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Super market uniforms for gents and ladies

RSM uniforms stocks up uniform sleeveless coat and t shirt in similar colours that can be used both by gents and ladies staff working at super markets.

For ladies we stock up sleeveless coat which can be worn over any attire and for gents we have different blends of t shirts available in solid colours based on your needs.

We are experts in doing brand logo embroidery so be very sure on the final result of the logo on the garment.

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM uniforms.

Sleeveless supermarket uniforms manufacturers in Chennai

Supermarket uniforms in Chennai

Sleeveless super market overcoats in more than 10 different colours is available at RSM uniforms.

We stock sleeveless overcoat in plain solid colours as well as combination of dual colours in coats.

These coats are made from Terry cotton material and suitable to wear over any existing attire of yours .

We have stocked up the sleeveless coats in different sizes of S M L XL and XXL.

The sleeveless overcoat in the picture is for Reliable hyper mart made in heavy quality fiber dyed material with red combo of piping done on the sleeve edge and also on the two below pockets.

The branding is done using embroidery both on front and back.

Please ping us on our helpline number 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you with your uniform requirement.


How often do you look in your wardrobe and can’t find anything to wear? Work uniforms help in eliminating the problem of choosing clothes on an everyday basis and make life easier.

 Uniforms help in fostering team spirit, promote togetherness and create a sense of unity.

Having single workwear or uniform irrespective of the job role helps integrate team-building resources for staff, making them more approachable while explaining their concerns to customers. 

Maintaining workwear apparel helps save money and time for employees by not shelling out money on new outfits. 

Your employees are the heart and soul of the company; a uniform is a statement of unity, pride, and representation of your brand and is the face of the company. Safety workwear is the foremost priority, designed keeping in mind the stringent standards, and the fabrics used in the material are more safe and durable. 

Supermarket uniforms are of a significant stipulation, and RSM uniforms are among the top supermarket uniform dealers in the country. We are one of the notable uniform dealers and manufacturer are known for 

  • Customizable design
  • Brand personalization 
  • Durability

The supermarket uniforms, designed with top-quality fabric, aim to help in enriching the company’s pride, unity. We wish that the employees wear the uniforms which represent their organization’s emblem and flaunt them with utmost confidence.

The supermarket uniforms, created with premium material, are designed to keep the employees comfortable.RSM uniforms provide quality grocery dresses, which are durable and resistant to wear.

 It is an essential trait while designing supermarket uniforms that is kept in mind the quality, comfort, and convenience. There are various supermarket uniforms designed and ready for the employees to wear with honor and credence.

  • Black and white with black combo sleeveless coat
  • Light green solid sleeveless coat
  • Sleeveless overcoats with wide colors ranging from navy blue, Arab green, bottle green, etc. 
  • Uniform shirts – full sleeves ( cotton blue, cotton grey, viscose blue) 
  • Uniform shirt- half sleeves. 


Some of the important features of having a uniform in the supermarket

  1. Uniforms provided to employees with long-sleeved coats or overcoats uniforms help in minimizing contamination risks and pollutants. 
  2. At the start of the pandemic, there was a massive surge for staff to wear uniforms with gloves, masks to ensure the protection and safety of the members and customers.
  3. Company coats and uniforms also protect the staff from food getting contaminated with pathogens and ensure protection. 
  4. Supermarket uniforms are integrated with coats and shirts and ensure it covers the hair and ears of employees to avoid finding a strand of hair in the product, impairing the shop’s reputation. 
  5. Aprons are a critical element of safety, and disposable aprons are most beneficial to prevent contamination. 
  6. RSM uniforms help the staff members wear such uniforms, which signifies their unity, logo, and representation and ensures that these uniforms help maintain safety and are ideal for tasks that require dexterity. 
  7. We ensure to use durable, long-lasting materials for grocery apparel and food safety garments, keeping uniformity, comfort, and hygiene in mind. 
  8. It is recommended to partner with reputed uniform dealers who adhere to high hygiene standards, cleanliness, and protocols. 
  9. Embroidered overcoats for supermarket housekeeping staff are provided with various colors by us.
  10. RSM uniforms have supplied v neck housekeeping overcoats for one of the clients by integrating the brand logo and tag line embroidered efficiently to maintain the organization’s pride. 
  11. Keeping your housekeeping staff looking unified and comfortable is your responsibility. Staff being the backbone of your organization, it is vital to maintain warm fellowship and a feeling of togetherness. Housekeeping overcoats are aesthetically designed, combining style and comfort. 
  12. RSM uniforms have designed supermarket uniforms for Ponnu Super Market and worked for notable clients. The uniform is designed according to the brand requirement and maintains a professional look. 
  13. The uniform t-shirts made from 100 percent cotton material and overcoats designed with premium quality material ensures comfort. 
  14. It helps in putting a professional and up-to-mark good look in front of the customers. 

Uniforms have become a rule rather than an exception in recent years. It helps the employees and staff members to carry the emblem of the organization with privilege. Uniforms help build customer loyalty, promote the brand and initiate high engagement with customers. It is worn as a sense of pride and unity and worn to abide by standards or protocols of safety. Bright and colorful uniforms help set the look and feel of the organization as it reflects the goodwill and quality. 



Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

Supermarket T shirt suppliers in Chennai

The cheapest, simplest and the most effective way to give enormous identity to your brand is to make your employees wear uniform that stand out you from the crowd.

We at Rsm uniforms can help you design uniforms that are not only budget friendly but also gives a long lasting impression of your brand to the customer.

We had a call from a customer from uttar pradesh asking for a cusomized solution for a good quality t shirt that has yellow as the base and red dual tipping on the collar and the sleeves.

We had used the best quality cotton material and brand embroidery was done using barudan machine.

If you are looking out for the life changing way to give identity to your brand try our uniforms and we are sure there will be no looking back.


HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM OVERCOATS IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORMS CHENNAI RSM uniform at Chennai is one of the leading manufacturers of workwear, chef wear and medical wear with uncompromising functionality, reliability and affordability.We are an expert at what we do. We are a skilled manufacturer with fabric and garment expertise. We are also a specialist when it comes to supplying garments that are able to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering. Only when a garment exceeds the expectations of our customers, we can be satisfied.
You can see a v neck sleeveless green colour house keeping overcoat with adjustable belt , white colour piping on armholes and logo embedded in contrast yellow colour supplied by RSM uniform to one of our contented customer Rahman Supermarket chain in Chennai.
HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM OVERCOATS IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORMS CHENNAI We are open for any customization , for any query and to place order please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


T-Shirt and sleeveless overcoat supplier in chennai
RSM UNIFORM at Chennai is a family business with over 40 years’  of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying corporate uniforms and workwear.As an owner managed team, we are passionate about customer satisfaction and dedicated to providing both wearer comfort and administrative efficiency for the customer.
Providing your employees with a work uniform is an effective way to promote your brand. The uniform that we design for you will ensure that your brand is presented perfectly at every opportunity and creates a distinct lasting impression of your company. Your employees will stand out from the competition in corporate clothing that is on-trend and makes them look professional, approachable and reliable.
One of our happy client MS supermarket in Chennai trusted us and we provided them with uniform polo t-shirt, polo t-shirt with contrast collar and piping , overcoat for employees.
At RSM UNIFORM, we will work with you to design corporate clothing for your employees that reinforces the ethos and culture of your company.To join us call at 9176634635 or can mail us at


HOSPITAL UNIFORM-HOSPITAL LAB COAT MANUFACTURER FROM CHENNAI – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI RSM uniform at Chennai is a one stop solution for all uniform needs industrial, corporate, labcoats, blazers, hospitality, hotel, school etc.,Whether we’re new to you or you’re a long standing client, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re one of the India’s leading supplier of corporate clothing & workwear.
RSM uniform is committed to always offer new designs with better finishing and better craftsmanship.The image is of uniform overcoats supplied to Sector 32 a family dental care clinic at Chennai.RSM Uniform are conceived with the idea of dressing employees as the actual brand ambassadors of the company mindset, taking into account that pricing is not an obstacle when choosing Uniform.
HOSPITAL UNIFORM-HOSPITAL LAB COAT MANUFACTURER FROM CHENNAI – RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our site, or if you need any assistance at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements at 9176634635 or can mail us at


WORKER UNIFORM- HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI RSM uniforms is built on the values of integrity and service and is committed to functioning completely according to the set rules and regulations in the industry.The company cherishes its long-term relationship with several traders retailers and individuals who have trusted in them.

Our clients belong to different sectors like industry, hospitality , school, labcoats, corporate etc.,The image is of a house keeping overcoat made of pure cotton fabric suitable for all day work, it is durable and easy to maintain supplied to the House easy firm in Chennai.The name of the firm with phone number is embedded on left.

WORKER UNIFORM- HOUSEKEEPING UNIFORM IN CHENNAI- RSM UNIFORM CHENNAI For any query regarding further customisation do not hesitate to call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM UNIFORM at Chennai upholds their customer centric philosophy there are no compromise when it comes to comfort and quality. Getting the perfect fit is also key to a professional appearance,along with satisfied uniform wearers. As a premium supplier,we assist clients in creating a tailored corporate clothing solution right from housekeeping to professional and guide them through every step of the process.

This is the housekeeping uniform for women staff in the hotel industry .The tunic and pant is made in light green colour with dark green jacket and two pockets for easy accessibility supplied to the Hotel chain Mayura in Chennai.The company logo is embroidered on the left side with contrast lemon yellow colour.

Our Uniform package can be fully customised to comply with every need for personalization from fabrics ,colour and fit to design and details. To order please call us at 9176634635 or mail us at


UNIFORM OVERCOATS FOR THE HOUSEKEEPING STAFF RSM uniform is paving the way for success by ensuring customer delight.The Success of RSM UNIFORM AT CHENNAI will be found in its unflinching commitment to 5 core values –

#Honesty- is the core value of our team & and transparency in dealing with the clients is prime motive
#Customer centric – we understands the requirements of our clients before completing our assignments
#Boundary less- to direct all our endeavors towards attaining maximum client satisfaction
#Belongingness – we are committed to accomplish our tasks within the stipulated time frame
#Passion- working passionately until the task is satisfactorily accomplished
Each of the values describes what the company stands for, the qualities of our people and the way we work.

UNIFORM OVERCOATS FOR THE HOUSEKEEPING STAFF This is the basic overcoats made for the housekeeping staff in cotton material , making it comfortable to wear and work with ease. This uniform can be custom made in any colour and brand logo can be printed or embroidered on both sides front and back. To order please contact 9176634635 or can mail us at

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