School Uniform shirting stockist in Chennai !!

Out of myriad designs for School uniforms shirtings in Chennai you can find the below display of shirting fabric designs available with us round the clock. These shirting designs are of many schools in and around Chennai and covers most of the patterns of various Schools in Chennai.

The minimum order quantity of Shirting fabric you can order with is 100 meters. For more enquiries of any type of shirting fabrics for schools in Chennai call us on our mobile number 9176634635 or at our landline phone 04425386319.

In case you are in need of any of the above displayed shirting in Chennai you can call us at 9176634635 mentioning the design number and we would let you know the stock postion and rates for the same. We are located in the Uniform hub of Chennai – Godown street so you can also visit our store with your requirements.