Why should kids go to school wearing uniforms?

school-uniformssSchool uniforms help to create a strong sense school ethos and a particular community.
As such it promotes discipline and helps keep up academic standards.
It acts as a social leveller, under which all students are equal in the eyes of the school and of each other.
The insitutions without uniforms are often competitive and worry endlessly about their appearance and the clothes they wear. Students without expensive designer clothes and shoes may be singled out as outcasts, or stigmatized as being from poor backgrounds. For these reasons many parents prefer uniforms.
Uniforms have practical benefits when students are outside the school building. Being readily indentified with a particular insititution may make students more aware of their behavior while travelling to and from the school, leading them to act more considerately. On organized trips away from the school it is much easier for teachers to ensure they haven’t lost anyone and to monitor behaviour, than if the students wore there own clothes and blended in with the crowds.
Uniforms prepare students for life after education, when most will be expected to dress smartly and appropriately for work, adhering to a corporate dress code.
Having uniforms in schools is a good thing sometimes the only way to make a rough going school calm.
The main result is an overall improvement in the school climate and a greater focus on positive behavior. A big portion of that is from uniforms.