A Guide To Sprucing Up Your Grocery Store Uniforms

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Grocery Store Uniforms

A Guide To Sprucing Up Your Grocery Store Uniforms

Uniforms present themselves as a paragon of professionalism since the industrial age. Over time, they found their way into many mainstream industries. Wearing a quality uniform is expected of most staff members today. The purpose behind this is to present a united front as a professional organization. 

What about grocery stores? Local markets are yet to embrace the trend of uniforms. The bigger supermarket chains, on the other hand, quickly adapted to it. Supermarket uniforms are the norm nowadays, and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Grocery Store Staff Kits

Let’s go over what a basic grocery staff uniform looks like. You’ve probably spotted them yourself. Wherever in the world, it may be, a supermarket’s uniforms usually share some common elements.

  • The colour palette is usually the store’s colours.
  • As for the stitch, the pattern follows an overcoat style.
  • The material is often made from durable polycotton to reduce wear and tear.
  • Most uniforms in this type will display the logo front and centre.

Doesn’t sound very aesthetic. Well, that’s because most grocery store uniforms aren’t designed to be flashy or look dapper. They’re crafted to serve one purpose: provide durable attire that can withstand a hard day at work at the shop. What if there was some scope for experimentation here, however?

The Wholesale Corner

Any kind of staff uniform for grocery stores is custom-made based on specific requirements. To accommodate these orders, wholesale uniform suppliers (like us) enter the scene.

Thanks to the wide variety of options on offer, wholesale suppliers can accentuate grocery uniforms to look stylish. Recent studies show that brand image influences 70% of people who opt for supermarket chains. A brand’s perception hinges on this. 

Needless to say, uniforms are instrumental in how your brand name comes across to customers. After all, the staff are the representatives of your brand! So how can wholesale uniform manufacturers help sway your image to the positive side? 

  • By providing specific design inputs that are unique to your brand
  • By corresponding with you on branding elements
  • With ready customer service at every step of the manufacturing process
  • By giving you a hassle-free way to place orders in bulk for your company.

Going for a wholesale supplier opens up new possibilities to set your brand apart from a sartorial perspective. How will these wholesale dealers deal with adding some creativity to grocery uniforms? Let’s explore the options at hand.

Grocery In Style

To simplify our approach, let’s work on one aspect at a time.

  • The Fabric. As established before, we’ll need to use a material that can withstand rough use consistently. That’s not to say that supermarket uniforms have to be all about durable material! Nowadays, there are plenty of hybrid material options like lycra-weave cotton that bring the best of both worlds. By trying out new-age fabric, you can give your grocery uniforms a whole new aesthetic that grabs eyeballs while on the job.
  • Design. Usually, grocery store uniforms are designed in a solid colour. It’s an unwritten rule that it reflects a better professional attitude. Why not switch things up a bit? It’s quite simple to add a touch of tasteful design to make your uniforms stand out.

Experimenting With Looks

A classic example of a unique design for a uniform would be embroidering the logo in the weave of the fabric. Subtle yet stylish! Alternatively, you could go with a simple stripe pattern or small checks to highlight the look. Take it a step further and design separate styles for men and women, perhaps! There’s so much you can work with here.

  • Accessorizing. What’s a grocery staff uniform without some functional additions to it? Your uniforms will need pockets to help the staff go about their jobs. This is a staple in these uniforms. What can you add beyond that to create even more utility? In this range, you can explore options like shoulder lapels, clip buttons or even extra pouches to help the staff multitask on the go. It’s entirely up to you!
  • Branding. This is arguably the most critical aspect of a supermarket uniform. It goes beyond just having the staff display your logo front and centre. The idea is to encapsulate what your brand stands for and represent it symbolically through your uniforms. This can be done in several ways.

One of the most common ways is through a representative colour palette. 

Another popular way is to have the tagline embroidered under the logo in the uniform.

For a more personal touch, you can also stitch in the names of the staff members. This goes a long way in making your staff, as well as your customers, feel valued.


The general conception is that grocery staff uniforms are meant to be functional and nothing else. This is not the case, however. When you opt for a wholesale uniform supplier, you get to design your grocery uniforms just the way you envision them. At RSM, we offer top-quality grocery uniforms that reflect professionalism while also making a unique statement. Get in touch with us today to place your order!