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RSM UNIFORM -The manufacturers of most professional, intricate, and detailed custom printed t-shirts in Chennai. But what really sets us apart from any other t-shirt design and screen printing company? RSM Uniform is built on the promises of providing absolute best-designed products. Providing unbeatable prices that are always on time with delivery! We aim to please every customer with their choice of design!
There are many reasons why people want custom printed t-shirts and one of them is for business.We want to help you put the emphasis on your brand with custom printed apparel.We have supplied a  yellow colour polo t-shirt to Ganpati mess and catering service in Chidambaram with brand name embroidered in regional language emphasizing on the value of our client.
You won’t find a greater company for custom uniforms! We promise to provide the greatest quality t-shirts and apparel for your workplace.To order please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM UNIFORM  in Chennai is a market giant in manufacturing Polo t-shirts. Whether you are looking for sublimated or custom polo t-shirts, we are the best option for your choice. We are doing soul-searching work to avail wide varieties of quality Polo t-shirts at very lower prices.
The comfort of the wearer is our prime objective. Some of the noted features offered in our range is breathable fabric, light weighted & comfy.We offer the customizable product, which means that it would be different from what is available in the market as you can completely customize every detail of the garment from color right up until materials. You can even own the product having your name embroidered to it or screen any image to it making it stand out from any other best selling product.
RSM UNIFORM has successfully completed our client Tralite -truly elite’s order of polo t-shirt in multiple colour with embedded brand name on it .To order please contact us at 9176634635 or can mail us at

Understanding The Versatility Of Wholesale Printed T-Shirt Suppliers

Understanding The Versatility Of Wholesale Printed T-Shirt Suppliers

T-shirts are an everlasting symbol of casual wear. It’s almost uncanny how something as simple as a T-shirt can make such pronounced fashion statements. Over the years, people have opened their eyes to the innate potential for personality expression through T-shirts. Printed T-shirt suppliers were also quick on the uptake, delivering stylish products year after year.

Fitting To The T

From a structural perspective, t-shirts are as simple as they come. Nothing fancy, simple to wear and hassle-free to maintain. What sets them apart in terms of style quotient, then? The prints, of course! There are infinite possibilities as to what you can add to the front of a shirt. Colour-wise, design-wise and look-wise, this is what instantly grabs your attention about a t-shirt. 

Since t-shirts are associated with casual wear, there’s not much thought that goes behind buying one compared to other clothing articles. You see it, you like it, you check the fit, and you’re good to go! Brands both big and small have extensive t-shirt ranges with their brand name stamped on them. Naturally, these sell like hot cakes at their outlets worldwide. Where does that leave the wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturers, then? Let’s find out.

The Power Of Custom Design

People pick out t-shirts that best represent their style quotient. Therefore, isn’t going with bigger brands and snazzier prints the logical solution? The answer to that may actually surprise you! 

Sure, picking out branded tees is fun in its own way. What if you kicked it up a notch further and went your own way? Going with a wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturer might be the perfect perk for your wardrobe. At first, it might seem that going for a wholesale t-shirt supplier would be a wasted expense. Take a moment to think about the plus side of it, though. There’s no denying that a personal touch is exactly what your t-shirts need to make heads turn. 

Wholesale t-shirt suppliers understand this advantage and leverage it to the hilt. They know that they can offer a clear-cut edge over retailers in the same field. What they bring to the table is a customer experience that is unparalleled when it comes to t-shirt design. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive deeper into what makes this niche of t-shirt suppliers tick.

Wholesale Printed T-Shirts: The Edge

The Design Options

At a retail store, t-shirts are just t-shirts. With a wholesale supplier, however, things really get spruced up. The supplier will check up with you on specifications for your t-shirt, ensuring you get your full money’s worth. There’s ample scope for you to talk shop about pockets, fittings, buttons, collars and of course, the print itself! Whatever your preference, your supplier is there to help you out.

The Corporate Edge

Nowadays, corporate companies often place bulk orders of t-shirts to keep their company camaraderie high. The demand is such that there’s actually an entirely separate niche that caters to this avenue. Corporate t-shirt manufacturers specialize in providing custom-made t-shirts that are a great fit for working-class professionals. In these cases, the printed T-shirts come with company logos and other branded elements on them. Obviously, they can’t buy retail, so they go for corporate t-shirt manufacturers that can fulfil their specific demands. The best corporate t-shirts come from wholesale manufacturers!

Pricing Options

At a retail printed t-shirt store, the prices are fixed. This isn’t the case with wholesale printed t-shirt manufacturers, however. With due negotiations, you can work out a price that works for both you and the supplier. The final amount will vary based on the particulars of the printed t-shirt order that you place. In some cases, you can even work out a unique bulk order discount if your order is large enough. A common trend among all wholesale t-shirt suppliers is that they usually have provisions for refunds and replacements if you need them. It’s all about flexibility and ease of access with wholesale t-shirt suppliers!


Printed t-shirts are the best way to express your style statement while you keep it casual and effortless. When you lend these printed t-shirts a personal touch, that’s when you get the best out of it. Wholesale printed t-shirt suppliers give you that edge and help you get t-shirts that accentuate your wardrobe. RSM is reputed for its top-notch printed t-shirts, with quality guaranteed in every order. Place your order with us now!


RSM UNIFORM at Chennai is a family business with over 40 years’  of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying corporate uniforms and workwear.As an owner managed team, we are passionate about customer satisfaction and dedicated to providing both wearer comfort and administrative efficiency for the customer.
Providing your employees with a work uniform is an effective way to promote your brand. The uniform that we design for you will ensure that your brand is presented perfectly at every opportunity and creates a distinct lasting impression of your company. Your employees will stand out from the competition in corporate clothing that is on-trend and makes them look professional, approachable and reliable.
One of our happy client MS supermarket in Chennai trusted us and we provided them with uniform polo t-shirt, polo t-shirt with contrast collar and piping , overcoat for employees.
At RSM UNIFORM, we will work with you to design corporate clothing for your employees that reinforces the ethos and culture of your company.To join us call at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM UNIFORM – With our years of industry experience and our commitment to value, we strive to offer affordable uniform expertise to companies of all sizes. As a 2nd generation business with over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing in India, we understand corporate wear.
As a lean, owner-managed business, we also appreciate the importance of being able to deliver premium-quality, cost-focused uniform solutions.To date, we have successfully delivered hundreds of tailored uniform contracts, ranging in size from small businesses with 5 staff to nationwide organisations with 1,000 staff.
Orange Asian Union Wok commissioned RSM Uniform to create new uniforms like double breasted Chef coat, Apron,Chef cap, polo t-shirt, all with embroidered brand name to suit all departments throughout the newly transformed and extended  Hotel. It was especially important that, our individuality was reflected in the uniforms.
Whether you are thinking about ordering your company’s first uniform – or if you are replacing an existing one, please get in touch by calling us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


RSM Uniform at Chennai believes that Uniform connect everyone as an equal and are part of the same group, which can ultimately lead to greater success for your company and increase employee loyalty. In addition, uniform gives off an air of authority and knowledge, something customers instantly recognise.
*Provide free advertising,
*Improve  employee security and safety,
*Create a team bond,
* Increase productivity.
If your work include employees across several departments, out fitting each department in a different uniform style aur colour means you can easily identify which employee doesn’t belong in a particular department.
RSM uniform recently dealt with Annapoorni kitchen chain which involved different Uniform for different department like double breasted chef coat, polo t-shirt, overcoat with embroidered brand name on both sides front and back.
From  industrial work wear, hospitality, educational institution to lab coats we can start or improve your uniform program. Make the switch today. Simply give us a call at 9176634635 or mail us at


According to RSM Uniform at Chennai, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” Encouraging all employees in your organization to wear uniforms may help grow the success of your business. Employee uniforms are another way to let your customers see who you are. Also, they indicate to your employees how they should deliver service to customers.
High-quality uniforms with your colors and logo make your staff instantly recognizable to customers, vendors, and partners. Not only that, but you can have different styles or colors of uniforms for various departments or teams, helping create clarity on the (sometimes chaotic) manufacturing floor.
Holiday vagamon resort showed trust in us and in our Uniform solution.We have provided them formal shirt and polo t-shirt with embedded brand name.
Take your next step toward greater investment with the RSM UNIFORM.Leave us a call at 9176634635 or mail at


RSM Uniform is a leading manufacturer & supplier of uniforms to top-level brands in India. We deliver a diverse range of garments to our customers but specialise in the Healthcare, Corporate, Hospitality and Workwear markets.We strive for excellence and only sell uniforms that we would proudly wear ourselves.

We understand that it’s vital to have the right choices. That’s why we offer you such a vast range of great looking, functional garments, in many different colours, styles and weights. With RSM, you know you’ll get what you’re really looking for!

RSM UNIFORM has recently dealt with iFluids an engineering based firm in Chennai. We designed polo t-shirt in two different colours with contrast piping and formal blue shirt with embroidered brand name for them.The designs covered every employee of the firm.RSM managed to come up with a unified theme.

If you are looking for  one stop uniform solutions ,then your search ends here .For further details please call us at 9176634635 or can mail us at


Are you looking out for the best quality corporate T shirt manufacturers in Chennai ? We at RSM Uniforms can help you with your requirement of Corporate T shirts in Chennai. The below displayed images are TOP 10 colors of Corporate T shirts in Chennai. This particular variety is of Corporate T shirt named Fling which is of 250 GSM and has white tipping on collar and the sleeves. 100 % Cotton, 250 GSM, Bio- Wash, Tipped polo for classy look. Top quality superior combed yarn to avoid shrinkage. Soft flow dyed to ensure softness in fabric and long lasting colour. Anti pilling fabric. Anti static fabric.

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These are the best corporate uniform T shirts in Chennai for someone looking out for 250 GSM product. The sizes available are S, M , L, XL, XXL and XXXL. For your requirement of Top corporate uniform t shirt in Chennai call us now at 9176634635 and we would be happy to help you.


RSM UNIFORM at Chennai deals in world class readymade garments like t-shirts, polo t-shirts, formal shirt,hoodies,school uniform, lab coats etc. which are manufactured from high quality fabrics and yarns. Our garments are available in multiple colours, design and pattern.
Our quality personnel pay due attention to areas prone to flaws and defects such as stitching, embroidery, dimension, size, length and color to ensure that our clients get the best of the garments from us at industry’s leading prices. In terms of stitch, finish, embroidery, and color evenness, our garments have no match in the domestic market.
We are marching towards success and excellence with each passing day by doing constant innovation in the t-shirt designs and patterns.Our ever increasing list of high profile clients includes branded players of the industry.Cutting chai is one such food chain client of ours in Chennai.Their t-shirt includes kettle and a glass of tea print with brand name on both sides.
To be a part of our happy clientele please feel free to contact us at 9176634635 or mail us at
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