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Mukesh spun supplier in Chennai

Mukesh spun supplier in Chennai

RSM Uniform is a regular dealer for Mukesh spun which comes from Rise industries. These spun material are made from poly viscose yarn and are perfect for ladies bottom as well as for the overcoats and shirts.

This is a 110 color chart that is available in spun cloth. The fabric is also used to make doctor scrubs and in various medical and other sectors.

Do you have any requirement for medical scrubs please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be glad to arrange swatches that is small bit of sampling also we can arrange few yardage of meters if needed in any color.

If only few meters of fabric requirement is there we can get the same shipped by air at an additional courier cost. The cost of fabric is nominal and comes in 36 inches width.

To make a chudidar bottom we may need 2.25 meters of cloth and similarly to make a half sleeve shirt 2 meters of cloth is needed and a full sleeve shirt 2.25 meters of cloth is needed.

Sleeveless overcoats can also be made using this spun material and it also has various other uses depending on which industry one works in.

Housekeeping chudidar manufacturers in Chennai

Housekeeping chudidar suppliers in Chennai
Housekeeping chudidar manufacturers in Chennai

Housekeeping chudidar manufacturers in Chennai

Rsm uniforms have ready stock of housekeeping chudidar in Chennai. The chudidar is made from chambray top material which is of corporate light blue color and the bottom as well as the overcoat is made of good quality spun material in navy blue color.

The chudidar is available is different sizes of Small, Medium, Large, Extra large and Xxl. This chudidar comes as three pc suit only and is suitable for all occasions for housekeeping ladies.

Ask for this readymade option at our store and get the best quality housekeeping uniforms from us. We are soon going to launch another housekeeping chudidar color in grey and black combo soon. Stay in touch to get easy going good quality uniforms from us.

Uniforms for electrical companies in Chennai

RSM Uniforms can supply all kind of uniforms based on the need of the customer. The one displayed here is a sleeveless coat made for electrical company in Chennai.

The sleeveless coat that RSM Uniforms stocks are collared ones are now available in two varieties one being plain and another is a combo of a contrast color.

The uniform sleeveless overcoat displayed here is made for  a electrical company in Chennai. The staffs working in the company are mostly ladies so they can just put on this uniform on the regular saree or chudidar they wear and is durable and easily washable.

The uniforms from RSM do not require much maintenance however we suggest not to dry the uniforms in direct sunlight for maximum durability. The logo embroidery done is a dual color embroidery that requires a little more time than normal as there are lot of fillings involved.

The customer KB Electrical are based out of OMR Chennai i.e they are from Old mahabalipuram road in Chennai and had given the order to us via whatsapp. After suggesting the color and sizes and finalizing the embroidery the uniforms for them was made within three days with both front and back embroidery and was delivered to the customer via Om Muruga transport. The delivery charges were very nominal and next day morning the parcel reached the customer.

Since the time RSM Uniform is associated with them we have received two orders from them and expecting another order just after the state wise lock down from May 10th to 24th May 2021.

Valji executive suppliers in Chennai

Valji executive suppliers in Chennai – Rsm uniforms stocks valji executive 148 shirting at our store in Chennai.

This executive 148 is a major hit among corporate uniform buyers.

The quality is at par and the blend is heavy quality poly viscose.

For more enquiry on shirting cloth please feel free to get in touch with us.

Officer choice yarn dyed suiting suppliers in Chennai

Officer choice yarn dyed suiting suppliers in Chennai
Officer choice yarn dyed suiting suppliers in Chennai

Officer choice yarn dyed suiting suppliers in Chennai – RSM Uniforms is one of the leading suppliers of yarn dyed suiting in Chennai. One of the above quality named Officer choice is a fine quality yarn dyed suiting used in various sectors. We stock the above quality at our store in Chennai. 

For any enquiry related to yarn dyed suiting in Chennai please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.

Status yarn dyed suiting suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms is a leading supplier of yarn dyed uniform suitings in Chennai. The above is a yarn dyed chart for a brand named Status. The width of the fabric is 58 inches and it is the perfect fabric to get your waist coat, housekeeping coat, school uniform bottoms and pinoforms stitched.

The beauty of yarn dyed fabric is that it last longs even after several washes. The color doesn’t fade easily and is a reliable uniform fabric.


Restart rethink reshape and re imagine with uniforms from Rsm uniforms.

Stuck with what to do next ? Don’t get dejected with the current situation and remember the only thing we have with us is the power of now. Don’t think about the glories of the past or about the uncertain future. 

Get lighter and only think about the moment that is now. As a business owner or a professional what would you do now. Just make sure you build your identity every day remember Rome was not built in a day similarly just keep working hard and remember there is no substitute for hard work. Is there any substitute for the hard work if yes do let us know too. 

Give your brand an identity with uniforms from RSM uniforms . We have stocked up some varieties of corporate uniforms at our store and also can arrange bulk or any quantity of uniform t shirt you require for your organization. Visit our store and check what we can offer you for your brand.

Let your brand resonate with thousands of people with uniforms from RSM Uniforms. Get in touch with us now.


Sleeveless coat for residential colony staffs in Chennai

RSM Uniforms can offer something really useful for members workings in a closed gated community in Chennai. The sleeveless coat that we offer are made from terry cotton cloth and can be used by various categories of staff working at your residential colony.

The one made here is of navy blue color with a hint of sky blue color on it for staffs of a well known welfare association in Chennai.

The sleeveless coat are available in various colors in plain as well as combination of two colors in collared style. The process of sleeveless coats to be made without collar is going on now and soon we will be launching sleeveless coats without collar that would be even more easy and comfortable to wear.

Both the collared and without collared variety of sleeveless coats will be available with us. For you requriement of sleeveless coats in chennai for your residential colony staffs feel free to get in touch with us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.



Uniform overcoat for sweet store in Vellore

RSM Uniforms stocks up uniform overcoats in various colors and sizes at their store in godown street chennai. The overcoats are made up of terry cotton material or trovin material and is thick in nature. The more you wash the trovin fabric the more softer it becomes after few washes. The violet color coat mentioned here is for a sweet store in vellore named Sri Ananda chettiar mithai kadai.

The order was placed over whatsapp and the overcoat with logo embroidery done was couriered to them via ST Courier. We generally use ST Courier for the fast service within Tamilnadu. It is comparatively cheaper to its competitor like professional courier.

We are just a message away. Message us now and get the right uniforms delivered by us.

Black apron suppliers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms stock black color aprons that can be used in Kitchen and for various other purposes. These Aprons are full and come in common size which can suit any body stature. The material used is poly viscose and terry cotton that is long lasting and is easy to maintain. The Apron displayed here is used for a company named makazai and has a big print done on it.

This requirement of black apron came to us with a challenge of fulfilling the order within a days time. No matter what the customer wanted the apron with the print within a day. Initially customer was little apprehensive if we could do this for them as there were two challenges involved one was of time where it was to be delivered in a days time and second was a complicated print of such a big size which there were not sure that we would achieve.

The order was confirmed somehow after repeated followups and understanding the requirement and placement of print. The aprons were ready with the print in a days time and the same was delivered to them via lynk delivery app. The entire process was completed way ahead of time and the print that was done was also bang on according to the expectations of the customer. The customer was surprised and was happy that they took the right decision on placing the order with RSM Uniforms.

If you have any such requirement and are willing to spend little more bucks than normal for urgent cases we can try giving some solution to you. Please call us or whats app us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to help you.

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