What To Look For When Picking Out School Uniforms For Your Child

What To Look For When Picking Out School Uniforms For Your Child After the summer season every year, every parent scrambles at the last minute to get everything set up for their children to go back to school. Though the window of time before school reopens is small, that is no excuse to compromise on the quality of the essentials that your child will require. New uniforms are a major part of the back-to-school ensemble, especially in the formative years. In any big city, you can find a multitude of school uniform wholesale distributors that can tailor your uniforms based on your needs. However, getting quality uniforms stitched isn’t only about marching into a shop and placing an order. Certain parameters have to be taken into consideration, to ensure a comfortable fit for your child.

The Elements of School Uniforms

Before stepping into any shop, it’s essential to take stock of the elements that go behind making a quality school uniform. Every school has a unique list of specifications that you will have to comply with when it comes to getting school uniforms stitched. These include factors such as:

-Colour palette
-Type of garment
-Variety (if schools have multiple uniforms)

On the other end, we have the personal uniform specifications, which are unique to every child. These factors require special scrutiny to ensure a perfect fit. Always confirm with your school uniform fabric manufacturer and/or distributor on the quality of aspects such as the fittings and measurements of the uniforms. Neglecting these factors can lead to uniforms that don’t last very long and are constantly prone to wear-and-tear.

So to sum up, you need to account for two sets of factors when looking for quality school uniforms for your children. To make it simpler for you, we’ll provide you a concise guide on how to make sure you get your money’s worth in this regard. Leave it to us to guide you through the process! Let’s approach the process one step at a time.

School Uniform Guidelines

Always check the fabric quality before placing the order. This is of paramount importance because your child should be comfortable wearing the uniform for the major part of a day. Additionally, don’t forget to check if the material complies with the specifications of the school!

Never forget to get the measurements done. Whether it’s a playschool uniform manufacturer or a large-scale uniform supplier, always take your kid with you to get a tailored fit for your child’s uniforms. Avoid buying readymade school uniforms for your child, as the fit may not be ideal, causing discomfort to the child over time.

Check if the school elements are well-placed. This is essentially what makes the clothes into uniforms. Even if there is a slight displacement in the school emblem and other elements, the uniform will have to be rejected. Always check with your school uniform wholesale distributors and make sure you are on the same page when it comes to how the school uniform should look and what elements it should have.

Make sure that the uniform fabric has excellent durability. A school uniform’s life depends not only on the material itself but also on the type of weave and quality of the tailoring. Your child’s school uniform should be resistant to repeated washes. It’s also better if the cloth is stain-resistant, for longer life. 

Always note whether the supplier offers a refund/order modification policy. Though this is not directly related to the uniforms, it’s always a better sign when school uniform fabric manufacturers offer some sort of quality guarantee on their products. If they have such policies in place, then you can be fairly sure that they deliver on time and are a trusted organization to source school uniforms from. 

As an additional point, note the number of uniforms that you will require in a single order. Though it varies from supplier to supplier, the rule of thumb is that smaller orders will receive more attention to detail in general. Know how many uniforms you will be requiring for the entire term of your child’s school year before you walk into any uniform supplier shop.
What To Look For When Picking Out School Uniforms For Your Child Quality is of paramount importance when it comes to picking the right school uniforms for your children. As a leading school uniform wholesale distributor, RSM Uniforms guarantees on-time delivery of top-notch uniforms, covering a wide range of specifications. Get in touch with us today!