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Individual Name labels in Chennai !!

We at RSM Uniforms are specialists in individual name textile labels for garments, especially uniforms. Our labels are great for personalizing uniforms to help easy identification and, therefore, eliminate mix-ups. Moreover, others can know the wearer’s name.


For example, when Mr. Sudharshan Manndiar attaches the label to his garment, everyone knows that he is the owner of the garment & that the wearer is Sudharshan Manndiar.


Once it is positioned on the garment & ironed, the label will attach itself permanently. (It could be on the chest area to one side)
The label stays on wash after wash. It is durable & colorfast.
The font & size of the letters are bold and distinctive.
We are offering one colour & font.
Our name labels can be used for uniforms, undergarments, backpacks.
The width of the label is 17 mm & length is 90 mm. It can be read from a distance of 2 meters.


1.Is there a limit to the number of letters on a name label ?
Our label has a length about 90mm & a width of 17mm. Most names will fit in this size.
2.Can I have different fonts ?
No. The font that we have chosen has good readability.
3.How quickly should I expect my orders ?
10-15 days.
4.Can the labels be used on shoes ?
5.Do you print logos ?
No.we can embroider the logo.
6.Can I choose the colour of the labels ?
No. The silver background with black letterings has excellent readability.
7.How will you pack the name labels ?
Your complete order will be packed in jumbled form in a poly bag. Cut and fold style.
8.What are the minimums ?
Please discuss with Mr.Rahul Jain at 9176634635 or leave your enquiry at or call us now with your uniform label requirement in Chennai at 044 – 25386319.
9.How do I apply/attach the label ?
Position the label at the desired spot. Place hot iron (cotton setting) on the label for 20-22 seconds. (Do not move the iron)
10.Where can the name labels be used ?
They can be used on any uniform, undergarments, back-packs.

Get in touch with us now with your label requirements in Chennai we would be happy to help you.


Woven lables in Chennai !!

From hand-knit items to clothing and crafts, custom woven labels are the vital finishing touch to raise awareness about your product and brand.As a leader in the industry of woven and embroidered products for over 30 years,RSM Uniforms understands the intricacies of creating the perfect custom labels to suit your needs.


We are focused on creating the highest quality fabric labels available anywhere.Whether you choose damask, satin, cotton, or taffeta labels, our high standards ensure the very best fabric and finest threads are used in the most advanced weaving looms and printing processes. An in-house design team can create your custom clothing labels from scratch or optimize existing artwork at a nominal cost.

For your requirement of woven labels in Chennai or requirement of any embroidery i.e computerized to be done on the garment please call us at 9176634635. We would be happy to help you.

New Landmark for RSM Uniforms in Godown street – Right opp. to Karur Vysya Bank !!

Hello visitors its great to share with you all that our office RSM Uniforms located in 1st floor of Amex arcade complex has got a new landmark in form of Karur Vysya Bank in Godown street.

Godown street uniform wholesalers, Uniforms for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporates and Hotels - All types of Uniform in Godown street, Parrys

Karur Vysya Bank – New landmark in Godown street

It would be easy to locate our store now and we would be glad if you could walk in to our shop with your Uniform requirements.

Uniform wholesaler in godown street, Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms in Chennai are one of the leading suppliers of uniforms in and around Tamilnadu. We make uniforms for Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals, Facility management companies, industries and Corporates. We are located at No.74 Godown street and are known as one of the reputed wholesalers of uniform fabric in Chennai.

Godown street wholesalers of uniform material - Amex Arcade complex

Godown street wholesalers of uniform material – Amex Arcade complex

Displayed above is the Amex arcade complex in godown street where we have our outlet for Uniforms and readymade shirts in Chennai.

For detailed requirement of Uniforms and other fabrics related to textiles kindly give a call to us at our landline or mobile phone numbers. It would be a pleasure if you wish to meet us directly at our shop located at godown street.

Woven label for security services company in Chennai

RSM Uniforms can make woven labels based on your jpg format design or a sample. These woven labels are produced in bulk quantity with the minimum order quantity to be 200 to 300 pcs.

The woven labels looks near on a garment and is cost effective when compared to an embroidery. The manufacturing unit of garment in chennai are lot more comfortable putting a label on a garment as its hassle free and less time consuming.

Once a client decides on a woven label and tells us the placement of label on the garment we follow the same strictly while putting the same on the garment.

RDS woven label - Cheaper and easy to attach

RDS woven label – Cheaper and easy to attach

For more enquiries of woven label in chennai get in touch with us at RSM Uniforms No.74, Godown street, 1st floor, Amex arcade complex, Chennai – 1. We are just a call away you can call us at 9176634635.

Woven and printed clothing labels in Chennai !!

A label is a way of identifying a product, the school you represent, the college you study in or the company you work for, The labels can be stitched on the cloth you wear. Depending on your need and style RSM Uniforms have been manufacturing woven and printed clothing labels in Chennai since 2010. Our extensive production facility for woven and printed clothing label is in Bangalore and the product variety that we manufacture are Tafetta label, Overlap Tafetta, Damask label, Satin label, and Adobe quality labels. Here we explain about the different labels that we manufacture :

1. Taffeta label ; Taffeta is a single pick quality with no different weaves across the warp and the the weft of a fabric. The label is tightly woven and the density of thread is less. The label provides excellent durability at a cheaper price. The warp is of low density with one up and one down weaves,

Taffeta label supplier in Chennai

Taffeta label supplier in Chennai

2. Overlap Taffeta label :  The difference between Taffeta label and Overlap taffeta label is the usage of five to six colors in the weft. The exclusive quality of overlap taffeta label is that it can show more color tones, which is little difficult to acheive in other labels.The weft gets overlapped on the warp and five to six colors can be used on the plain warp of the label.

Overlap Taffeta in Chennai

Overlap Taffeta in Chennai

3. Damask Labels : Damask label has a high definition weave and is manufactured using at least two threads by making use of high speed looms. Instead of embroidery switch over to Damask label as the weaving technique will offer a good solid color and fine detailing and are much more cost-effective then embroidered items. To enhace brand image we suggest Damask labels. Made with higher density, it provides finer details and outstanding colors. Damask weaves are more expensive than Taffeta. These labels are considered the high end among woven labels. We provide high quality labels made from damask, the high quality is achieved by high intensity, and thinner yarns. Clarity of detail and true logo interpretation is exceptional. Choose damask for detailed designs or texts. While the cost is higher, so is the superiority of the label for a fancy, pleasing appearance.

Damask label supplier in Chennai

Damask label supplier in Chennai

4. Satin labels : Our Satin woven labels are produced using automated high-speed single needle and broad looms with a superior quality outcome. Satin labels look very comfy and are extremely soft – at the same time, they give gleaming and fancy look. Because of its softness, it greatly reduces the chance of skin irritation. Satin labels have more sheen and are usually limited to basic ground colors. The quality of the label is thick double warp is used for up and one down. The material is sometimes referred to as slit satin referring to the slit knives that cut the labels to size. The labels can also be cut with hot knives. Satin provides a luxurious and shiny look with a soft feel. These labels are usually more expensive than Taffeta.

Satin label supplier in Chennai

Satin label supplier in Chennai

5.  Adobe Quality : Adobe Quality is a new type of label designed by computer where pictures are used in higher quantity than normal taffeta and overlap taffeta label. Although the quality of Damask is higher than the adobe quality, but the quality and precision attracts the eye of many.

Adobe quality label supplier in Chennai

Adobe quality label supplier in Chennai

For more enquiries on Woven and printed clothing labels for Schools, Colleges, Hospital, Company and corporate uniform in Chennai call us on 9176634635 or leave us an enquiry on our website