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How Chef Apparel Suppliers Can Accentuate Any Chef Look [Types Of Chef Caps]

how chef apparel suppliers can accentuate any chef look

What is the one thing that you get reminded of as soon as you think about chefs? 

It goes without saying that white coloured apparels are what that signifies chefs. 

A white hat and white coat are the significant costumes that chefs wear and are known. 

Chef caps are majorly what that pops up immediately in our mind as soon as we think about the chef.

The chef caps are something which is worn for hygienic purpose but has become a symbolism or reference to mention the chefs itself. 

So why chef hats?

We have seen many chefs wearing white coloured hats. Right from seeing chefs in TV shows to seeing them at hotels, you would have seen chefs wearing hats

Chef caps are worn to ensure hygiene where the head part of the chefs are covered and thereby preventing the strands of hair from falling into the food. 

There are many legends and histories revolving around how wearing hats in the kitchen started. 

One legend dates back to 16th century times stating where chefs’ heads were cut off if there were any strands of hair that was found in the king’s food. 

Another legend states that Greek chefs wore the chef cap as a part of their rebellion costume, and this found the way into their everyday clothing. 

Chefs caps are also sometimes used as a way to show the seniority among the chefs working in a place. The higher the length of the chef hat, the higher their posting and status with regards to cooking. 

If you’re planning to buy chef hat for your restaurant or catering firm, then take a look at the below to get an idea of what would suit best.


The terms toque is derived from French, which refers to both The toque is a white apparel cap which is long at the ends. These hats are tall and gripping to the ends.  

These hats are the most common hats that you can find the chefs of the top tier hotels and restaurants using as a part of their apparel. Toque hats were in high trend between 13th to 16th century. And later in the 1930s toque hats were in usage again. 

You can find most of the French chefs wearing a toque hat and is widely used by many chefs. 

Basic Caps

These are basic baseball caps which are worn by chefs who work with the fast-food sector. 

They are comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear and fix. 

These caps come with an elasticated backstrap that the chefs can fix easily according to their head’s fit. 

These caps are popularly assimilated into everyday fashion as well. 

The one drawback of wearing these caps while cooking is that the steam from cooking is easily drawn into the face. 


These are easy, comfortable chef apparels that chefs can wear as a chef hat. These are also popularly worn by the street food makers. 

Street food makers generally have the trouble of cooking the food with a lot of steam and flames involves. These headwraps are suitable for such kind of cooking as they are easy to tie around the hair and doesn’t cause flames from the furry cooking back on the face. 

You can generally find the Asian and Chinese chefs using the headwrap as their chef apparel. 

These headwraps can be tied and worn easily as the chef’s wish. 

Generally, women chefs with thick hairs might find it hard to settle their hair in the hat.

The whole point of wearing a hat is to cover up hair. So, these headwraps can help in tying up the hair easily for women. 

Beanie Hats

These are also called as the skull caps. These are turban kind of hats that can be worn covering the upper head part of the on the whole. 

Beanie hats are provided with a velcro fixer that can be used to fix the hat as per the comfort of the chef.  

Beanie hats come in many different colours and are not just subject to white colour.

Caterer hats

These hats are the easy disposable hats that can be worn on use and throw basis. The chefs who work for catering firms can make use of these caps. They are lightweight and stretchable, thereby also covers up the head part completely. 

When approaching the chef apparels supplier in the town makes sure you purchase the chef hats as per the chef’s comfort.

Checks chef cap and net caps dealers in Chennai

Chef cap and net cap dealers in Chennai

Checks chef cap and net caps dealers in Chennai Rsm uniforms has ready stock of chef caps in different varieties of checks fabric.

These fabric made caps are super durable and easy to maintain and use.

Checks chef cap and net caps dealers in Chennai We also have chef caps in net fabrics which are breathable and comfortable to wear.


The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen

best modern chef coat designs you should have in your kitchen

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen Many stereotypes prevail among us, and the stereotypes imposed on chefs are in no exception to this. 

One of the most commonly used expressions against the chefs is ‘Never trust a skinny chef.’ 

And the second most common thing or maybe the well-known fact is that they wear cooking aprons and chef coats.

Even though the latter phrase is used to refer to the fact that chefs probably need to cook delicious food, and it is evident that they put on weight by eating what they cook. 

Well, it would be absurd to normalize that as everyone’s body reacts differently despite consuming rich food and all chefs do not necessarily eat what they cook. They are fellow human beings striving to maintain good health as everyone else. 

Given that, it is also absurd to assume chefs wear loose and dull chef coats and aprons. 

Well, not all chefs wear boring apron and chef coat all the time, few styles can spice up the dressing of the chefs. 

Chef coats have evolved, and many modern chef coats designs are in the market. If you are a chef or own a restaurant willing to hire chefs, then take a look at the below for few ideas on chef coats. 

The wrap-around coat

A wrap-around coat is the most preferred modern chef coat nowadays. The chef coat has simple pins where the chefs can wrap it around and pin it. 

This gives the chefs a smart look. The coat is comfortable as well as they are attached to the body giving it the right fit and the chefs can alter it as per their wish. Not too loose or not too tight. Just the right fit to suit the chef.

The one with suspender

The chef coat with the suspenders is the most comfortable costumes the chefs can wear. They also give the chefs a sharp look. 

They usually come along with large pockets in the front, which is suitable for the chefs to have their cooking sticks, and food tasting sticks with them. 

Few commonly and frequently used ingredients can also be carried along in the pockets. 

A swift skirt along with the coat

Skirts along with coat can make a good and classy chef costume for women. 

They can pair the coat along with a straight skirt. 

This can be a comfortable and chic chef costume for women. Skirts with side pockets can also be used to for a plush attire. 

A wrap-around apron can be matched to go along well along with the skirt. 

Coat with apron and caps

A plain and straight coat can be paired along with apron and caps, and it is a chef costume that will never go off trend. 

As discussed above, chef aprons with pockets can give a much comfortable cooking experience for the chefs. Cooking sticks and frequently used cooking ingredients can be carried along in the pockets. 

Caps are generally used to cover up the hair. Given the hair fall condition that many suffer from, it is to ensure that strands of hair do not fall off in the food and other ingredients by mistake.

Appealing colours

All that we know about the chef coats is that they are in white. Chef coats can also be designed in other appealing colours to give the chefs a smart look. The most commonly used colour for chef coat is white.

But you can also update the colour and use darker colours like grey, marron and even black

Chefs work in the kitchen for a substantially extended period of time and are prone to get their coats dirty with stains from food ingredients while cooking. Hence, using a darker colour for chef coats would help in the long run, and it avoids having the stains seen visibly. 

Cravings for delicious foods will never go out of need, and likewise, chefs will always be a huge workforce. This vast workforce definitely deserves a chic outfit and ensure that you design the chef coats with care and fashion in mind. 

The Best Modern Chef Coat Designs You Should Have In Your Kitchen For your requirement for chef coats in Chennai feel free to call us now.


Chef cap suppliers in Chennai
The right hat can unify a look. Find yours with a chef hat from RSM UNIFORM at Chennai. We’ve got the traditional toques, wraps and chef hats for those who want to keep their look classic. Browse our  Collection if you want something edgier or more casual. With so many options, we’re sure to have the right fit for you.It’s simple, if it’s headwear, it’s our thing.
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Traditional Chef Hat in Chennai !!

We at RSM Uniforms now maintain numerous variety of Chef hats with us. Give your kitchen staff a bit of professional flair with Chef hats from RSM Uniforms! These chef hats are made out of durable, lightweight poly viscose material and washes well. Featuring an adjustable velcro closure these hats will fir variety of head sizes.

Chef hats makers

Chef hat makers

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