Housekeeping overcoat for Womens in Chennai !!

Are you in need of House keeping uniforms for Women? Something that they can wear above the saree and still maintain the uniformity ?

Womens overcoat made out of Terry cotton fabric can be the answer to your question. The overcoat is available in different sizes say Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and can be produced in 30 different colors based on your requirement.

Overcoats with two bottom pockets for Women

Overcoats with two bottom pockets for Women

RSM Uniforms makes these overcoats to cater the houskeeping category of womens in Chennai. The coats are comfortable to wear and has a durability of atleast an year if maintained well.

For your enquiry on womens overcoat feel free to call us at 9176634635 or at our landline 044-25386319 and you can also fill up the form on our uniforms website