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Corporate Uniforms in Chennai !!

Uniforms for your employees not only builds the reputation of your company but also is a major factor for the world to know on how serious are you when it comes to your business.

Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Corporate uniforms in Chennai

Here we display a half sleeve shirt made for our customer Aqua design Technologies. The requirement was a half sleeve shirt mostly for technical staffs. The logo was sent to us on whatsapp and upon approval was been embroidered on the chest above the pocket area.

Embroidery of logo in Chennai

Embroidery of logo in Chennai

The sizes for Corporate Uniform shirt can be 36, 38, 40 and 42 based on your requirement.

For any uniform requirement in chennai feel free to get in touch with us at 9176634635 . We would be happy to help you.


Corporate uniforms in Chennai !!

We at RSM Uniforms have stocked up plain T shirts, plain overcoats and plain white shirts to meet your contingency needs.


The T shirt are available in multi colors in various sizes based on your requirement we can get the embroidery logo done on the chest for the readymade stuffs.


Here we display the uniforms given to ITEC service, a well known facility management company having office in Chennai.


We have done a contrast logo based on the garment color for better visibility of the brand.


For your requirement of uniforms in chennai please get in touch with us at 9176634635. We would be happy to help you.

Corporate Uniforms – The best corporate wear in Chennai !!

Are you in need of Corporate Uniforms for your company ? Are you planning to change the existing uniforms of your company ? Are you in need of quality clothing that is durable and is soothing to your skin ?

Corporate uniform in Chennai

Corporate uniform in Chennai

Switch to RSM Uniforms if answers to any of the above questions are YES.

Corporate Uniforms

Corporate Uniforms

The best selling corporate wear are sold at RSM Uniforms. Here we dispaly the hotcake corporate wear that is a combination of light blue stripes shirting and dark blue trouser. The color combination of light and dark blue is majorly worn by many of the companies in Chennai.

RSM Uniforms – All uniforms under one roof in Chennai !!

School Uniforms, College Uniforms, Factory Uniforms, Industrial Uniforms, Chef Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms, Scrubs, Lab coats and what not. We have anything and everything under one roof for your Uniform needs in Chennai.

The ethics of excellence

The ethics of excellence

RSM Uniforms- The ethics of excellence. For your enquiry of Uniforms please call us at 9176634635 or mail us at rahulrpatni@gmail.com


T shirts – 100 % Cotton – The best corporate wear !!

Be it a casual occasion or a corporate event in your company we at RSM Uniforms can give you the best of the Corporate T shirts made in 100 % Cotton material. The T shirts comes in three different GSM in the range between 210 GSM to  260 GSM.  The size varies from S-Small, M-Medium, L-Large, XL- Extral Large, XXL – Double Extra Large.

Generally the T shirts are without the chest pocket.  The Tshirt displayed here is made in 230-240 GSM 100 % Cotton material for three different companies.

T shirts made in 100 % Cotton material

T shirts made in 100 % Cotton material

IMG_20131024_163238 IMG_20131024_163300 IMG_20131024_163916


The printing on the Tshirts can be done based on your requirement on a minimum of 100 pcs. To check out the readily available colors with us click on the following link https://chennaiuniforms.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/uniform-t-shirts-for-the-chennai-people/ .

For your enquiry on 100 % Cotton T shirts kindly fill up our enquiry form on the website http://www.chennaiuniforms.com or call us at 9176634635.


Grey Uniforms for the Mechanical people.

One can never lose out the possibility of Mechanical students/workers wearing a combination of Grey Shirt and pants. The color grey can never go out of fashion and can always be soothing to eyes. The uniform is generally made out of terry cotton fabric and can last washes for almost a year. For your enquires on Mechanical Uniforms for colleges, Mechanical uniforms for Workshops or for Industries please get in touch with us at http://www.chennaiuniforms.com or call us readily at 9176634635.

Grey Workshop

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