How Do Uniforms Make A Mark On Society?

How Do Uniforms Make A Mark On Society

How Do Uniforms Make A Mark On Society? There has been a constant debate over the years about if uniforms really matter and how they impact society. Especially, in the school space or at educational institutions, there have been conversations surrounding how it is important, if at all, and what impact it has on the children. There have been many studies around it. 

One school of thought is that it is conformist, while the other is that it could potentially be a unifier. Let us take school uniforms, for instance, it will not allow different students to portray their style; while on the other hand, it will enable children of all economic backgrounds to look alike, making them more similar than different.   

This is of course not only limited to school, but this is also the scenario for all kinds of spaces that need discipline. Uniforms provide that sense of discipline. They serve as something that sets out people from the crowd. In the sense that in a crowd, you always know someone with a uniform and the institution gives society a sense of comfort. For instance, imagine a person in an army or police uniform in the middle of a riot, or, a doctor or nurse uniform when you are unwell. They reinforce your sense of comfort.    

Uniforms increase a sense of comrade amongst the people that wear the uniform. It creates a sense of belonging for the people that belong to the institute that they work in. This can increase a sense of team. It brings people together with the badge they wear. Wearing uniforms within the society with a company logo on it also helps customers recognize the brand and the business and the people working there, instantly. A sense of loyalty to the organization and the peers within an organization increases with the help of uniforms. They provide a unique, yet united identity for the people who work with the organization. 

Uniforms have been in the market ever since the Roman Empire and it still holds importance. There are multiple types of uniforms for different types of teams, for instance, there are school uniforms, hotel management uniforms, medical uniforms, security uniforms, workwear uniforms and more.  There are a host of organizations that are workwear manufacturers and school uniform fabric manufacturers that apart from providing uniforms also provide many employment opportunities within the industry. Also, work uniforms carry a number of other benefits such as branding, regulation management, sanitation and many more. Uniforms do have a significant impact on your business. Needless to say, that directly improves both the economic health of the family and the health of the society at large.  

All of this said, there is a downside to having uniforms that can surface in dire times. They give people a sense of ‘us vs. them’. This leads sometimes to a rivalry that may not be effective for the situation. It also gives a sense of alienation from the rest of the crowd. People in uniforms could sometimes think they are the experts in the field and therefore ought not to be questioned or challenged. This, obviously, leads to conflict situations sometimes. Many experts also argue that school uniforms could take away the freedom of expression and burden parents with additional cost. However, the greater emphasis is on the performance and behavior of the students, which does not have a direct association with the uniforms. While wearing a uniform can promote the feeling of equality and improves team building and overall satisfaction. 

There is also a sense of lack of individuality that uniforms bring into society. If they have to conform, they leave their individual identity behind. This means they conform to the idea of the institution and leave their personal identity behind.  

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