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Rsm Uniforms now deals with uniform material of Vivekananda Education Society. Feel free to contact us on 9176634635 or 044-42326319 for enquiries and supply regarding the same.


Buy School Uniforms in Chennai !!

February – March is the right season to order your school uniforms in Chennai. We at RSM Uniforms are stocked fully to to cater the needs of Schools in Chennai.

We sell various brands of School uniforms like Valji, Armylon, Indian, Rajendra rayon, Jagdamba, Sangam, Ganga, Poddar, Wocky Tocky and other reputed mills. Kindly send us your uniform requirement and we will be happy to help you out with various colors and combo of school uniforms in chennai.

Here we display the master chart of various colors of trouser cloth/ pant cloth/ suiting cloth that we generally stock with us.

Uniforms in Chennai - Trouser cloth


We are happy to help you with your school uniforms requirements. Kindly get in touch with us at 9176634635.

Printed uniform manufacturers in Chennai

RSM Uniforms has supplied printed fabric to many of the schools and hotels in Chennai. We display here the regular prints that are readily available with us. Incase you are looking out for printed fabric of your choice, get in touch with us with your requirement. The MOQ for a printed fabric other than the readily available ones in 147 cms or 58 inches width is 1000 to 1200 meters approx.

Printed fabric manufacturers in Chennai

Printed fabric manufacturers in Chennai

Look no further for your uniform requirements in chennai get in touch with us now and we would be happy to help you. Call us on 9176634635.

School uniforms in Chennai for the best days of your life !!

No matter how much you think you hate your school, you’ll always miss it when you leave. The best days and the most memorable days of one’s life is School days and we at RSM Uniforms make it even more memorable by installing confidence in the children by wearing the right uniform.

School Uniforms for the best days of your life !!

School Uniforms for the best days of your life !!

Cherish your childhood with us. Call us for your bulk uniform booking at 9176634635.

Widest range of School Uniforms in Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms makes School Uniform in different blends and style based on the requirements of schools in Chennai.

RSM Uniforms - The ethics of excellence

RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence

The best time to book school uniforms in bulk is during the month of December and January as it takes a minimum of 45 to 60 days for production of Shirt fabric (In case of non availablilty of required meters) and it takes around 30 to 40 days for the production of Suiting fabric(In case of non availability of required meters).


Coolest combinations for School Uniforms in Chennai !!

The birth of an idea, the dedication and hard work of a group of people who wanted to give their consumer the very best saw the RSM group grow into a organisation where the policy of quality consistency fabrics comfort and value for money materials, became the organisation basic foundation.

Nearly three decades ago the RSM group started their humble beginning with a lot of dedication, intensive research and with the hard work and expertise of their capable employees. The RSM group in Chennai grew to become a household name in our country and rising star in the national horizon, The RSM group manufactures their fabrics using the most superior quality imported looms. The Suljer looms and Donear looms are used to produce fabrics that are wrinkle free, with a variety of enzyme, paper and peach finish.

The RSM group in Chennai specialises in Shirtings, Suitings and School Uniform fabrics. There is vast range of mix and match fabric, stripped designs, checks and plain colours to choose from .

The quality of fabrics range from polyester viscose. a soft textured fabric for school children, polyester cotton, 100% cotton, terry cotton and industrial fabrics for economical uniform for factory workers.

With a vision in their mind the RSM uniform group in Chennai works with all sincerity dedication and using the latest technology to give their valued customer what they deserve the most, the very best of fabrics for the generation to come.

The season of summer and the season for School Uniforms go hand in hand. We at RSM Uniforms hereby present the best combination of school uniforms available in the market. These combinations are trendy and suitable for class from L.K.G to standard 12th.

For your school uniform needs in Chennai call us at 9176 634 635 or visit our website http://www.chennaiuniforms.com. In case you want to see the coolest combination of school uniforms mail to us with your requirement on rahulrpatni@gmail.com