Computerized embroidery on garments in Chennai !!

White half sleeve lab coats are readily available with us at RSM Uniforms in five different sizes of S, M, L, XL and XXL. The coats are suitable for students, professors and people working in laboratories.

Embroidery done on a half sleeve white lab coat

Embroidery done on a half sleeve white lab coat

The embroidery on the overcoat is done from barudan machines that is engineered to get the perfect job done as per the logo of the company to give you the results that you are always looking for.

The computerized embroidery done is for a college and the process of embroidery involves six steps, below is the summarized explanation of the process involved and also a short video on how this embroidery was done using specially engineered machine.

Process 1 – Get the logo in a JPEG or CDR format. Digitize the design using specialized software

Process 2 – Save the file as stitch file that can be easily understood by the computerized embroidery machine.

Process 3 – Read the stitch data file into embroidery machine

Process 4 – Teach the machine on how to embroider the design

Process 5 – Frame or hoop the fabric you wish to embroider on and slot into the machine arms

Process 6 – Start the machine stitching and run until embroidery design is complete and finished

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