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7 Trendy Tips To Personalize Your Hotel Staff Uniforms

hotel staff uniforms
hotel staff uniforms

Providing your hotel’s staff team with a uniform that is attractive and respectful at once has become a basic requirement today. The right uniform designed specifically to suit every unique job profile is not only a crucial element in the modern hospitality industry but also a task that requires planning and creativity. Modern hotel uniforms play a significant role in the success of the brand and business.

Innovative Tips to Create a Trendy, Personalized Uniform for Hotel Staff

Customizing your staff team’s uniform with the brand’s logo, slogans, or any specific text is one of the fundamental needs in the contemporary hotel industry. You have to ensure that the modern hotel uniforms are personalized in tune with your particular business requirements, and exude professionalism as well as sophistication.

The following are a few of the trendy key tips for creating a personalized uniform for your hotel staff that radiates professionalism and projects a modest, respectable look:

1. Focus on including individuality of uniforms

Personalizing the uniforms for each category of employees will enable an intriguing, unique touch. Embroidering an employee’s name on the uniform worn by them will be unique; it will give them a sense of pride as well.

You may choose to screen print your brand’s updated logo on your modern hotel uniforms. It allows providing a distinguished look to your team

2. Use attractive, bold colours that contribute to the appearance

Management and high-level staff can be allowed to wear uniforms with bright and bold colours. This will help to spruce and spice up their attire and make the surrounding lively. Adding bold colours in small ways, such as keeping a bright scarf in the pocket visibly or adding colourful bands to the existing uniforms is another way of heightening the appearance. 

It is essential to do away with the common, bland neutrals that were once the order of the day. Attractive and bright colours are in these days.

3. Festoon your staff’s uniform with patches

Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours, uniform patches provide a distinction to the modern hotel uniforms. Adding uniform patches is an effective way of denoting one’s rank, profession, and the department that they belong to.

Uniform patches may be used as a means of decoration or can be handed out as felicitation or award for meritorious service. Either way, it is a way of adding spice to hotel management uniforms and hotel receptionist uniforms.

4. Ornate, elegant Footwear helps to distinguish your hotel’s staff team

Not just the clothing – snazzy and fancy footwear forms a crucial part of the uniform in the modern world. One of the primary factors that attract the eyes of bystanders and onlookers is the footwear.

Shoes and sandals, although often considered subtle and low-key, in fact, are a distinct way of displaying an exclusive charm and style in anyone’s attire. It is more crucial in the case of hotel employees, who are expected to entice customers with their immaculate appearance and win their hearts. Customize your staff team’s footwear in a fascinating, at the same time, comfortable fashion.

5. Ensure tailor-made, well-fitting apparels

A hotel employee’s ensemble must be tailored to fit the body shape and size, making the individual look professional and attractive. 

Ill-fitting regalia makes no sense in the fast-paced world. Availing the services of the best corporate uniform makers will enable your organization to ensure that your staff are bedecked impeccably.

6. Make your team stand out from the other packs with modern hotel uniforms

It is essential in the competitive business world to see that your team members are adorned with outfits that make heads turn. It helps to boost your brand and express corporate culture. 

After all, clothes make a man. The significance of including your staff’s uniform as an integral element of your marketing plan cannot be downplayed. 

7. Focus on the comfort of staff and their satisfaction

Understanding your team’s specific uniform requirements and going in for the fabric that best suits your place of work and the surrounding is crucial. Customize the garments according to the specific functions and movements of your staff.

Clothing must allow freedom of movement and comfort while enabling the team to provide responsible, focused services.

Designing and Creating Innovative, Unique, and Personalized Modern Hotel Uniforms

Hotel uniforms, while being responsible for keeping up an excellent, appropriate appearance, must be personalized according to the role of the staff. They must reflect your business objectives. While running a business in the hospitality industry, especially hotels, entrepreneurs, and managers need to ensure that the uniform worn by the staff members helps to create a branded team look.

It is imperative to differentiate the different job roles with different uniforms in your hotel. While the hotel management uniform would be tailored in a league of its own, hotel receptionist uniforms would naturally be created with certain specific design and appearance. The ‘one size fits all’ concept doesn’t fit the modern business ecosystem.


Corporate uniforms are an integrated element in business organizations. Not just professional corporate uniform manufacturers, your hotel staff and the management, when working in tandem, can come up with extraordinary and innovative ideas for making great hotel management uniforms as well as hotel receptionist uniforms.

Security uniforms in Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms is now expertise in making security uniforms in Chennai that are priced reasonably. The security uniforms are made of poly viscose cloth and the label is enclosed that are given by the security company or can be made by us too.

Security uniforms fabric are also available with us in case you only need the fabric. We also make overcoats, security Uniform Chudidar i.e is a three pc suit and ladies jacket with trousers that can be customized and can be given according to your requirement.

Uniforms for security in Chennai

Uniforms for security in Chennai

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T shirts sponsor – RSM Uniforms for a cricket event in Chennai !!

RSM Uniforms was a proud sponsor of T shirts for a cricketing event in Chennai. The T shirts given were of 100 % Cotton material with Collar and were embroidered with the name of the Club, the name of the owner on the back side based on the chosen color and on the right at the chest area the brand RSM Uniforms – The ethics of excellence along with our website name was embroidered.

Polo T shirts in India

Polo T shirts in India

The color of the T shirts were chosen by the owner of the four teams but the color of the embroidery was chosen by us based on the highest visibility on the garments.

The team owners name embroidered on the back of the polo T shirt

The team owners name embroidered on the back of the polo T shirt

We maintain atleast 20 to 25 colors of plain T shirts of 100 % Cotton material and prefer doing the company embroidery rather than the print as it lasts longer and always has a edge over the printing stuff.

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Uniform waist coat in Chennai !!

Waist coats are now available at RSM Uniforms at a very reasonable rate. These waist coats are manufactured with matty material and lining is provided inside to give a professional look.

Uniform waist coats in Chennai

Uniform waist coats in Chennai

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Uniform shirts – Plain white in Chennai

Uniform shirts in standard sizes can always be manufactured at RSM Uniforms. The shirts can be made in poly cotton or poly viscose blend from different cloths of different mills.

Uniform shirts in Chennai

Uniform shirts in Chennai

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Customized Chef coats in Chennai !

Chef coats are quite in demand in Chennai and we at RSM Uniforms have chef coats that are of customized size and pattern provided the minimum quantity of order is 100 pcs.

Chef coats in Chennai

Chef coats in Chennai

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Uniform T shirt for Restaurants in Chennai !!

Uniform T shirt in black looks class apart and is always distinguishable if the company logo is embroidered in crisp and clear way. Here is a Uniform t shirt for a upcoming restaurant in kodambakkam. The color of the company logo was altered based on the visibility on the black garment.

Uniform T shirts in India

Uniform T shirts in India

The uniform T shirts are available in S M L XL and XXL sizes are available in many colors. Also find the color chart for the other available colors with us.

T shirts color available

T shirts color available


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Uniform T shirt with embroidery !!

Here is a uniform t shirt of color Melange Grey and Black made from 100 % Cotton material. The t shirt is plain without any rib and has been embroidered with a contrasting color that would be visible easily.

Uniform T shirts

Uniform T shirts

There are various colors of plain T shirt available with us. Choose a color and get the embroidery done on it.

T shirts - Plain for Uniforms

T shirts – Plain for Uniforms

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Overcoats in Chennai – Few more colors added!!

Other than the regular colors of unisex overcoat Dark Navy Blue, Navy blue, Sky blue, Grey, Coffee and white we have now stocked up some more colors based on the demands made from our customers. These overcoats are now available in size 40 that can fit most of the people.

Chennai overcoats in Pakistan Green, Maroon, Pink and Bottle green color

Overcoats in Chennai

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