What are the best uniform colors for a Nurse?

Nurse with different colors of UniformAccording to studies made, by changing the colors of the doctors and nurses uniforms to scrubs; it helps to allay the patients’ anxieties re hospitals. The reasoning was that hospitals were associated with white; pain; illnesses and death. . That’s why even the curtains in most hospitals are in colors now. Besides, the splatter of blood is easily visible in white. Whites also indicate sterility and are quite conservative. Scrubs are more practical, easy to maintain; do not need ironing and are cost effective and more durable. Pretty colors can bring happiness and an upbeat attitude among the patients.

A lot of people have problems with white uniforms because nurses deal with bodily fluids all day and their uniforms get soiled. It is nearly impossible to keep them clean. The white uniform also has the angel image problem. It harks back to the time when nurses were thought of as spiritual characters that provide emotional comfort, not professionals who save lives.

When you are perceived as an angel, people don’t have a problem asking you to work 15-hour shifts without a break.

Potential drawback on this:

In a lot of hospitals, nurses are being replaced with technicians to save money. Some hospitals require everyone to wear generic scrubs and forbid nurses to identify themselves as registered nurses. If they did, the patients and families would know just how few nurses there are on staff.

White uniforms do have the advantage of being distinctive, and obviously they would help patients identify nurses, given the profession’s traditional association with the color. Moreover, some may see white as preferable to what the article describes as “pajama like scrubs splattered with colorful flowers, images of SpongeBob SquarePants or candy canes,” which may encourage people to regard nurses as something other than serious professionals. So the white uniforms can enhance or restore professionalism to this field; however, it can prevent individual expression. Some scrubs are quite attractive and if you have an unflattering figure, it can hide a lot. They come in pretty standard sizes of Large- Medium and Small and are quite inexpensive. .White uniforms are much more expensive.

Nursing uniforms in colors or scrubs can actually be a factor in short-staffing and the shortage. It can improve the morale among nurses. Thus, the improved image of nurses makes for an increase in numbers of potential nurses

We guess it depends on the hospital?

There are no standardized color codes for nurses, although, in certain hospitals we have noticed that certain types of nurses will all wear the same uniforms. These colors are not followed nationally, regionally, or even necessarily on a day to day basis by those nurses though.

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