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RSM Uniform – The corporate uniform manufacturers in Chennai is paving the way for success by ensuring customer delight.RSM Uniform is India’s premier supplier of quality corporate uniforms. We provide uniforms to some of the biggest corporations, ensuring their uniforms reflect their brand, and inspire their team. We can provide the most up to date, fashion tailored range of garments to specifically suit your needs. From tailored suiting, casual polos, durable workwear, healthcare uniforms, and sporting team wear, our expertise in fashion and design will enhance your corporate image.

The red colour uniform overcoat with white piping and two front pockets, further customized with embroidered brand name is supplied to the IFresh supermarket chain in Chennai.

The overcoats can be made available in any colour as per your requirement and can be further custom made. RSM Uniform upholds the promise of excellence, trust us and stay tension free after placing order at 9176634635 or can mail us at rsmuniforms@gmail.com.


Inspired by everyday living, and in pursuit of the ideal urban lifestyle, RSM UNIFORM at Chennai uses common needs as the basis for the creative and design uniform process. The aim is to make day-to-day life better at work place and not design just for design’s sake. Often this means breaking boundaries between different forms of design, and re-concepting commonly held beliefs, while creating never-before seen items that resonate with our audience.

Not bound by the usual design categories, RSM uniform has outfitted uniform for house keeping staff . It is a plain v-neck maroon colour sleeveless overcoat with two pockets in front giving easy access to the wearer and open to any kind of customisation with regard to colour , piping, brand name or logo embroidery .

For further information or query please feel free to contact us at 9176634635 or mail us at rsmuniforms@gmail.com.

Sleeveless overcoat uniforms in Chennai !!

As you know Chennai always has only three kind of climates Hot, Hotter and Hottest and we at RSM Uniforms have come up with sleeveless overcoats as uniforms that is unisex and easy to wear and maintain. These overcoats are available in different sizes. The below overcoat is made for a supermarket uniform in Chennai. The overcoat can have different colors of mix and match based on your companies need.

Company logo on uniform

Company logo on uniform

The sleeveless overcoat material is same as the normal overcoats with sleeves. As of now we haven’t stocked the overcoats. Soon we will have stock of sleeveless overcoats in different colors and sizes.

Super market uniform in Chennai

Super market uniform in Chennai

These overcoats that are sleeveless looks classy and can be worn over a shirt or saree comfortably. The embroidery of the brand can be done on the front i.e on the chest and also on the back of the garment based on your budget and reqirement.

Get your sleeveless overcoats designed by us now.

Sleeveless overcoats in Chennai

Sleeveless overcoats in Chennai

Call us at 9176634635 and we would be glad to know about your uniform requirements in Chennai.

Sky blue overcoats for real estate companies in Chennai !!

There are myriads of real estate companies in Chennai. RSM Uniforms caters uniforms for everyone starting from the top level CEO to the lowest level housekeeping and security staffs of real estate companies in Chennai.

Here is a sky blue overcoat with the company logo of one of the real estate companies of Chennai. As per the companies instruction they wanted the “A symbol of trust” caption to be removed from the logo while doing the embroidery on the garment. Due to heavy work load we forgot to consider this and had got the logo done on the garment with the caption. We apologize for our mistake and would make sure that every small thing will be minutely taken care of for all our assignments in future. Thank you for appreciating our work and ignoring the mistake of the caption.

Uniforms for real estate companies in Chennai

Uniforms for real estate companies in Chennai

For your requirement of overcoats call us now. Soon we are also introducing overcoats without sleeves in different patterns and color. Wait and watch for the next things that we would stock up and be ready to get served instantly.

Call us now at 044-25386319 and whatsapp us your requirement of uniforms to 9176634635. We would be happy to help you.

Overcoat suppliers for Uniforms in Chennai !!

Flashy red overcoat with yellow piping on the pocket and sleeve is the best option for your employees to wear for promotional event or exhibition where large crowd would gather.

Embroidered overcoat

Embroidered overcoat

The embroidery is done on the chest and on the back of the garment. The yellow piping looks subtle and goes well with the red garment.

Embroidery on the back of the garment

Embroidery on the back of the garment

For your overcoat enquiries please call us now at 9176634635. Whataspp us the image of the sample overcoat that you wish to get manufactured from us. We are glad to assist you.

Ladies overcoat Uniform in Chennai !!

Ladies overcoat made for a Medical lab in Karnataka. The sizes of ladies overcoat are standardized as 38 40 42 and 44. Generally the ladies overcoat are made of terry cotton material. The embroidery is done on the chest from japanese barudan machines.

Overcoat - Ladies

Overcoat – Ladies

For ladies overcoats of various colors and combinations in Chennai call us at 9176634635.