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Tamilnadu Government school Uniform dealers in Chennai !!

We at RSM Uniforms now have all the variety of Tamilnadu government school uniforms at our store located at godown street in Chennai. The recently launched school uniform for children from 1st to 5th standard and also for students from 6th to 8th standard is readily available as material with us.

For standard 1st to 5th – Combo of Green checks top and Bottle green bottom

For standard 6th to 8th – Combo of Fawn checks top and Beige color bottom

For standard 9th to 10th – Combo of Blue checks top and Navy blue bottom

For standard 11th to 12th – Combo of Pink checks top and Light Grey bottom

Government School Uniform – Combo 1

Government School Uniform – Combo 2

Government School Uniform – Combo 3

Government School Uniform – Combo 4

For your enquiries of government school uniform in Tamilnadu call us now at 9176634635. Happy to help you.


Tamilnadu government new uniforms 2019

There is an announcement in the tamil newspaper today about the new uniform color and pattern for students of tamilnadu studying in government schools.

The uniform for 1st to 5th standard is a combo of green top and dark green bottom and the uniform for 6th to 8th standard is a combo of beige color.

This information has been shared by minister for school education in the government of tamilnadu.

For your requirement of government uniforms in tamilnadu call us now at 9176634635. Happy to help you.

Tamilnadu Government School Uniforms produced by Valji !!

RSM Uniforms is one of the major stockist and dealer of Valji Uniforms in Chennai. Since there is a change in government school uniforms in Chennai this year, Valji mill has come up with the varied range of Government uniform material for Tamilnadu. The following are the range of uniforms developed by Valji :

For 9th Standard Boys and Girls :

1.Spexo – 51708 2/60s shirting (Pink Shirting)

2. Rosey – 51771 30’s shirting (Pink Shirting)

3. Raja – Grey color plain shirting –

4. TMO – 51774 and Paradise suiting – 1260 in grey

Government school uniform for 9th and 10th Standard boys and girls

For 11th Standard Boys and Girls :

1. Lexus- 51707 2/60s shirting (Blue Shirting)

2. Naxter- 51770 30’s shirting (Blue Shirting)

3. Raja – Navy blue color plain shirting –

4. DMO – 51773 and Paradise suiting – 1237 in Navy blue

Uniform for 11th and 12th std Girls and boys

For your bookings on government school uniforms in Tamilnadu please feel free to call us at 9176 634 635. Happy to help you.


Proposed New Government School Uniforms in Tamilnadu

There has been many speculations on current years government school uniforms in Tamilnadu. The below are the two colors of shirting proposed for government school uniforms.

Government School uniforms in Tamil Nadu - ProposedRSM Uniforms is not 100 percent sure on the pattern of the uniform and also on the effective date from when this uniform will be implemented. The proposed government school uniforms will be implemented subject on approval. We will have to wait for the next official news from government.

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

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