The Potential Of Uniform Sarees For an Organization’s Image

the potential of uniform sarees for an organization’s image

Uniforms are very important for an organization as it forms the company image. Uniforms define how an organization is and to what class are they set to. While there are a number of companies that do not believe in the institution of uniforms, there are many that are still conservative and prefer prescribed uniforms for their employees.


Not just companies but schools in India have a widely presumed belief in strongly prescribing uniforms for students. They believe it will keep students in unity with no discrimination on their status. While many schools have simple uniforms, others have the ones that make them stand apart.


Many organizations recommend their employees to appear more professional and so staunchly believe that uniforms are one of the best solutions to it. While many organizations thrive to bring out the best in class western outfits as uniforms, there are still those that prefer traditional style.


Choosing Sarees over other uniforms


Sarees have been a part of our culture since time immemorial. Uniform saree suppliers say, one of the best things about having a saree as a uniform is that it is easier to maintain and has a better outlook. Also, wholesale uniform sarees are much cheaper and cost-effective.


Another major reason for having a saree as a uniform is that it is elegant and easy to handle. Also, many Indian women do prefer saree as a uniform at their workplace as they feel that is more appropriate.


While adapting to a cultural mode of uniform is one side of the coin, it does need a few things to remember before designing it.

Here are some quick tips for companies that are planning to curate saree as a uniform for their staff.


  • The most fundamental aspect of designing a uniform is the choice of colour. While there are numerous colors available out there it is necessary to consider those that give a good appeal to the customers. Customers feel agitated when they see dazzling colours as it might not be so pleasing. The choice of colours should reflect the nature of the organization.
  • Not all fabrics are great on skin. One has to make sure that while designing uniforms, the fabric has to be such that it makes the employees feel comfortable while working. While some fabrics are skin-friendly, others are rigid and are not as smooth on the skin as it can be. This might give skin issues over a period of time.
  • A design is one of the primary reasons why many prefer having a smart and good looking uniform for their staff. A heavily designed saree uniform may pose practical trouble while working in the organization. Simple and elegant design can make things more better and comfortable for the wearer.
  • Fitting and measurements are the major pillars of designing the right uniform. While there are many designs that one can experiment with, providing the right fit for the employees is an essential requirement. Oftentimes, many organizations prefer taking a standard sized  uniform for all employees looking for some cost-cutting. While this not only gives practical discomfort for those wearing it but also can put out not so great picture of the entire organization.


Of all other types of uniforms why is it that one should opt and prefer saree as a uniform for their staff?


First things first, it is our tradition and in our culture that women wear saree. It’s more of an identity of an eastern culture. Having a saree as a uniform can boost the image of the company, lifting the image considering the importance it is giving to the country’s culture.


Another major reason is that uniform sarees when bought in wholesale save a lot of money. The fundamental design of the garment itself is such that it does not require much effort in creating the very garment.


Also, sarees promote culture and ethnicity. They can also be acquired in different designs and in a variety of fabrics. It is a cost-effective option, and easy to use and handle.