How To Choose The Perfect Chef Uniform in the Hospitality Industry

how to choose the perfect chef uniform

How to choose the perfect chef uniform

How To Choose The Perfect Chef Uniform in the Hospitality Industry Of all the avenues of work, the gourmet industry holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. Day in and day out, the chefs and waiters slog in the kitchen, churning out delectable dishes that make many people’s day. It’s safe to say that chefs are indispensable members of the hospitality industry! However, where do the chef apparel suppliers factor into this picture? You’d be surprised to know that they hold equal importance in a chef’s day-to-day activities! Want to know how? Let’s understand the significance of a chef’s attire before we dig deeper.

The Chef’s Touch

Everybody recognises the universal symbol for a chef: their unique hats. Did you know that a chef’s hat is called a toque? The toque is an essential aspect of the entire chef ensemble. The next identifying factor of chef attire is the pure white colour of the clothing. Doesn’t it sound counterintuitive to have an all-white colour for a field that’s so prone to stains and smears?

Here’s another fun fact for you: chef apparel suppliers make chef coats white because white is an absorbent colour. 

The Bigger Picture

When they’re part of a larger organisation, chefs must look sharp while they’re on the job. In these scenarios, chef uniforms are usually double-breasted coats made of robust fabric that can withstand the hustle and bustle of a kitchen environment. 

Let’s take a look at the essential elements of a quality chef uniform in today’s world.

  • The name label
  • The accessories (pockets, etc.)
  • The fabric
  • The apron (optional)
  • The hat

As you can see, chef attire consists of a well-rounded kit. In large organisations in the hospitality sector, the staff uniforms must represent the pinnacle of excellence in service that the brand stands for. In today’s scenario, opting for the services of a chef apparel supplier is your best bet. Not only does it get the job done efficiently, but it also comes with a plethora of customisation options. What makes these apparel suppliers the go-to pick for the hospitality industry? To answer that, we have a guide for you in selecting the best chef uniform for your establishment!

The Chef Apparel Supplier Guide

1)Always check the fabric quality beforehand

The quality and durability of the fabric are of paramount importance to a chef’s profession. Usually, chef uniforms are made out of sturdy material that can withstand heat, stains and general wear and tear. Additionally, the chef uniform also has to hold up against repeated washes, for sanitation purposes.

2)Specify the accessories that you will require

Chef apparel suppliers often take the liberty to discuss with you the intricacies of the uniforms you need. This runs the gamut from extra pockets to special fittings on the apron to hold particular knives in place. You can place these custom orders with your wholesale uniform supplier well in advance from order delivery. Every chef has their own signature touch, so it’s essential to guarantee their comfort while they’re busy at work.

3)Take the time to talk branding

When you’re placing your order with the chef apparel supplier, make a clear mention of the branding element positioning. The logo, the chef name, and any other accents (on the toque, for instance) can be placed either through embroidery or printing. Premier chefs wear their names with pride on their coats, but there are other ways to do it too! Finalize a design layout and talk to your supplier about it. 

4)Ensure you get decent supply

As a chef, having just a couple of chef coats ready is never going to be adequate. Gourmet cooking is a job that requires chefs to be on their toes, dealing with tastes and smells of all kinds. It goes without saying that the chefs will be needing an ample amount of uniforms, sometimes even over the course of a single day! Wholesale suppliers can get you exclusive deals on bulk orders of chef coats, so ensure that you’ve set an order total before you sign on the dotted line.

The Complete Package

Today’s chefs uphold a certain standard of quality in terms of their craft. For them to do so, it’s imperative that they are equipped with perfectly-tailored chef uniforms. Chef apparel suppliers can provide exactly what they need, and also offer a signature touch in terms of branding. RSM Uniforms is fully capable of providing quality chef uniforms in bulk quantities. Get in touch with us today!