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T-shirt Printing In Chennai: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

t-shirt printing in chennai rookie mistakes to avoid

T-shirt printing in Chennai rookie mistakes to avoid

T-shirts have become the most preferred casual dress codes across many corporate firms. With the rigid dress code of formals over the weekdays, they prefer wearing something lite to keep the ambience and the work environment subtle over the weekend days like Fridays or Saturdays. Another essential use of t-shirts is in outings and work gatherings. T-shirts are preferred while doing an office outing. However, they restrict it to be the same for all to make sure their lot stays put in a public space and when travelling for a long distance. 

There are several corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai.

Over some time, they have developed smart techniques to make t-shirts. Corporates expect that the t-shirts are not plain but then have a design of their choice printed on it. This is mainly because they want their firm’s identity to be on it. This can either be printed or embroidered or can also be an embossed design. 

Frequently there might be miscommunication or misinterpretation of the requirements and so corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai have come out with a better and robust method to manufacture such dress code t-shirts. Here are a few things that can be done they say to avoid mistakes while printing t-shirts.

A clear understanding of requirements

The foremost important thing to do before producing t-shirts is to get a clear picture of the client’s needs. More often, it so happens that an orally communicated information does not get interpreted the right way. This can lead to substantial financial stress of the whole produced output go wrong due to incorrect incorporation information. For this, corporate manufacturers in Chennai suggest a physical or most preferably, a virtual copy of the requirements and other information has to be shared to the wholesale t-shirt producer from the buyer.

Production of a sample

Corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai stress on the point of producing samples first. This is extremely important to avoid any other mistakes while printing. A sample t-shirt can be printed and be sent across to the buyer. Further production should start only after getting a sign-off from them on the sample sent.

Big fat NO to low-quality fabric

Low-quality fabric often tends to tear and wear down quickly. Most companies opt for a t-shirt only to give their employees a memory of a particular event. In such cases, using a good quality can make the t-shirt last longer, and this will also make sure to earn your brand a right name and reputation.

Intricate designs

Complex designs can often hamper the whole purpose behind producing at-shirt. It is not only costly but is also challenging to create a print for. On the other hand, simple designs look elegant and simple to produce. If a company demands intricate designs, the t-shirt manufacturer should take a stand and suggest better and simpler designs unless it is exceptionally particular and necessary.

Several choices of colours

If a corporate firm comes to a manufacturer for bulk order, having options in colours is fair and makes sense. On the other hand, if someone orders for a smaller quantity say 50 or 60, having many colours is not economical. This can also lead to wastage of resources.

Producing in one size – One major mistake done by many t-shirt manufacturers is that they often tend to have one size or free-size for all the number of pieces ordered. This often upsets the buyer or the wearer. Not all sizes fit everyone, and by producing so, one is only generating more waste than creating something useful.

Low image quality and fonts

Another mistake done by some manufacturers is not paying attention to detailing. This includes the kind of fonts used, the quality of images and the choice of colours. Understanding the colours is very important while printing a tee shirt. If there are images with the low resolution, it is advisable to request them for high-resolution pictures.


These are some of the significant points to consider while producing tee shirts for corporates.


What is the minimum number of t-shirts that I can order from a corporate t-shirt manufacturer in Chennai?

Ordering a minimal number of t-shirts can be financially and economically, a wrong choice. To know the minimum number of t-shirts to order, reach out to us. We will understand your requirement and suggest accordingly.


Can I get the t-shirts in a custom design?

Yes, we do provide custom design t-shirts. To know further about how the process works, reach out to us with your design and requirement.


What is the minimum cost of producing a t-shirt?

Producing a good quality t-shirt involves cost as the materials is sourced from the best places. To know per piece price, reach out to us so we can send across a quotation to you.

T-shirt for Spices store in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Are you looking out for uniforms T shirts for your store staffs?

We at RSM uniforms have many variety of uniform T shirt available with us and we can cater your uniform T shirt requirement confidently without much hassle and can also make customized orders for your color and design.

For your requirement of uniform T shirts please feel free to call us now we are happy to help you with the complete variety of different T shirts that we have at our store.

Customised T-shirts for Restaurants in Chennai- RSM Uniforms Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Promo tee t shirts in Chennai

Rsm uniforms is located in Parrys Godown street. We have different ranges of polo T shirts available with us. The T shirts that we make comes in different blends of cotton rich to 100 percent cotton fabric and comes in different colors and styles suitable to your budget.

This one is made for a restaurant in Chennai named Marhaba Tasty town and the quality chosen is Promo Tee with embroidery done in white.

How to quickly make your brand look special by trying our uniforms

Rsm uniforms made this 100 % Cotton super comfortable T shirt for a famous personality coach associated with IPL team. We will not be able to disclose much information about this but the T shirt brand is Fastees and the color chosen was white, black and sky blue. The brand logo was embroidered on the T shirt.
This way we made the brand look special instantly with rich quality T shirts along with the branding done with good quality machine embroidery. If you are looking out for a similar option for your company to stand out from the crowd feel free to call us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to assist you.

Never worry about uniforms for your brand in Chennai.

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Looking for Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Check out RSM Uniforms. We supply T shirts, Uniform shirts, Security uniforms, Aprons, Chef coats , Trousers and many more stuffs related to uniforms. Come up with your requirement in bulk and we would also be able to cater the same for you.

When it comes to uniforms in Chennai think RSM Uniforms your complete uniform solution expert in Chennai. The store is located in godown street Chennai and is a hub of textile market. We are growing stronger and better each day and are in a mission to create innovative and easily investement products for your brand.

This is a dark navy blue best quality Fastees brand t shirt with company logo – Kookmate made for Kookmate catering company in Chennai. We offer easy solutions for your requirement of uniforms. Please visit our store with your requirement and we will make sure you are delighted with your choice of uniforms at RSM.

Life changing ways to give identity to your brand.

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

Uniform for grocery store in Chennai

The cheapest, simplest and the most effective way to give enormous identity to your brand is to make your employees wear uniform that stand out you from the crowd.

We at Rsm uniforms can help you design uniforms that are not only budget friendly but also gives a long lasting impression of your brand to the customer.

We had a call from a customer from uttar pradesh asking for a cusomized solution for a good quality t shirt that has yellow as the base and red dual tipping on the collar and the sleeves.

We had used the best quality cotton material and brand embroidery was done using barudan machine.

If you are looking out for the life changing way to give identity to your brand try our uniforms and we are sure there will be no looking back.

Do you want to be unique from your competitors?

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Best corporate uniform solution in Chennai

Now you can by wearing our uniforms. We at Rsm uniforms can give you a complete package on different categories of uniforms required for your employees.

Initially were little skeptical on what would be the quality and how would the branding look. But once they purchased uniforms from us they have become our happy customer and have placed order for the uniforms again.

For us the most important thing that matters is the trust that the customer gains after walking into our store.

T shirt given is Promotee which is budget friendlly and sleevelese overcoat is plain black for all the employees at

We would never misguide a customer be it for one or thousand pieces. Only thing we require from your side is ample time to understand that making uniforms requires precison and effort. Call us now 9176634635 to know more about the different uniform option that we have at our store.


As a matter of fact, RSM UNIFORMS presence has become wider and wider acquiring a role of primary importance in the Uniforms sector with continuous and considerable growth since last decade. Its addition of T-shirts in the uniform category has taken RSM UNIFORMS to a greater level in the market.

For any queries regarding uniform T shirts feel free to contact 9176634635 or you can also visit our store for your requirement of uniforms.

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