a team

It is obvious that teamwork is powerful. If your employees wear the same outfit, they will feel as if they are a team. This will enhance equality and the ability to play as a team. This will uplift the services offered by the hospitality industry.

All employees will work with the same core values. Uniforms will emphasize their unity.

5. Helps customers to identify

When you are working in the hospitality industry, you don’t want your customers to feel helpless. This is why you should consider offering uniforms to the hospitality industry. Therefore, your customers will recognize you. If all your employees are uniformed, your customers will not be misinformed or mislead.

These are some of the reasons why your hospitality industry requires workwear uniforms. Once you have considered these points, you will understand the importance of workwear uniforms.

What values hospitality industry companies stand for?

If you compare other industries to the hospitality industry, it is important to understand that hospitality industry is more different. If you look at this industry, you will understand that it comprises so many defining aspects of business. They are interested in customer satisfaction and meeting their needs.

The core values of the hospitality industry are such as:

  • Team play
  • Collaboration
  • Progressive
  • Honesty and transparency

These are some of the core values, which means, the core values may differ according to the company and its team.

How good uniforms can represent the best of the hospitality sector?

If the hospitality industry has the right uniform, it is possible to represent what the industry stands for. But for that, businessmen should focus on developing the uniform that meets the standards of the business. If you are unable to create something that matches your business, you will not be able to make your employees represent the hospitality sector.

This is why it is essential to be considerate when designing the uniform for your hospitality sector. When your employees offer the services, it should be possible to recognize your business through them.

Different types of uniforms based on the companies

There are different types of businesses; just like that, there are different types of uniforms as well. The main reason why your business requires a certain outfit is to stand away from other businesses. It will also make your business look better and valuable. When you respect your employees, it is obvious that the feeling will be reciprocated.

When a company designs uniforms, it will think of the overall performance of the company. It will be attentive about all the factors that might show what the uniform stands for. Indirectly, your business will be shown through the employees’ uniform. Therefore, do the needful to give the best.

What are the basic requirements of a hospitality sector uniform kit?

When you think of the uniform kit of the hospitality sector, it is apparent that there are certain requirements. These basic requirements are not easy to be ignored. You need to meet this requirement if you want to create the ideal uniform for your employees. But what are the basic requirements? Here we go:

  • Your design should be professional because it displays your company and its style. But that doesn’t mean your uniform kit shouldn’t be funny if your business is that. However, be considerate of the business type when selecting the uniform style.
  • You should design the outfit with the motivation of helping the customers. The way you have designed should be helpful when the customers are at your business.
  • You should think of the durability of your company’s workwear because it can’t be produced often. It should be a cost-effective thing.


To wrap up, we advise you to focus on the company culture, style, and services before deciding on the type of uniform.

Hotel Staff Uniforms

Are you searching for high-quality, custom restaurant uniforms and other hospitality uniforms in chennai? You have come to the right place. Here at RSM UNIFORMS Chennai, we supply customized top-of-the-line uniforms to business owners and employees across a number of industries. Whether you are the owner of a large hotel chain or a small local restaurant, you want your employees looking and feeling their best at all times. We’re here to help .

At RSM Uniforms, we consider these three factors when researching hospitality uniforms for our clients:
1.Presentation, 2.Functionality and 3.Durability.

To make matters even better, our iron-free garments and other outfitted house uniforms are priced affordably to fit virtually any budget. Most of our available garments can either be industrial or home washed up to 40 to 50 times.

To find out more please call us at 9176634635 or you can mail us at

Hotelier Uniforms

Hotel industry involves a lot of responsibilities running a restaurant. Staffing. Making sure the food order is on time.Should we update our menu? Am I doing everything to keep my employees in the back safe? And where my employees intersect with my customers, do they look their best? It’s an exhausting list, so don’t let uniforms add to your stress. Count on RSM uniforms to provide you with quality hospitality uniforms that are on brand and on time.
We are now providing chef apparel in style with embroidered logo and the fabric is comfortable poly cotton blend.

For any queries feel free to call us on 9176634635.

Pink overcoat – Shirt model with logo embroidered on back !!

Here is a pinkish shirt made in terry cotton material of best quality. This shirts are made for labor staffs at one of the most reputed travel companies in Chennai. The overcoat made is long lasting of best quality and the logo embroidered is from Japanese barudan machines.

Uniforms Shirts in India

There are other bright colors of uniform material in store with us. Kindly drop in a email to with your uniform requirement and we would get back to you as soon as we can.


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