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Kitchen apron supplier in Chennai

Rsm uniforms in Chennai has more than 15 kinds of uniform apron readily available with them. These kitchen aprons are made from best blend of poly viscose cloth that is extremely durable and always comfortable to wear.

Ping us now on whatsapp at 9176634635 we would be glad to send you many more varieties of Kitchen apron we have with us.


Kitchen uniforms for cooks – Affordable and Durable !!

Are you in need kitchen uniforms that keep you cool in even the warmest conditions? Want a tough cook uniform that can make it through any busy shift? Looking to save on cook shirts that are both durable and affordable? Then look no further than http://www.chennaiuniforms.com.
Our selection of staff uniforms working in the kitchen includes cooks shirts that are made to be comfortable, designed to be durable, and fashioned to be flattering.

Cook's shirt

Cook’s shirt

RSM Uniforms in Chennai also does things slight differently. All of our kitchen wear shirts are made a whole one to two inches longer than the competing brands so that it’s easier to tuck in and keep controlled in a busy kitchen environment. With a cook shirt from our selection, you can trust that anyone in your kitchen will look and feel his or her best.

Kitchen Wear for women

Kitchen Wear for women

A short sleeved cook shirt is just what you need to outfit your kitchen staff during warm weather or busy schedules. For your enquiry on complete range of Kitchen wear call us at 9176 634 635 or mail us your enquiry on rsmuniforms@gmail.com .

Catering uniforms for food serving staffs in Chennai !!

The traditional catering serving staff wear includes a white shirt with checkered collars and checkered bands on the sleeves.The thick terry cotton cloth in white protects from the heat of stove and oven and also protects from splattering of boiling liquids.

White shirt with checkered collar and sleeve round

White shirt with checkered collar and sleeve round

White is always intended to signify cleanliness and is generally worn by highly visible front staffs who actually serve the food.

Black and White checks trousers

Black and White checks trousers

The black and white checked pattern frequent on trousers conceals minor stains and is highly durable when made with elastic waistbands.

Call us at our landline phone 044-25386319, visit our website http://www.chennaiuniforms.com and fill up the enquiry form or mail us your requirements at rsmuniforms@gmail.com. Always here to help you.