Reflective tape suppliers in Chennai

Reflective tape in different colors and sizes
Reflective tape supplier in Chennai

Reflective tape suppliers in Chennai 1.Code RS -50 High Luster Reflective Tape …Terry cotton backing as per EN471 certified for 50 wash
2.Code RS-30 High Reflective Tape – Terry cotton backing.
3.Code RS-10 Ordinary Reflective Tape- Terry cotton backing. 1 roll = 100 meters.
4.Code RS-05 Ordinary Polyester Defective Tape – Polyester backing .1 roll = 200 meters.
5.Microprismatic tape- Green,Orange,White or many colours available.1 roll= 50 meters
6.Green trim or orange trim 1 roll= 100 meters

Reflective piping 1 roll= 100 meters
8.Flame Retardant Tape .

Reflective tape suppliers in Chennai For your requirement of reflective tapes in Chennai please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.