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Terry Cotton Uniform Shirts in Chennai !

RSM Uniforms manufactures terry cotton cloth in the brand name of Oswal by RSM Uniforms and Gurukul by RSM Uniforms. We maintain almost 25 colors in Oswal quality and this can be used to make Housekeeping shirts, Factory Uniforms, Shirt and Trousers made of same material and color and Industrial uniforms coverall.

Oswal by RSM Uniforms is 2/30s x 15 singles count quality made in weight of 270 to 275 grams and the width of the fabric is 56 inches.

Gurukul by RSM Uniforms is 2/30s x 2/30s count quality made in weight of 300 grams approx and the width of the fabric is 58 inches.

Uniform shirts - Half sleeves and Full sleeves

Uniform shirts – Half sleeves and Full sleeves

This fabric is absolutely perfect for Schools, Colleges, Hotels and Hospitals in Chennai and can be customized according to your requirement making it a waist coat, a lab coat, an overcoat, a normal half or full sleeve shirt with collar or may be chinese collar, a trouser, a coverall. We have a plethora of options to put this cloth into the best use based on your uniform requirement.

We are just a call away. Call us now at 9176634635. We would be happy to help you.


Uniform shirts with embroidery in India

Plain shirt fabric in various colors are now available at RSM Uniforms. The full sleeve shirts can be made in standard sizes of 36 38 40 and 42 based on your brand color and the logo can be embroidered on the shirt as per your requirement.

Corporate uniform shirts

Corporate uniform shirts

For more details on the uniform shirts in India please call us now at 9176634635 .

Uniform shirts – Plain white in Chennai

Uniform shirts in standard sizes can always be manufactured at RSM Uniforms. The shirts can be made in poly cotton or poly viscose blend from different cloths of different mills.

Uniform shirts in Chennai

Uniform shirts in Chennai

Are you in need of Uniform shirts for your company ? Do you believe that wearing uniforms can take your brand a step ahead than your competitors ? Check out now with our collection of uniform materials for your company. We are glad to assist you. Whatsapp us at 9176634635 your brand logo and choice of color you require for your Uniform shirt. We are glad to help you.

Corporate uniform half sleeve shirt in Chennai !!

Standard sizes of shirt, be it half sleeves or full sleeves are the best buy at RSM Uniforms. We have in stock myriad varieties of shirt material and a corporate company can choose among them based on their budget and usage.

We deals with uniform shirtings of various brands like Valji, Wocky Tocky, Parth Alliance, Franco Leone, Kalpatru, Bhairav, Pineapple, Armylon, Ganga, Needhis, Swaraj, Jagdamba among few.

It would be convenient to place order for minimum 100 pcs so that you can choose from the best of the designs and the same can be procured and converted into shirts of standard sizes fit.


For your enquiries of corporate uniform shirt in chennai please get in touch with us now at 9176634635 as we would be happy to help you.


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